Before we start the predictions, I want to take a moment and talk about the longevity and success of this league. 16 years ago, I was a 21 year old kid with an idea to create an online madden league, but really had no idea how it worked. With the help of Dolan (Lhu27) we created the MOF. We had some bumps and bruises in our first few seasons, but 50 seasons later here we are. One of the most prestigious leagues out there. As we enter our 51st season, a number that not many leagues have seen, I want to thank every single one of you for making this league what it is. I say this all the time, but this is a wonderful hobby for all of us. Something to get our minds off the everyday grind and have a place to escape for a few hours a week. I take pride and pleasure in providing that for you guys, so again, thank you for making the MOF great!

Welcome to the Season 51 Predictions! Season 50 saw a true undefeated season from start to finish. Pettigrew95 raised his second trophy as he defeated the 14-2 Packers and Lhu27 13-10 in the Super Bowl. Pettigrew95 joins Lhu27 as the only two coaches to finish 19-0 in MOF history! Season 50 was the last installment of Madden ‘19. The entire edition we saw excellent activity with early advances, very low number of sims, and continuous chatter that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Now entering Madden ‘20 and Season 51 we have some questions. Can Betts return to title town with his Redskins? Will Pauly win his first ever title with the Vikings? Can the Commish continue his streak of division titles with the Rams? Will Dolan continue to win with the Packers? All this and more will be answered in the article below!

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and that's how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy*

AFC East

Buffalo Bills - Coach Shawtypizzle
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (28-50-1) .356
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (4-2)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 71-87-1 (.450) | Playoff Record: (4-2)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 371-411 (.474)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR - Cole Beasley (83 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
TE - Charles Clay (80 overall)

Coach Shawty did not have the greatest of editions in Madden ‘19. Going 28-50-1 with zero playoff appearances. Although Coach Shawty remains the only coach in this division to have won a Super Bowl! Guess what team he won that title with? Yep! The Buffalo Bills back in Season 36. Now this team is not the same squad it was back then, they have a bunch of question marks especially at QB. Sure Josh Allen has the arm strength, but can he improve on his accuracy? Another question mark is the age of LeSean McCoy. He’s 31 years old now and they went out and signed an even older back in Frank Gore (36 years old) in what could be the oldest backfield in league history. The defense will be led by CB Tra’Davious White (86 overall). Other than him, they really don’t have many players that stand out. 
In Final: The Bills are a rebuilding project. The good news is that the division is suspect this season. I believe 8-8 or 9-7 can definitely win the Bills this division and I really don’t think that’s out of reach for Shawty. Just focus on improving that line, getting younger, and developing Josh Allen.

Prediction: 8-8, 2nd place AFC East

Miami Dolphins - Coach WickedMe
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (8-14) .363
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (1-3)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 40-29 (.580) | Playoff Record: (0-3)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 354-441-2 (.445)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE - Dwayne Allen (76 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
DE - Cameron Wake (84 overall)

Coach WickedMe re-joined the MOF late in Season 49 and played a whole Season 50 where he finished 6-10. WickedMe wants to be known as more than just “Powers brother” and his career record is actually pretty impressive. Disregard the Madden ‘19 poor record, and he’s had a very successful short career here in the MOF. The bad news? He is coaching a very poor Dolphins team that needs a lot of work. They lost Ryan Tannehill in the off-season and replaced him with Ryan Fitzpatrick for a short term answer. So Miami will need to look for a franchise QB in the draft. They also lost DE Cameron Wake, in a devastating subtraction. Is there a bright spot to this team to build around? WR Kenny Stills has the makeup to be a #1 WR if he can find a steady QB to throw to him, other than that, these guys are in full rebuild mode.
In Final: The worst team in the game, by far. That’s why they were the 32nd pick in the team draft. Coach WickedMe has his work cut out for him, even in a weaker division I feel that the Dolphins are still a ways away. I expect WickedMe to put up a fight, but his team is just too poor to compete for the division.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place AFC East

New England Patriots - Coach Krayzie300
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (39-41) .488
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (2-3)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 231-291 (.443) | Playoff Record: (1-7)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 350-439-2 (.444)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: DE - Michael Bennett (85 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
TE - Rob Gronkowski (99 overall)

To see Coach Krazyie anywhere other than Minnesota is a bit of a culture shock. He had the chance to go back to Minnesota, but instead chose to go somewhere else, somewhere new. The New England Patriots have had some very poor seasons recently, so many in fact that they have become the worst AFC team in MOF history, and the 3rd worst overall. But have no fear, Coach Krayzie is here to fix the locker room. Kray made the playoffs a couple times last edition with the aforementioned Vikings. He had a 2-3 record against his current divisional opponents in Madden ‘19, and he easily has the highest rated team in the division. Oh, and one other thing. TOM BRADY. Tom Terrific is coming into the season at 42 years old, he might have 1 more season after this but they must address that monkey in the room sooner rather than later.
In Final: The Patriots have the best rated team, but is Krayzie the best coach in the division? I think so. I think he has both the skill and the team to run away with this division. Hold your horses though. I don’t think he WILL run away with the division. I think we will see a close race, but I will give the edge to the Pats for the AFC East in Season 51.

Prediction: 8-8, 1st place AFC East

New York Jets - Coach Latinyank77478
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (34-42-1) .448
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (4-3)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 211-200-1 (.513) | Playoff Record: (4-9)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 451-349 (.564)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: HB - Le’Veon Bell (92 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
HB - Isaiah Crowell (79 overall)

All's right with the world! Coach Alex is back head coaching the Jets. There’s no question that Alex has had his most success with gang green and that has everything to do with this being his favorite squad. Last edition saw some ups and downs for Coach Alex, including some huge wins with the Eagles and some huge losses. Unfortunately he did not make the playoffs at all last edition, so he looks to turn that around this edition. The Jets went out and grabbed the top free-agent on the market in Le’Veon Bell and in the process lost Bilal Powell and Isaiah Crowell, so they are hoping Bell can stay healthy. The Jets also went out and snagged Ryan Kalil out of retirement to solidify their offensive line. Robby Anderson is a huge threat and a Madden ‘19 star and I expect him to be just as good this edition. The defense is led by Mosely and Williamson at MLB.
In Final: The Jets have a very good team, not as good as the Patriots, but they have a lot of weapons and a lot of talent. I expect Coach Alex to compete for the division, a division that will see i believe 3 teams fighting right up until Week 17. The head to head matchups will be the key!

