Bitcoin for Miles - BitMiles

Terms of Service

BitMiles can’t accept liability for anything concerning the flying ticket, since they are not redeemed by BitMiles. Buyer and seller have to take a collaborative approach in order to confirm that all information is correct before redeeming the ticket. They are also in charge to define what to do if something goes wrong with the flight. For example, airlines occasionally have schedule changes or cancel flights. We can’t accept liability for any issues associated with this.

Seller decides if cancellations can occur, and how much will be refunded. Please note that most frequent flyer programs charges cancellations, and some of them do not offer mileage refund. Seller also decides if flight changes can occur and how to deal with extra charges.

Buyer decides when funds will be transferred to seller’s Bitcoin wallet. The latest date is 7 days after the trip date.

We do not sell miles ourselves.

We also can’t take liability for any wrong usage of the Bitcoin wallet, including transfer to wrong addresses, or assuming the Bitcoin testnet as the main network.

BitMiles do not charge any transaction fees. Seller, we ask you an optional 3.5% after the transaction is finished to enable you to make a new miles offer.

We also take donations to help us keep the service running.

In case of dispute, seller has to provide the airline tickets to claim for the funds. Every dispute between seller and buyer is analyzed on case-to-case basis, but these are the main concepts taken into account:

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