The Power of “Yet”, Encouraging a growth mindset.

Aug. 16, 2019

Dear Parents,

This 6th grade middle school has set the bar high for your scholars.  Scholars have begun  to learn how to juggle lockers,seven classes and changing teachers, meet high standard expectations, not to mention managing the homework load. We are working to equip them with many of the skills they will need for the school years to come and have been so impressed with the support we have received from parents as we go through this learning process.

One of the skills we believe important during 6th grade is an in-depth look at growth in ourselves.  It is an important life skill to evaluate areas to improve, as well as celebrate successes and challenges we have overcome.

Although many scholars are now getting the “hang” of middle school, they are discovering that some of the growing pains (missing work for example) is really affecting their grade. We have allowed them to feel the discomfort of this growing pain. Our goal is to help them grow in  the revelation that in the years to come, they will benefit from starting the year strong.  We are again impressed with our scholars parents as they keep their eye on the bigger picture and have supported their child and us, as educators, as well.

Since our main focus this first semester is to help students evaluate their progress, we are offering an opportunity to erase some of the mistakes of missing work or low grades.  Over fall break, we would encourage you to talk with your child about the challenges, strengths and growth they have made since the beginning of the year, as well as ways they can improve and goals they can set for the coming semesters.

With this in mind, scholars will have an opportunity to put this self evaluation into an essay form and use it in place of missing work, potentially improving their grades for the next session.

All scholars will be offered this opportunity and are encouraged to talk with you about their growth. They will be given the assignment and although we strongly encourage it for every scholar, it is not mandatory. We encourage you to allow them time to take the initiative on this if possible.  

We look forward to the next semester as we continue our journey together.

As always, thank you for everything you do,

The 6th grade middle school team