Prediction: 7-9, 3rd place AFC East

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens - Coach Sawemoff90
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (28-50-1) .356
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (5-17-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 63-101-1 (.385) | Playoff Record: (4-2)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 368-424 (.465)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: FS - Earl Thomas (95 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
LB - C.J. Mosley (87 overall)

Coach Saw comes into Madden ‘20 off a tough Madden ‘19 outing. He also stays in a division with Mackdaddy and Kalikarpenter, along with Gouch he had a 5-17-1 record against these opponents in Madden ‘19. That might be a recipe for disaster! The Ravens however, made a huge move in free-agency when they grabbed Earl Thomas (95 overall) away from Seattle to make up for the loss of Eric Weddle. Defense has always been a staple for the Ravens over the years, and this season is no different. Yes, they did lose C.J. Mosley to the Jets and Terrell Suggs to the Cardinals, but they have a nice young corps of LB’s to build off of. The defensive line is also very strong with Pierce and Williams at DT. Their offense could use some work, but like we mentioned, the Ravens are built for the D.
In Final: Coach Saw and the Ravens are in a tough division. This is Gouch’s 2nd edition in a row with the Bengals, so he already knows his team. Kali and the Steelers will be tough, and Mack and the Browns will be SB contenders every season. These guys need to improve their WRs and HBs before they will have a shot at any kind of success.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals - Coach Gouch
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (31-48-1) .394
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (7-1-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 66-91-1 (.421) | Playoff Record: (1-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 377-412-1 (.478)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: RG - John Miller (69 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
TE - Tyler Kroft (79 overall)

Gouch is once again back with the Cincinnati Bengals! With a blockbuster trade in the team draft, he sent the originally picked Chiefs to Beezy_Hussle for these Bengals, which looked to be his plan all along. Gouch had an incredible record against his current division foes last edition, including a 2-0 record against the mighty Mackdaddy! So success is not out of the question. The Bengals did not do much to improve this team in the off-season, their biggest signing was a 69 rated RG in John Miller. But the silver lining is that they didn’t lose much either. Andy Dalton returns along with A.J. Green to provide a very nice 1-2 punch. Joe Mixon will be carrying the ball and he’s a solid back. Oh and John Ross might be the fastest player in the game, with 97 speed. The defensive side of the ball they are a little weak, outside Geno Atkins and William Jackson, there’s not much to be excited about.
In Final: Gouch is always good for a shocker here and there, which explains his two victories over Mack last edition. I don’t think he will be successful this time around. I believe he has the skill level to compete, but he will need to put that GM hat on and improve this defense if he wants to be taken seriously.

Prediction: 7-9, 3rd place AFC North

Cleveland Browns - Coach Mackdaddy
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (65-15) .813
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (20-2)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 159-49 (.764) | Playoff Record: (12-13)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 378-417-2 (.476)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR- Odell Beckham Jr. (96 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
LT - Kevin Zeitler (86 overall)

Mackdaddy is finally HOME! As we saw in his team selection, his YouTube video with his dog mask on as he selected his Cleveland Browns, Mack is ready to rock! Madden ‘19 was extremely kind to Mackdaddy as he boasted one of the best records all edition at 65-15. That includes a 20-2 record against his current divisional opponents. Mack has made the post-season in each of his 13 seasons here in the MOF, but he has yet to win the big game. Losing 2 Super Bowls. The Browns made so many improvements in the off-season, that they are easily the winners of the free-agent frenzy. Odell Beckham will make an immediate impact. Mack traded away Kareem Hunt before the season started to the Buccaneers, so we will see Nick Chubb in the backfield. We can go on and on about how great this team looks on paper, and there’s no question about it. But can Mack continue his success and maybe capture a ring?  

In Final: The Browns were only the 2nd team to truly go undefeated here in the MOF last season under the tutelage of Coach Pettigrew. So the bar is already set high for Mack. I believe this is his division to lose. He went 10-0 against Kali and Saw last edition, he did lose both of his head to head games against Gouch but i’m not worried about that. Mack should win this division in a landslide.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st place AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers - Coach Kalikarpenter
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (29-51) .363
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (6-18)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 111-145 (.434) | Playoff Record: (1-2)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 452-338-2 (.572)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: CB- Steven Nelson (77 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
WR - Antonio Brown (98 overall)

Coach Kali has joined his buddies in the AFC North by selecting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although he went 6-18 last edition against his current divisional foes, he felt this was the best choice out there. Kali did not have a great edition with the Raiders in Madden ‘19 only winning 29 games and losing 51. Kali also had some great wins however, but he just couldn’t put it all together at once. The Steelers lost a ton of talent in the off-season. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell is a devastation combination of losses. Pittsburgh boasts one of the best offensive lines in the game though, so hopefully they don’t miss a beat with James Conner. Also having JuJu is a really nice replacement for Brown. Big Ben is starting to enter the twilight of his career, so Kali is going to have to start thinking of a replacement, and Dobbs is not the answer. The good thing about the MOF is that Ryan Shazier is still playable, and with his speed at MLB that makes a huge difference.
In Final: Kali has the talent and the team to compete… for 2nd place. Kali has shown that he has trouble with Mackdaddy going 0-10 last edition head to head. So what has to change? He, like so many of us, needs to find the time to get in the lab room and just get better so he can beat guys like Mackdaddy. Until then, he will fight for a wild-card spot.

