Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Location: 05/30/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


I. Call to Order-Called to order by John @ 6:45pm

  1. Roll Call-John Bannon, Suzy Buckley, Joann Wilson, Uli Donohue, Melissa Perrino, Kristen Garvey; Marissa Selleck @ 6:55pm
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-No changes, passed.

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 05/23/2019-Suzy Buckley added to Roll Call section; Amended passed.

III. Business

  1. Updates

1. Contacts Update-Business document drafted.

SB put poster in Town Hall, JW put one in Brewfest

Updates to Google spreadsheet when we get donations/checks - is this happening? Marissa? She has checkbook. Eventually will be in software application.

        *Follow Up-MS update; yes, google spreadsheet of donations received is

        up to date as well as included in checkbook/ledger.

2. Grants Update-JB looked into Windham Foundation, which had list of grants i.e. Springfield Historical Society for updated to uniform. PP mentioned there may be a separate grant that you can be invited to apply for.

Per JW, we might need to be more specific in grant writing i.e a specific program, (language arts, activities, sports, etc.) Discussion is general consensus reached.

MHJ and HD have both offered to work on grants - we can discuss with them next Tuesday at event in Mount Holly.

3. Events Update-For Mt. Holly Social via MHJ, lots of new Mount Holly parents, lots of interest. Very engaged and active parents. Discussion around advanced coursework and how to make this happen. How best to synthesize the ideas. Eventually there will be direction from the headmaster. How best to engage people that offer suggestions. For example, “this will be your school, too - you will help tailor your children’s education.” SB-Reviewed various options for addressing requesting uncertain amounts, as well as looked into options for pledges, ie: Pledge board.  JB-Also, along with the google doc list we should start one for the people we wish to meet with 1:1. JW-She & HT discussed if each one of us select a local group & participate in their events to provide more collaboration. MP-We could meet with an acquaintance who is a lawyer as a practice run, if several members can attend.

        *Follow UP-MP reach out to contact for a chance at a “practice run”

Stemwinder Event-Initially planned for Thursday, June 20th; however, realized there might be a scheduling & planning conflict.  MP reached out to Stemwinder’s with a couple of other potential dates, they opted for Wednesday, July 10th.  Also offers more time to plan & plenty of summer crowd around by then.  Group agreed sounds best; possibly create a Pledge Board a la SB’s research? KG-Suggestion provided by Rotary member to do a bigger raffle (bigger prizes).

        *Follow Up-MS email Stem’s & confirm date change to Wed, July 10th

*Follow Up-Add to agenda a meeting where we just focus on stylizing Stem’s event

      B. Discussion

        1. By Laws Finalization-Reviewed changes as suggested by lawyer, Erin

Gallivan.  UD-If we accept changes and discuss the governance restructure we

can start from here with a more structured format.  Sections addressed included nondiscrimination policy (simple, general statement), Board of Trustees under Articles; Actions; Conflict of Interest (has to be in here); Officers; Separate Treasurer duties based on before school opens & after school opens (since by then the School will have an accountant, financial advisor, etc.).  Article VIII Committees needed to include 2 committees to be established for integrity’s sake. & finally, Indemnification simplified.

JW made motion to adopt By-Laws as discussed with modifications, MP 2nd.  Passed, new By-Laws now in effect.

2. Review 501(c)3 Application-Reviewed income & financial costs which needed to be included on the application.  Assets also needed to be included, which is just cash for now. We need to reconcile bank account with statements & new Quickbooks account.

*Follow Up-MS send 05/23/2019 Minutes to MP to share with Heritage Bank to show that the other bank account for BRA is closed

        Logged in to bank account, it has just over $8K.  Discussion of possibility to enter

figures we need on App so as to motion & approve to send in App.

                *Follow Up-Reconcile account

Demographics questions/concerns: seems that if it’s unknown it is ok to use N/A or TBD.  Reviewed officers’ information to add board members. Will adjust over weekend once finances are adjusted and officers/board members are added.  UD to share with lawyer on Monday, & we should be able to review those recommendations & approve to send out by the end of next week.

3. Review Budgets/Finances-Budget for next week, when Judy Pullinen can attend; see above for Finances.

4. Governance Restructure-UD reached out to Venissa White, who had not been able to attend for quite some time; VW graciously sent in recognition; offered collaboration in the future.  UD made motion to appoint JW, KG 2nd. Passed. Welcome to the board!  Discussion of adding other members to the board; agreed to wait & keep board @ 7 for now.  UD made motion to approve everyone in the room as the board, KG 2nd. Passed.

Positions-UD motion to accept MS as Secretary, SB 2nd.  Passed

For Treasurer, KG suggested board can also appoint sub-positions, ie: bookkeeper, etc.

JW motion to accept MP as Secretary, UD 2nd.  Passed

UD Chair for JB, JW 2nd. Passed.

        JW Vice Chair for UD, SB 2nd. Passed.

For organizational purposes, UD & MS (as Vice Chair & Secretary) is for 1 year per term; JB & MP are 2 years; Other voting members need set terms as well

KG: 3 years

JW: 3 years

SB: 2 Years

         *Follow Up-Ask other members/attendees at next meeting if they are

interested in being Board Members so as to expand board


IV. Public Comment-N/A

V. Suggested Items for Next Meeting

-Mt. Holly Event Review (Updates)

-Checkbook/Checking Account Review

-Review 501(c)3 from lawyer

-Follow Up for Board Members

VI. Adjournment-Motion by JW, 2nd by SB.  Adjourned by JB @ 8:03pm