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Ocean Webquest

Directions: Individually complete the following questions. Use the websites provided.

Ocean Resources

Go to:

and complete the chart below.

How is the resource helpful or beneficial to humans?

How is the resource bad or harmful to the Environment?





Drilling for Oil

Another ocean resource is oil, and we drill in to the ocean floor to obtain it. The oil is then used as an energy source, or it can be refined into gasoline/fuel. It has been estimated that humans use more than 80 million barrels of oil a day! One of the negative impacts of drilling for oil are oil spills in the ocean. Also, the seismic waves created from the drilling can disrupt marine ecosystems.

Image result for drilling for oil   Image result for drilling for oil

Go to and watch the video and answer the question…

How do we clean up oil spills?

Ocean Technology

Go to and click on the links and find the information to complete the chart.

Description - *How does it explore the Ocean?

Scuba Diving

Follow the link “Diving Technologies”


Follow the link “Observing Systems and Sensors”


Follow the link “Observing Systems and Sensors”

Submersibles and ROV’s

Follow the link “Platforms: Submersibles”


Ocean Zones

Go to and answer the questions that follow.

1. What 2 basic zones is the Ocean divided into? Where are they?

2. Describe each zone:


Euphotic/Sunlight Zone -


Dysphotic/Twilight Zone -


Aphotic/Midnight Zone –

Go to and watch the video about the ocean zones. Answer the questions below based on the video:

1. Photosynthesis occurs in which ocean zone?

2. _______% of life lives in the Sunlight Zone.

3. Why can plants NOT live in the twilight zone?  

4. Sharks can live in the ______________________ and the ____________________ zones.

5. The ______________________ zone is at the bottom of the ocean and receives no __________________.

Go to and watch the video.

1. What is marine snow?  

2. How to Anglerfish catch their prey in the midnight zone?

3. What is Bioluminescence?

4. Why is dwarfism a beneficial adaptation for animals that live at the bottom of the ocean floor?

5. Why do some animals become giants in the midnight zone?

Hydrothermal Vents

Go to and answer the questions below.

1. Fill in the blanks - Hydrothermal vents form at locations where ________________meets ______________.

2. Where are Hydrothermal Vents located in the ocean?

3. Can anything survive in/around a Hydrothermal Vent? Why?

Ocean Currents

Go to and watch the video and then read about Ocean Currents and Climate.

1. What are surface currents driven by?

2. What are deep currents driven by?

3. How does an upwelling and a downwelling form?

Go to and watch the video about the Gulf Stream. If you find the video difficult to understand, then you can also visit this site to answer the question below -

3. Explain how the Gulf Stream (a warm ocean current) effects the climate of Northern Europe.

For Fun - Only if you have extra time!

Go to and play the game about Ocean Zones.

Go to and play the game about Ocean Food Webs.

Go to and watch the video called “25 Terrifying Sea Creatures That Actually Exist”