Prediction: 8-8, 2nd place AFC North

AFC South

Houston Texans - Coach Mindenplaya
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (50-29-1) .631
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (11-0)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 99-53-1 (.650) | Playoff Record: (4-7)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 426-370-1 (.535)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: SS- Tashaun Gipson Sr. (82 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
SS - Tyrann Mathieu (87 overall)

Coach Mindenplaya is coaching the Texans this season and Minden is one of those underrated consistent coaches who is a threat to make the playoffs each and every season. He stays quiet, wins his games, and moves on. His record against his current division mates last edition was a perfect 11-0. Of course he did not play WeezyFalls, but still very impressive nonetheless. The Texans biggest loss was safety Tyrann Mathieu but CB Kareem Jackson was also a big blow. They were able to replace both players with Tashaun Gipson and Bradley Roby. Not as good, but solid. Clowney and Watt make up two of the best rushers in the game, sprinkle in Mercilus and McKinney and you have one of the best defensive front 7’s in the game. The offense is led by 99 rated DeAndre Hopkins who’s an absolute stud. Watson is a very good QB and the 1-2 punch of Lamar Miller and D’Onta Foreman is serviceable in the backfield. The offensive line however, not good.
In Final: The offensive line will be this teams downfall. I do like the Texans to compete for the wild-card and probably get into the postseason because that’s just what Mindenplaya does, he gets to the playoffs. As far as going anywhere, i think he will go as far as that poor offensive line will take him. Time to improve that.

Prediction: 10-6, 3rd place AFC South

Indianapolis Colts - Coach SoSickin432
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (20-60) .250
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (0-11)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 46-100 (.315) | Playoff Record: (1-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 367-427-1 (.462)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: RE- Justin Houston (87 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
WR - Ryan Grant (77 overall)

SoSickin432 had a very rocky Madden ‘19 as you can see by his 20-60 record. He had a winless record against his current division opponents at 0-11. However, he had some incredible passing numbers that put him in the top 10 all-time in some season and single game records. So we know he can sling the ball around and there’s not many better than his current QB Andrew Luck. On paper the Colts have one of the better squads in the game, with the addition of Devin Funchess Luck now has some great targets including his dual TE threats in Ebron and Doyle. The defensive line was helped tremendously with the addition of Justin Houston at RE. The secondary is solid as well, but the linebackers will need some improvement.
In Final: SoSick finds himself in one of the juggernaut division. The 2nd best division in the game. He will really have to turn his MOF career around to compete here, if anything he can build his team around Andrew Luck and really try to upset some folks. We wish SoSick the best of luck, but it’s going to be tough out there.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars - Coach BigDre245
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (50-30) .625
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (1-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 289-159 (.645) | Playoff Record: (17-17)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 443-352-1 (.557)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: MLB - Jake Ryan (78 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
TE - Austin Seferian-Jenkins (81 overall)

BigDre had himself an up and down Madden ‘19 with the Houston Texans. He was deployed a little bit so that forced him to take some sim losses, but when he was available to play there wasn’t many teams better than him. Now he’s coaching a team he has some familiarity with. The Jaguars! Season 42-45 (Madden ‘18) he coached the Jaguars to a 39-25 edition record including a Super Bowl appearance. Last edition Dre made the playoffs 3 times out of 5 seasons only winning 1 playoff game. The Jaguars didn’t do much in the off-season, they grabbed Jake Ryan MLB and Nick Foles to QB. I’m not sure if Foles is the answer, but he can’t be any worse than Bortles. Fournette is one of the lone bright spots on offense, but that’s not where this team shines. Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye are the best CB tandem in the MOF. They can man up with pretty much any WR that they want to and that spells disaster for opposing QBs. Myles Jack, Telvin Smith and the above mentioned Jake Ryan are a solid LB squad as well.
In Final: As long as Dre can find a way to play while he is deployed in Kuwait, he will win games. If he has trouble, he will have a rough first season. I think he will figure it out over there and win some games. He is my division favorite, because of his longevity of success. He has proved more than anyone in this division, that he can win and win big.

Prediction: 11-5, 1st place AFC South

Tennessee Titans - Coach WeezyFalls ®
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (6-3) .667
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (N/A)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 6-3 (.667) | Playoff Record: (N/A)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 358-440 (.449)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: LOLB - Cameron Wake (84 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
LG - Quinton Spain (79 overall)

Coach WeezyFalls made his MOF debut in the middle of last season. He went 6-3 in those 9 games he played including wins over the Texmexgalvan, the defending champ MrRoclo, and radio star RobPowers. Weezy proved that he can compete with the top guys in the league, pushing the Commish in their only head to head game as well. The Titans are a very underrated team, with the additions of Cameron Wake and Rodger Saffold, the Titans made some nice moves in the off-season to improve. I really like the HB depth they have with Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry. They could use some help at WR, but Corey Davis and Adam Humphries will suffice. Delaine Walker has turned into one of the top TEs in the league. The defense is led by new addition Cameron Wake and FS Kevin Byard. These guys are solid all over the field, and I believe Weezy has the talent to make it work in a very strong division, that will be stronger with him in it.
In Final: Weezy is Bhicks little brother, and he has proved that he’s just as good maybe even better than his brother. We will get a solid look at the MOF rookie this season and really see what he can do. We usually don’t predict rookies to have success, but I really have high hopes for Weezy and i think he will compete for the division title.

Prediction: 11-5, 2nd place AFC South

AFC West

Denver Broncos - Coach Pettigrew95
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (63-17) .788
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (1-0)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 258-124-1 (.675) | Playoff Record: (25-16)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 427-370-1 (.536)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: SS - Kareem Jackson (86 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction:
C - Matt Paradis (88 overall)

Newly inducted into the Hall of Fame, Coach Pettigrew95 enters the mile high city! Pettigrew won Season 50’s Super Bowl with the Browns and went undefeated while doing so! His career record speaks for itself, going to 4 Super Bowls and winning 2 of them. He has one of the greatest winning percentages in league history. Coming into the season he only played his divisional rivals one time, combined, last edition, so things will be very new to him. The Broncos made some nice moves in the off-season, grabbing Joe Flacco to start at QB. Kareem Jackson and Bryce Callahan were extremely nice pickups in the secondary to go along with Chris Harris (90 overall) who is one of the best CBs in the game. Von Miller is the brightest spot on this team (97 overall) he can play OLB, MLB, or DE and be a menace in any position.
In Final: The Broncos have a little bit of work to do to build this team up. I don’t think any of those will be difficult hurdles for Pettigrew to NOT win this division however, but to compete for the AFC title he’s going to have to get some receiver help and a better TE. As for the division, he will win it by the biggest margin in the league.

