Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

April 22, 2017

Board Members present: James Autry, Nick Logan, Butch Blanchard, Phillipe Laurent, Bill Purcell, Neill Graham and Jonathan Medford

Yeoman Report: Butch Blanchard presented the minutes from the previous board meeting. Motion by Purcell to accept, second by Laurent, motion carries unanimously.

Google Apps: Laurent presented a proposal to setup up to 2 Google Apps accounts for the club to use for emails, calendar and file management. Motion by Autry, second by Graham, motion carries unanimously.

Board Member’s Insurance: Logan presented a quote from BB&T for $750 per year in board member’s liability insurance. Motion by Logan, second by Purcell, motion carries unanimously.

Picnic Table: Proposal by Logan to spend up to $400 for a picnic table to be placed near the canoe rack. Motion by Logan, second by Laurent, motion carries unanimously.

Purser Report: Logan reported 76 members paid to date with 18 unpaid from last year. There is over $44,000 in the account. Letter received from Jennie Evans informing the club that her will has her share passing to her son upon her death. This will be permitted if her son becomes a member. Motion by Purcell to accept the purser report, second: Blanchard, motion carries unanimously.

Keelboat Race: June’s Keelboat race to be rescheduled for June 3rd. Motion by Purcell, second by Autry, motion carries unanimously.

Internet & Web Cam: Medford presented a proposal to install Spectrum Internet (60mb download speed and 5mb upload speed) for $99 setup fee and $79.99 per month. This will allow the setup of a weather station, webcam livestream and IP telephone for emergencies. Firewall equipment, IP Camera and IP telephone to be donated by Laurent. Motion by Purcell, second by Laurent, motion carries by a vote of six to one.

Close Meeting: Motion by Purcell to close the meeting, second by Logan, motion carries unanimously.

Next Meeting: Planned for May 27, 2017 at 11:00 AM at the Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Medford, Yeoman