Informatics for Community Food Resilience

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We are looking for researchers to join the qualitative research team, particularly in regions beyond the midwest so we can start up interviews in other areas. Interested or have someone in mind? Check out this page on our website.

We will spend the bulk of our time discussing the resilient food and tech library. Many of you have sent us a lot of email information, and we will get those into the library in the days to come. If you think or learn of other tools, please upload the resource to our library through the form found on our website. There you can also find the current state of the library. You can also download the library!

What kinds of resources are you seeing yourself gravitating towards during the pandemic?

Grow NYC - Alternative Sales Platform

Are there other libraries out there? Yes, lots of little libraries. We’re hoping that this library will bridge some of those with the focus on regional food resilience.

How do you keep the momentum going for such a library? We’re hoping that with community calls that we build community beyond the small qualitative research study, instead forming a community of practice that will last beyond the pandemic.

The qualitative research study is an interdependency of the library. We will identify tools that are used by farmers and farm supporters. Those will be added to the library. We will also identify farmer’s needs for tools in the qualitative research study. For example we have identified the need for route mapping functionality integrated in other tools and SNAP support. By having the community provide resources in the library, we may be able to identify tools that already exist and can support the farmers’ and farm supporters’ needs.

How are big e-commerce companies like amazon able to support snap? It is incredibly difficult to implement and set up for small e-commerce sites. Is the bottleneck policy based? Or technologically based? Or are consumers uncomfortable with using SNAP online in general?

Hudson Valley Chapter of Young Farmers Coalition & Glynwood have started talking to policy-makers in NY State about expanding online SNAP payments.

Is there anyone involved from the distribution-supply chain side of things? We’re concerned with putting someone at risk based on our recommendations.

Is there a taskrabbit group of guys (driver gig-economy) to tap into for this work?

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If you want Ankita to put a resource you have in mind into the library on this call, put the link here!

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Indiana Grown has a resource page.

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They have listings of members, also.

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that is still live on the USDA’s RFP for the pilot program: