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Schoology Help for Parents
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Dearborn Schools Schoology Quick Reference for Parents

Logging in

Log in to schoology as a parent:

  1. Go go
  2. Log in with the ID (beginning with a ‘p’ followed by an 8 digit number) and password provided via email from Mr. Troy Patterson.
  3. Search and select “Dearborn Public Schools” as the School name.

How to Select a Student to View

Note that you will only be able to view one particular student at a time. To switch students, do the following:

  1. Click the profile in the top right corner.
  2. Select from the list of available students.

The Home Page

The Student Home Page shows the latest activity and updates for the selected student:

Navigating within Schoology

The green bar at the top contains the main navigation buttons. Above the green bar, you will see the name of the particular student you are viewing if you have selected one.

Beneath that, the buttons are as follows:

Courses Dashboard

To view more detailed information for each course, select the particular course from the Courses dashboard. This page will only show courses for the selected student.

Finding Your Way Around Within a Course

The menu at the left displays a few key areas of the course:

Helpful Schoology Links for Parents

Schoology Parent Guide

Schoology Homepage for Parents

Schoology Guide Center (also available by clicking the S in the bottom right corner)

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