South Florida Flag Football League Travel Teams Bylaws

Organization and Structure


Represent the South Florida Flag Football League and the State of Florida with pride, camaraderie and class in competitive flag football, while demonstrating the strength, talent, athleticism and spirit of Florida’s LGBTQIA community and allies.


Form cohesive competitive teams and improve as individual players that will ultimately compete for championships nationally and internationally all while conducting ourselves with respect, dignity, and in a manner consistent with the SFFFL mission.

Leadership and Membership:

Core Crew “The Crew”

Voting Members are referred to as “The Crew”. The Crew is defined as:

Team Captain (denoted as “Captain”)

The Crew elects a Captain every leadership year for a one-year term from November 15 to November 14. A Captain candidate is an individual expressing interest in volunteering for the role.


The Team Captain appoints two or three Co-Captains resulting in a total tactical leadership team of three or four individuals. The Captain can decide if they want to appoint 2 or 3 Co-Captains at the beginning of the leadership year.

See Addendum in SFFFL Bylaws for voting structure for initial adoption of Travel Team Bylaws.

Upper Tier Leadership

If at any time during a leadership year, the Captains of Cat-5 or The Sharks would like to establish roles to volunteers within their respective Crew that want to assist with fundraising, events, travel planning, team outings, etc., they may do so at their discretion.

The Captain can also remove or disqualify any volunteer role at any time and for any reason.

Leadership Responsibilities:

The Crew is led according to the following division of responsibilities:

The Crew

The Crew sets strategic direction for the team on all voting matters. Decisions are made by majority vote open to the Crew, unless a higher threshold is specified. This document defines voting matters as

(*) Requires a quorum and majority vote to pass.

The Crew also serves as a consultative body on other matters as requested by the Team Captain. Individual Cat-5 or Shark Crew members are each responsible for supporting recruitment as a matter of on-going commitment. All Crew member votes must be recorded, disseminated, and available for viewing by all members.

Team Captain

The Captain holds ultimate responsibility for the travel teams success on the field as well as all necessary support of off the field tasks and functions.


The Co-Captains support the Team Captain in fulfilling the above responsibilities both on and off the field. The Co-Captains share accountability with the Team Captain.

Selected, Appointed Volunteers

The Team Captain is encouraged to delegate responsibility for some of their duties to other individuals in order to spread the workload. Individual Crew members are expected to support the Captain and Co-Captains when such requests are made, whenever possible.

Captain-Level Decision Making:

The Team Captain and Co-Captains each get an equal vote on all matters of roster and football strategy. The Crew encourages the captains to forge consensus whenever possible, but when voting is required, majority rules.

Process for Electing a Team Captain:

Indicating Interest

From the conclusion of Gay Bowl to November 1 each year, any individual who seeks to be a candidate for Team Captain will officially indicate in writing their desire to be considered. Each candidate is encouraged by the Crew to identify, or at least be prepared to discuss, ideas about who would be appointed as Co-Captains.

Hearing candidates

Candidates for Team Captain must notify the current Team Captain of their interest and the Team Captain will notify the Crew. However, if the current Team Captain is seeking re-election, a designee (who is assigned by captain and co-captain voting) will be the point of contact for candidates to submit their interest. After all candidates have notified the designee, they will announce all the candidates up for election.


The voting process requires a quorum of the Cat-5 or Shark Crew. Each Crew member will have one vote for Team Captain. Voting will be anonymous and electronic. Results will be posted for all Crew members as well as the SFFFL community to see. In the event of a tie, the designee holds the tie breaking vote. The entire process will be documented and published via the proper online outlet (Ex. Social Media, Facebook group, etc.).

Co-Captain Selection Process

Once the Team Captain is elected, he or she will select the Co-Captains.

Roster Selection

The Crew recognizes that roster selection is an aspect of the South Florida Flag Football League that, by its nature, will never please everyone. Yet the Crew invests faith in its Team Captain and Co-Captains to handle that responsibility with inclusiveness, integrity and nothing more in mind than the mission and vision of South Florida Flag Football League.

The South Florida Flag Football League Travel Teams (Cat-5 and Sharks) will each be a team open for membership with on-going recruitment throughout the year. Tournaments associated with the SFFFL, such as Sunshine Cup, Pride Bowl, and Gay Bowl, will have a dedicated tryout process.

For all open tryouts, The Team Captain and Co-Captains will facilitate a tryout process of their choosing. A process that enables aspiring team members to demonstrate what they might offer, that is open to all who want to participate, and that is well communicated and thus available to more people.

