Editing and partially re-writing a book on meat, treatment of farmed animals, and alternatives to factory farming (as a paid job). This job began in May and concluded in September, but was non-continuous, because I worked on several drafts of the book. I likely would have done this job if I had not been at the EA Hotel—because I would especially have needed money in that scenario—but this job allowed me to start paying for rent and food at the hotel. I can't yet name the book or its author, as I signed a non-disclosure agreement. [70%]

Meeting with an editor at a publishing company and writing a book proposal. In June, an editor at a publishing company who had read an article I'd written emailed me to request that I submit a proposal for a book relating to animal ethics. I outlined a potential book in detail and started writing some of the chapters. They rejected proposal for being “too academic” after I submitted it in July, but I will use it as a PhD dissertation proposal instead. [60%]

Published an essay, Re-Orientation, about some of the possible personal and societal implications of sexual orientation conversion drugs that actually work. [90%]


Mostly spent on the book editing job.


Mostly spent on the book editing job.


Essay writing. I wrote an academic philosophy essay about a problem for David Benatar’s pessimism about life and death, and submitted it to an academic journal. It is currently awaiting scores from reviewers. If the article is accepted for publication, it will improve my chances of being accepted into a good philosophy PhD program, where I plan to research and write about animal ethics. [10%]

Essay writing. I began and completed one version of a writing sample which I will be submitting for my PhD applications. It’s about logical consistency arguments in animal ethics, why I think these are flawed, and what I believe a better approach is. [5%]

PhD Applications. I decided what philosophy PhD programs I will be applying to, and organized their application requirements to make the application process simpler and more efficient. I have been in touch with professors I previously worked with, who have all confirmed they will write letters of recommendation for me. [40%]

Book indexing job. I got a paid job writing an index for a book by a well-known moral philosopher. The book is about the philosophy of death and dying, a topic which relates to my work in animal ethics. This job will help me continue to financially contribute to the EA Hotel. [20%]


Essay writing. I wrote an academic response to “The Diner’s Defence: Producers, Consumers, and the Benefits of Existence” and submitted my response to the academic journal that published the original article. [0%]

PhD Applications, interviews and acceptances. I submitted an application to a philosophy PhD program that was due 1 November, was interviewed for it two weeks later, and was then accepted into this program. I also submitted an application to another PhD program. [40%]

Book indexing job. I continued working on the paid book indexing job. [20%]