Prediction: 13-3, 1st place AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs - Coach Beezy_Hussle
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (3-45) .063
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (0-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 3-52 (.055) | Playoff Record: (N/A)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 422-356-1 (.542)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: SS - Tyrann Mathieu (87 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: HB - Kareem Hunt (90 overall)

The coach formerly known as BennyBuccets returns as Beezy_Hussle and he hopes with his name change comes a culture change as well. Beezy did not have the best edition in Madden ‘19 only winning 3 games and losing 45. He sat out the last season and a half but now he returns with one of the best teams in all of Madden ‘20. Just like Pettigrew, Beezy only played his divisional opponents a combined 1 time, it was Texmexgalvan. So things will be brand new for him as well. The Chiefs lost Kareem Hunt in the off-season, a 90 overall rated HB is a really tough thing to lose. They tried to replace him with Carlos Hyde, and it’s not the same. They did sign Tyrann Mathieu to make up for the loss of Eric Berry, but in the free-agent draft Beezy selected Eric Berry to return! So their safeties are now one of the top tandems in the league. You cannot mention the Chiefs and forget about Patrick Mahomes (97 overall) one of the top if not the top rated QBs in the game. Oh and who is he throwing the ball to? Only the fastest player in the game, Tyreek Hill. Points are to be had with these guys, the only question is can Beezy improve?
In Final: The Chiefs are a fantastic team, but the problem is Beezy has not had a fantastic record here in the MOF. Only winning 3 out of his 58 career games. If he were to turn things around, it would be with this team. They are just too good not to win games with. I think it will take a monumental effort just to get to .500, so come prove us wrong!

Prediction: 2-14, 4th place AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers - Coach Texmexgalvan
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (28-52) .350
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (1-0)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 118-267-3 (.308) | Playoff Record: (0-2)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 412-381 (.520)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: ROLB - Thomas Davis Sr. (80 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR - Tyrell Williams (83 overall)

Coach Tex finds himself on the west coast this edition and longer in Dallas. Tex had himself 1 very good season, where he finished 11-5 and made the playoffs. Other than that season he went 17-47 including a 1-15 finish. There’s no doubt that Tex has talent, and he’s shown over the years that he can compete with the best of them. I just think the time has not been always put in for him, which is like a lot of coaches. The Chargers though, have a very good team. The addition of LB Thomas Davis was their biggest off-season signing, which isn’t saying much. They lost WR Tyrell Williams and CB Jason Verrett which were two very tough subtractions. The Chargers still have Philip Rivers heading the offense, but for how long? The 37 year old is near the end, and Tyrod Taylor cannot be the answer to replace him. Melvin Gordon III and Keenan Allen finish off a very nice 3-headed monster in LA. Bosa and Ingram are very nice edge rushers and should provide serious pressure on opposing QBs. Throw in Casey Hayward and Desmond King at CB and you have yourself a very solid defense.
In Final: Tex needs to really focus because he is in a division where he could really make something happen. Pettigrew and the Broncos will be out of reach, this season at least, but 2nd place is not out of the question. He will just need to play solid ball and stay active and he could surprise some people.

Prediction: 5-11, 3rd place AFC West

Oakland Raiders - Coach Bengalsonly7
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (11-12) .478
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (N/A)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 50-88-1 (.363) | Playoff Record: (1-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 353-430 (.451)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR - Antonio Brown (98 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LG - Kelechi Osemele (81 overall)

Coach Bengalsonly7 made his MOF return in Season 49 and he was able to get the Cardinals to the playoffs and actually knock off Coach Dolan in the process. However, his total edition record was 11-12. He took over a great squad last edition in the Cardinals, who were built by predecessors before him in Rosado and Garza. Now he has a team all to himself to build and compete with from day 1. The Raiders made some nice moves in the off-season, completely overhauling their receiving corps by adding Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams and Ryan Grant. That immediately makes their offense very dangerous. Bengalsonly signed Nick Perry in the free-agent draft, and that was a smart move because they desperately need some defenders on this team. The top player on the defensive side is FS Lamarcus Joyner (86 overall) other than that, they really need to improve greatly.
In Final: Coach Bengalsonly is a tricky coach to dissect. He was a .500 coach last edition, but is about a .360 career coach in the MOF. It looks like he’s improved from his time here before so 2nd place shouldn’t be out of the question. 1st place though? I don’t think he has a chance.

Prediction: 7-9, 2nd place AFC West

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys - Coach RobPowers
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (33-47) .413
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (3-4)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 128-176 (.421) | Playoff Record: (1-4)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 407-386-1 (.513)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE - Jason Witten (83 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR - Cole Beasley (83 overall)

The first controversial move of the season came when Coach RobPowers selected the Dallas Cowboys 2 spots ahead of CoachQKP, fireworks went off, words were exchanged, but here we are cool as cucumbers now… I think. Powers had himself tough Madden ‘19 hovering around .500 for the edition, he had some decent seasons but he had some bad ones too. Overall he would probably say it was a disappointment. He did have some great games and seasons with Todd Gurley, enough to jump on the top 10 in record books, but not enough to get to the postseason. Enter Dallas. Similar to the Rams, Dallas has a star back in Ezekiel Elliot. But not similar to the Rams, the Cowboys have the best offensive line in football. Jason Witten decided to come out of retirement and join the team and he was the biggest off-season acquisition. They did lose Cole Beasley in the shuffle but grabbed Randall Cobb to replace him. Demarcus Lawrence, Sean Lee, Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch, Byron Jones, the list goes on and on. The names on defense are strong, but will it translate to wins?
In Final: Rob has a great team in place to compete. The problem is that he is in a hell division. My opinion the NFC East is the best division with teams and coaches galore. Rob has his work cut out for him, but he has the talent and team to make some noise. Let’s see what he can do.

Prediction: 5-11, 4th place NFC East

New York Giants - DoubleD187
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (45-35) .563
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (2-2)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 123-81 (.603) | Playoff Record: (9-9)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 410-381-3 (.518)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: LT - Kevin Zeitler (86 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR - Odell Beckham Jr. (96 overall)

Mediocre is the word that comes to mind when I think of DoubleD187’s Madden ‘19 with the Kansas City Chiefs. He had one season where he finished 13-3 another season at 6-10 and then 9-7 and 8-8 rest of the way. The talent was there in KC and the talent will be lacking here in NY. DoubleD had a 2-2 record against his current divisional opponents back in ‘19. DoubleD has a very good career win percentage, including 2 trips to the Super Bowl, but can he return to that kind of greatness and consistency? The Giants were able to help out that line in the off-season, grabbing Kevin Zeitler. However they lost Odell Beckham in a trade with the Browns. QB will be an issue, it looks like Daniel Jones will most likely start for DoubleD and Eli will ride the pine. (I’d just cut him). The brightest spot on offense is the beast that is Saquon Barkley. One of the top players in the Madden ‘19 edition he returns stronger and better than he was last season. Get that run game going and everything else falls into place. DoubleD traded DT Dalvin Tomlinson to the Raiders before we started these predictions, in a strange move. But we know that DoubleD likes to stockpile his draft picks. Defense needs a lot of help here and the more picks he can get the better.
In Final: Coach DoubleD has the skills to win games, but the Giants are lacking talent, especially on defense. He needs to also put his GM hat on and work some magic if he really wants to compete in the loaded NFC. I still think he’s good enough to get into 2nd place, but that’s about it.

Prediction: 10-6, 2nd place NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles - CoachQKP35
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (36-44) .450
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (2-4)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 331-245 (.575) | Playoff Record: (7-15)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 385-409-1 (.485)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR - DeSean Jackson (85 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: DT - Michael Bennett (85 overall)

CoachQ had his eyes on Dallas, there’s no hiding that. The fact that he went and drafted the Eagles to play Powers 10+ times? That’s priceless. CoachQ had a tough Madden ‘19, unlike him he finished with a losing overall record. I blame that mostly on baseball season. His last season he finished 3-13 with a lot of sim losses, so his overall record is a bit misconstrued. Enter the Philadelphia Eagles. One of the top rated teams in the game, and 2 years removed from an NFL Super Bowl, these guys are loaded. They have a great offensive line, Carson Wentz, Jordan Howard, Alshon Jeffery, DeSean Jackson, Nelson Agholor, Zach Ertz… the offense is beaming! Oh defense you ask? Fletcher Cox (96 overall), Malcolm Jenkins (92 overall). These guys have talent all over the field. The only question is can Q stomach winning games with them?  
In Final: The Eagles and Coach Q are a great match, although he might not think so, they really are. The Eagles have a lot of talent but they are in a tough division with DoubleD, Powers, and Betts. Coach Q will have to really win those divisional games if he wants a chance at a playoff berth, and I think he will just fall short.


Prediction: 9-7, 3rd place NFC East

Washington Redskins - Coach NYRedskins35
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (55-9) .859
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (3-0)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 386-168 (.697) | Playoff Record: (36-28)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 476-321-1 (.597)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: SS - Landon Collins (84 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: MLB - Zach Brown (82 overall)

Betts is back where he belongs. It’s great to see it. Betts came back to the MOF in Season 47 and finished with a 55-9 overall Madden ‘19 record, incredible, astonishing and any other word that describes those. He had an undefeated season in there, lost in the Super Bowl, but going 16-0 is a serious accomplishment. It seems that Betts is getting better as his career goes on and that’s scary. He already has the most career playoff wins (36) and the next best is 10 behind him. He’s made 8 Super Bowls (MOF record) and won 4 (MOF record). But enough about him. These Redskins stink but it doesn't matter. They have a solid enough line, Dwayne Haskins to develop and Derrius Guice who has good speed. Betts will need to improve his receivers, but Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis are some nice safety blankets at TE. Kerrigan and Ioannidis are nice rushers, and Jonathan Allen and Da’Ron Payne are solid linemen as well. Josh Norman is getting older so they will need to think about his replacement as well, and the addition of Landon Collins was the biggest pick up of the season.
In Final: Betts already traded away Alex Smith to start Haskins, so that’s already set in stone. Betts is one of, if not, the best coach in the league so I have no doubt that he will win this division and be in the mix when it comes to winning the whole thing.  

Prediction: 13-3, 1st place NFC East

NFC North

Chicago Bears - Coach Remo357
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (8-72) .100
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (0-12)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 17-127 (.118) | Playoff Record: (N/A)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 410-386-1 (.515)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: SS - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (80 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: SS - Adrian Amos Jr. (88 overall)

Coach Remo is back in Chicago after his 5 season edition in Madden ‘19. Of course Remo did not have the best time in Madden ‘19 going 8-72 including an 0-16 season, he looks to turn things around with the same team in Madden ‘20. He had an 0-12 Madden ‘19 record against his current divisional opponents, including an 0-10 record against Coach Dolan. The off-season wasn’t very kind to the Bears as they were forced into some defensive downgrades (Clinton-Dix vs. Amos, Skrine vs. Callahan). However they still have Khalil Mack, a player that Remo was unable to obtain last edition even though the Bears had him on the roster. The defense of the Bears is very nice, with Mack, Roquan Smith, Kyle Fuller, Eddie Jackson, Akeem Hicks, and the addition of Clinton-Dix. The offensive part of the ball is where this team needs some love and we’re hoping Remo can turn things around on that side of the ball.
In Final: Coach Remo is the definition of integrity and sportsmanship. His career record is not very good, but he continues to show up, play hard and have a good time. There is something to be said for coaches like that and we appreciate you Remo! I’m personally rooting for him to turn things around, but having Pauly and Dolan in your division, hopes and dreams can be shattered in an instant.

Prediction: 2-14, 4th place NFC North

Detroit Lions - Coach Beers
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (20-52-1) .271
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (1-3-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 20-52-1 (.271) | Playoff Record: (N/A)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 394-405 (.493)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: RE - Trey Flowers (87 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: RE - Ezekiel Ansah (80 overall)

Coach Beers entered the MOF a few games into Season 46 so he did not have a full edition under his belt, but he played in every single season. Of course he was the Miami Dolphins and that was one of the worst teams in Madden ‘19 but he saw some success, mostly not, but he did have some nice wins over the seasons. Now Beers has a team that he selected himself, and is ready to rock and roll. He enters the season 1-3-1 against his divisional opponents last edition, so not much head to head matchups there. The Lions were able to grab RE Trey Flowers in an upgrade over the loss of Ezekiel Ansah. The Lions are a solid team, nothing really stands out too much, but nothing too poor either. Stafford is pedestrian at QB, their offensive line is mediocre, they RB’s are below average, their WR’s are a little above average. However their defensive line is very good. The addition of Flowers, along with Mike Daniels and Snacks Harrison is a strong front 3. The linebackers and secondary will need some improvement but they definitely have some pieces to be successful.
In Final: Coach Beers and the Lions are going to be a staple for 3rd place for the next 5 seasons, maybe 6 (shh). I think he’s better than Remo, but he’s not in Dolan or Pauly’s league at all. I’d be surprised if he finished anywhere close to either of those two. That doesn’t mean a wild-card spot is out of the question, he will just have to fight for 3rd place.

Prediction: 5-11, 3rd place NFC North

Green Bay Packers - Coach Lhu27
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (61-17-2) .775
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (11-1-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 261-131-4 (.664) | Playoff Record: (23-15)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 428-366-3 (.539)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: SS - Adrian Amos Jr. (88 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: SS - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (80 overall)

This will be Coach Dolan’s 14th consecutive season in Green Bay. Wow. In the previous 13 seasons he has not won less than 9 games and only missed the playoffs two times. He also has a Super Bowl title in that time frame (Season 47) and another appearance (Season 50). He has won QB of the year with Aaron Rodgers 5 straight seasons. The accolades just go on and on with Dolan. One of, if not, the greatest MOF coach of all-time. This is why the Championship trophy is named after him. Dolan enters the season with a 11-1-1 Madden ‘19 record against his divisional opponents. Including 1 loss to Pauly in his 1 game he had against him. The Packers enter the season with a mediocre roster. They were able to upgrade their SS position with the addition of Adrian Amos and had two incredible signings in Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith. They did lose some talent, but aging talent, including Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, and Randall Cobb. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers, and sometimes that's all you need. The 35 year old QB could retire at any season, so Dolan will have to be prepared for that if it were to happen. Other than Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham, Dolan will need to improve his positional talent on offense.
In Final: Dolan and the Packers are like Peanut Butter and Jelly. I don’t expect anything less than a wild-card berth. The division could be a toss up with Pauly, but I expect 11 or 12 wins and a definite playoff berth and deep run into the playoffs.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st place NFC North

Minnesota Vikings - Coach Pauly2110
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (51-29) .638
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (4-0)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 453-218 (.675) | Playoff Record: (26-31)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 364-428-4 (.460)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: RG - Josh Kline (71 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: DT - Sheldon Richardson (85 overall)

You say 51-29 for the entire edition, that’s a successful run! However, when you put that record next to Coach Pauly, you say, what happened? Pauly had himself a mediocre Madden ‘19 (for his standards) with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although he had a winning season in each of the 5 seasons, he only made the playoffs 2 times, with 1 playoff win. That’s unusual production out of the MOF’s leader in career regular season wins. He comes into Madden ‘20 with a 4-0 record against his divisional opponents from last edition. He also comes into the season with 6 Super Bowl appearances and 0 Super Bowl victories. I’d say he’s the Marv Levy of the MOF, but Marv didn’t even lose that many. I digress. Pauly and the Vikings are a nice match. The Vikes didn’t do much at all in the off-season except lose a very strong defensive tackle in Sheldon Richardson. I’m not really sure if Kirk Cousins is the answer for Pauly, i’m sure he will be looking to improve at QB. The offensive line is also in shambles, as he will have his work cut out for him there. Dalvin Cook is a nice little back with good speed and their receivers are very good with Thielen and Diggs. Don’t forget Kyle Rudolph! The defense is solid, led by Harrison Smith (94 overall) at SS.
In Final: Pauly will turn things around this edition, I expect him to directly compete with Dolan for that division title and I expect him to get into the postseason. The Vikings have a lot of talent and a lot of nice pieces to build around. Their defense is strong, and that’s what Pauly likes. The only real problem will be that offensive line.

Prediction: 11-5, 2nd place NFC North

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons - Coach BigReg
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (54-26) .638
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (15-8)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 141-79-2 (.640) | Playoff Record: (7-8)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 411-385-2 (.516)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE - Luke Stocker (74 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: HB - Tevin Coleman (84 overall)

BigReg is a model of consistency. 11-5, 10-6, 11-5, 11-5, 11-5 were his finishes. Each and every season winning the AFC South. His playoff record, 4-5. Including 1 trip to the NFC title game. Reg is back once again with these Atlanta Falcons and not much has changed for the team. They lost HB Tevin Coleman, which could be devastating, but Reg thinks Ito Smith and Marcus Green can fill that void. The three headed monster receiving corps Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Calvin Ridley stays in tact and Austin Hooper is turning into a nice threat at TE. Matt Ryan is back this season after disappearing on BigReg in the middle of Madden ‘19. However, he will need some insurance and that’s why they went out and traded for Alex Smith (who has yet to report). Vic Beasley Jr. took a little bit of a rating hit but still is a factor on the d-line along with Grady Jarrett and Takkarist McKinley (who was a force in Madden ‘19). Deion Jones, just isn’t fair at LB with 90 speed. Hopefully Reg hangs onto him this time. The secondary of the Falcons is also nice with Desmond Trufant leading the charge.
In Final: The Falcons will be as good as Matt Ryan can be. If Ryan stays hurt, or disappears again Reg will be in a bit of a bind. Hicks and the Saints will be a real threat to the division title streak and I think that this season will see the end of Reg’s reign atop the South. Couple that wil an improved Dpanther and Jfon who’s always tough, this will be one of Reg’s hardest seasons to date.

Prediction: 10-6, 2nd place NFC South

Carolina Panthers - Coach Dpanther95
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (23-56-1) .294
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (3-19)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 179-384-2 (.319) | Playoff Record: (N/A)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 343-452-3 (.432)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: C - Matt Paradis (88 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LOLB - Thomas Davis Sr. (80 overall)

Coach Dpanther is once again back with the Carolina Panthers. We lost track of how many seasons in a row now but it has to be close to 15 or so. Dpanther is a staple in this league, and like Remo, integrity and sportsmanship are the first two things that come to mind when I think of him. Although he hasn’t had the success he has hoped for, he still goes out and gives it his all. He has the most career games played without a playoff appearance. He also is the MOF career leader in regular season losses. I think things might change this edition though. Dpanther has already looked good on the field and the Panthers signed Matt Paradis to take over for the loss of Kalil and that’s a major upgrade. The offensive line of the Panthers is better than most teams in the league, couple that with Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey you have a nice offense. They will need to upgrade their WR’s since D.J. Moore (82 overall) is their #1. Defense is the name of the game here for the Panthers. With Luke Kuechly a devastating 98 overall, and Kawann Short (85 overall) these guys are savages out there.  The secondary will also need some upgrades, but overall the Panthers are a solid team.
In Final: Once again Dpanther is in a tough division, a tough bind if you will. His record against Jfon and BigReg last year was 3-17 combined. Throw in an 0-2 against Hicks, and you’re going to have a tough time. I think we will see one of Dpanther’s better seasons though. I expect him to flirt with .500 maybe even get over .500 if he can get some division wins in there! We’re really hoping for a playoff berth out of him.

Prediction: 8-8, 4th place NFC South

New Orleans Saints - Coach Bhicks14
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (45-35) .563
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (5-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 77-59 (.566) | Playoff Record: (1-3)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 428-368 (.538)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE - Jared Cook (87 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: HB - Mark Ingram II (86 overall)

Hicks, the MOF’s real life QB is back and this time has a QB. Just think, the seasons he put up with Lamar Jackson were incredible and what’s he going to do with Drew Brees! Wow. He comes off an above average Madden ‘19 that saw a couple of playoff appearances and a very inactive season while he was in training camp, that saw a lot of sim losses. He comes into a division that is pretty solidified with homers, so he has his work cut out for him there. He did play this division 6 times last season, winning 5 out of the 6 games with 1 loss against Jfon. The Saints went out and grabbed Jared Cook and Latavius Murray in the off-season, very nice pickups for an already stacked offense. Of course we don’t know how long Brees will be here, but as long as he is, Hicks should put up serious numbers with him. Alvin Kamara is the real deal at HB but he’s as soft as that extra charmin, so Murray will probably see some time. Michael Thomas and Jared Cook are very nice targets for Brees. Cameron Jordan (91 overall) leads a defense that has some holes and needs some upgrades, but they are solid enough to compete right now.

In Final: Hicks, when active, is one of the top coaches in the league. He looks all in and dialed up for this season so I expect nothing less than 11 or 12 wins from him. I think he can overtake Reg for the division title, it will be tough, but I think he can do it. I expect Hicks to have a nice run in the postseason as well.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st place NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Coach Jfon
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (42-37-1) .531
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (13-10)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 264-294-1 (.473) | Playoff Record: (4-8)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 376-406-1 (.481)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: HB - Kareem Hunt (90 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR - DeSean Jackson (85 overall)

Jfon had himself a nice Madden ‘19 winning 42 of 80 games, including a tie (Thanks Alex). He made the playoffs once, beat BigReg in the postseason and then lost to Dolan. He won 10 games twice and looks to continue his success in Tampa Bay. Jfon has been with the Buccaneers for 16 consecutive seasons, with only 2 playoff appearances during that time span. He comes into this edition with some familiar foes in BigReg and Dpanther. He went 8-2 against Dpanther but 4-7 against BigReg. He also went 1-1 against Hicks, all from Madden ‘19. The Buccaneers did not do much to improve this team in the off-season, of course they grabbed a Punter in Bradley Pinion which might’ve been their best off-season pickup. However they did grab LB Shaquil Barrett (78 overall) to make up for the loss of Kwon Alexander. They still have Lavonte David, who is now at MLB and they went out and signed Ndamukong Suh who will play at RE it looks like. The offensive line is solid in some parts but weak in others and Jameis Winston is still the answer we guess at QB. Jfon went out and traded for Kareem Hunt, which was easily the best move they did. Mike Evans is a beast and will continue to be a beast for Jfon.
In Final: I like Jfon and the way he’s been playing over the past edition. I think he can carry his momentum into this edition and surprise some folks. Mike Evans is his baby, and as long as he’s healthy, he's a dangerous coach who can beat anyone in this league. I do think Hicks and Reg will be tough and Dpanther will also be a thorn. Jfon will be a playoff contender but I think he just might fall short.

Prediction: 9-7, 3rd place NFC South

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals - Coach Trigrdan
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (29-51) .363
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (7-6)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 314-302-1 (.510) | Playoff Record: (14-16)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 349-446-1 (.439)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: LOLB - Terrell Suggs (83 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: FS - Antoine Bethea (77 overall)

Coach Trig returns to the Arizona Cardinals who he coached back in Madden ‘18 and the last time he made the playoffs here in the MOF (Season 42). Coach Trig had a pretty poor edition with the Bills, going 29-51 and missing the playoffs each and every season. His career record speaks highly as to what his edition was. Only 4 coaches in MOF history have more career victories than Coach Trig, which is astonishing. Now he returns to Arizona, like we mentioned, where they’ve been celebrating in the streets for weeks as the Cardinals are no longer the worst team in MOF history (ie: Carolina Panthers). The Cardinals drafted QB Kyler Murray who looks like a damn cheat code with 91 speed. There’s no doubt Coach Trig will have a lot of fun with Murray. They lost their speedy WR J.J. Nelson in the off-season but Andy Isabella should pick up the slack there. David Johnson is still a beast of a back, and Charles Clay was a nice addition at TE. The Cardinals also signed ageless wonder Terrell Suggs to play OLB in what will probably be his final year. The rest of the defense could use some work, outside of Chandler Jones and Jordan Hicks these guys front 7 are in shambles. Patrick Peterson is still a high rated CB (92 overall) and will lock down whoever is on him.
In Final: Coach Trig is a tricky coach to figure out. We have seen the good, the bad, and ugly from him. From 2 Super Bowl appearances to a 2-14 season. I think it will take him a season or two to get what he needs to compete but as of right now, I see him as a 3rd place squad.