The Team Captain and Co-Captains are solely responsible for roster selection. The captains will use tryouts, SFFFL League performance, as well as on the field attitude, mentality, and commitment to assist with the selection process.

Captains must declare their intent to participate in a tournament prior to tryouts. If a captain does not plan to participate in a tournament, they are still responsible for fulfilling their duties as described in this document. In the event when a captain cannot fulfill their duties, the Team Captain can choose to appoint a “SUB” for a particular captain at any time. This “SUB” will take the place of that co-captain during a period of time designated by the Team Captain for that particular tournament.

The Team Captain and Co-Captains will name rosters for all teams participating in a current tournament as appropriate. In the event more than one team is selected to participate in any tournament, the captains will designate at least one managing captain to each team.

Team Structure

Captains will select the roster for the “A” Team (Most Competitive Team) first. Once the roster is set for the “A” team, if there is enough participation for another team that roster would then be set for that team. The “B” Team (Second most competitive team), would be the next roster set for a tournament. In the case where there is availability and enough participation, a third “C” team (Third most competitive team), will be formed and their roster selected with the remaining interested members for that tournament.

All teams will be reset for each tournament. No player is guaranteed to be on any certain team during any time.

Team Captain/Co-Captain Removal

Once elected or appointed, a Team Captain or Co-Captain(s) (“Captain”) may resign at any time of their choosing. In the event the Team Captain resigns, the stated Process for Electing a Team Captain will be followed including the choosing of Co-Captains. In the event a Co-Captain resigns, the Team Captain will appoint their replacement within two weeks, if possible.

A Captain may only be removed according to the procedure outlined in this Section. Under extenuating circumstances, a Captain can be removed following a procedural quorum vote by the Crew.

A vote to remove a Captain may be initiated in either of two ways:

How to Proceed in the Case of a Captain Removal

The Crew will make an announcement for the Captain position immediately and the “Process for Electing a Team Captain” will be followed within one week of the Captain’s removal.

Co-captains appointed by the removed Captain will keep their position through term and act as Captain until the replacement vote is complete. Should a Co-captain be elected to Captain they will appoint a Co-Captain to replace their open position.

If the Captain removal happens after a tournament’s roster selection and prior to said tournament, the newly elected Captain may adjust the roster, but is expected to respect the travel plans and commitments of those involved.


Travel Team Finances

At the close of an election, the new Team Captain will post the status of funds. Any Crew member can request their teams financial information.

Player Financial Responsibility

Each tournament will have some sort of financial requirement. Fees include, but are not limited to travel, lodging, transportation, team dues, etc. Team Captains will provide an estimate of average costs per tournament prior to and during try-outs. Each travel team expects players participating in tryouts understand and can support the financial commitment on their own should they be selected for the roster.

Failure to pay the required fees and team dues will disqualify a player from participating in the respective tournament. Failure to pay initiates a financial probation period where a player is excluded from current and future tournament participation until monetary debts are resolved and/or paid in full.

Travel Fees and Team Dues

Team Captains will communicate exact fees per tournament and team dues as soon as available. Team Captains will also communicate deposit deadlines. Failure to pay by communicated deadlines may result in disqualification.


Team Captains will work to find fundraising opportunities. Fundraising opportunities will include team fundraisers and player account fundraisers. Funds collected during team fundraisers may be used for equipment, practice fields, apparel, etc. All fundraisers will be communicated to the SFFFL league board members to avoid overlap.

When a fundraising opportunity becomes available, participation will be on  a first come first served basis. Team Captains will communicate the type of work, date/time, expectations and fundraising potential per player. Once the travel team is paid for the fundraising opportunity, the amount earned will be deposited into the working player’s account.

Player Accounts

Team Captains will keep a ledger of player account balances and communicate balances on a, at least, bi-monthly schedule.

Player account funds may only be used for the following expenses in this specified order of priority: hotel first, then team dues, then flight. A player can be reimbursed for the following items by their player account provided they submit documentation of paid expenses (ex. receipts): team dues and flights. If a player does NOT have funds available at the time a payment is due, they must make an out-of-pocket payment. There can be no borrowing against the player account.

Player account balances will remain with their team to be allocated for said player so long as the player is part of the Crew. Once a player does not play for a full calendar year, or is removed from the team and therefore is not part of the Crew, their funds will be forfeited back to their travel teams master account.

The use of player account funds must be requested by the player via email to the team captain.


Tournament practice participation is required. Attendance of practices will be weighed heavily by the Captains when determining playing time and positions.

Team Captains will communicate when the tournament practices start as well as the practice schedule (as far in advance as possible). Team Captains will post practice participation on a regular basis to inform those with low practice participation.