BPS Login: Claim My Parent Account

New parents & guardians to Bloomington Public Schools go through Online Registration in Infinite Campus to register their student(s) into the district.

During online registration, parents must enter a valid email address and birthdate to receive a BPS Login account.

1.  After registration has been processed in Infinite Campus, you will receive a welcome email titled “Welcome to Bloomington Schools!” with a username. Keep this username handy for the next steps.

2.  Go to bloomingtonschools.org and click the orange BPS Login icon.

3.  Select Claim My Account.

4.  Select I am a parent. and click Next.

5.  Step 1: Enter your email address, username, and birthdate and click Next.

  • Email address: the email address you used to register your student
  • Username: the username you were emailed
  • Birthdate: must be in the format MM/DD/YYYY (example: 01/01/1901)

6.  Step 2: Create your password.

7.  Step 3: Answer at least 3 challenge questions (these questions will be used if you forget your password) and click Next.

8.  You are now done claiming your account.

9.  Go back to login.isd271.org.

10.  Enter in your username and password and click Go.

12.  You are now logged in!

13.  You can access district websites in the Applications tab.

14.  You can change your password or reset your challenge questions at any time in the Profiles tab.

**Need help remembering your username or password? Click the “Need help?” icon on the login page.**