Prediction: 5-11, 3rd place in NFC West

Los Angeles Rams - Commissioner Jeff
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (56-23-1) .706
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (2-2)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 423-313-1 (.575) | Playoff Record: (18-21)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 373-426 (.467)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: FS - Eric Weddle (83 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: FS - LaMarcus Joyner (86 overall)

The Commish had his best edition of any game, possibly ever. Winning 5 straight division titles with the Giants, breaking records with MLB interceptions, and running into oblivion with Saquon Barkley. The success he had did not translate to the playoffs however, as he lost 2 NFC title games and couldn’t get to the big game. His record against his current division foes back in Madden ‘19 was just 2-2. The Rams are built to run the rock. Todd Gurley II should put up some big numbers if the Commish can run like he did in ‘19. The big name signing the Rams obtained was Eric Weddle to make up for the loss of LaMarcus Joyner. The Rams also lost Ndamukong Suh along the way. Commish also made it clear that Brandin Cooks WILL NOT BE TRADED. As Cooks has been the town bicycle in the past three editions of the game. Along with Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp the Rams have a nice receiving corps. Aaron Donald is out of this world at DT (99 overall) and with Brockers and Fowler at the ends, this could easily be the best defensive line in football.

In Final: Commish is going to have to put some work in if he wants to compete with Coach Enzo in this division. We know that he hasn't really played the game much and it’s been showing on the field. I think he will pick it up soon though and be able to compete for a wild-card, if not the division.

Prediction: 10-6, 2nd place NFC West

San Francisco 49ers - Coach Enzo
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (62-18) .775
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (6-0)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 152-108 (.585) | Playoff Record: (10-8)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 400-398 (.501)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: HB - Tevin Coleman (84 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR - Pierre Garcon (80 overall)

Coach Enzo had himself one fine Madden ‘19. Going 62-18 with the Jaguars, with 5 playoff appearances and 4 division titles. Also he represented the AFC two times in the Super Bowl, falling short twice to the Cardinals and Packers. Enzo looks to duplicate his success here in San Francisco with a rejuvenated squad and lots of talented players. Jimmy G is at the helm after a huge Madden ‘19 under Coach SoSickin432, Enzo looks to keep up the good work of the 27 year old QB. The 49ers went out and signed Tevin Coleman to start at HB and with his 94 speed he’s one of the quickest backs in the league don’t forget about Matt Breida who also has 94 speed, oh and Jet McKinnon who has 92 speed… oh they aren’t done? Raheem Mostert with 93 speed. The 49ers have a ton of speed out of the backfield and that will cause a lot of problems for defenses. Enzo signed Dez Bryant in the free-agent draft and he immediately becomes their #1 WR. Goodwin, Pettis, and rookie Deebo Samuel look to compliment all world TE George Kittle. On defense the 49ers look nice. Signing Dee Ford to start at LE, drafting Nick Bosa at RE, and DeForest Buckner starting at DT. They also signed LB Kwon Alexander to play outside. The 49ers see the return of Richard Sherman who is still a very good corner (93 overall) but will probably transition to safety soon.
In Final: The 49ers are the favorites to win this division. They have the talent, and Enzo has the skills to make this a huge success. I do think he will run into some issues, especially with Jimmy G but if he can get into a rhythm with this team he will be very hard to stop.

Prediction: 11-5, 1st place NFC West

Seattle Seahawks - Coach Hovadagod_23
Coaches Madden ‘19 Record: (23-57) .288
Madden ‘19 Record Against Madden ‘20 Division Opponents:  (3-10)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 129-330 (.281) | Playoff Record: (0-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 425-368-3 (.536)
Biggest Off-Season Addition: RE - Ezekiel Ansah (80 overall)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: FS - Earl Thomas (95 overall)

Coach Hova is back with the Seahawks after spending the edition of Madden ‘19 with the New England Patriots. Hova did not have much success there as he went 23-57 through 5 seasons. Coming into this season he went 3-10 against his current divisional foes. Hova has the 2nd most losses in MOF history with 330, only behind Dpanther. The Seahawks signed the best kicker on the market in Jason Myers and their big acquisition was RE Ezekiel Ansah. However the Seahawks lost cornerstone FS Earl Thomas (95 overall) to the Ravens, in a huge departure. Their secondary has been depleted, and the only player rated in the 80s is Shaquill Griffin (81). Billy Wagner is the man on defense, 99 rated MLB, it doesn’t get any better than that. On offense they still have Russell Wilson (91 overall) throwing up to Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf. The run game sees Chris Carson return, along with Rashaad Penny. The offensive line could use some help but Duane Brown and D.J. Fluker are nice pieces.
In Final: Hova has had his bumps and bruises in his MOF career (129-330) but like some other coaches that are unsuccessful, he shows up, puts in his work and is a great sport and a great coach. We would love to see him win some games, and with that QB he could definitely surprise some people.

Prediction: 3-13, 4th  place NFC West

Season 51 Projected Final Standings

Season 51 Projected Awards

AFC MVP: QB: Baker Mayfield, CLE

NFC MVP: QB: Aaron Rodgers, GB

AFC Defensive MVP: LB: Von Miller, DEN

NFC Defensive MVP: DE: Matt Ioannidis, WAS

AFC Rookie of the Year: WR: A.J. Brown, TEN

NFC Rookie of the Year: QB: Dwayne Haskins, WAS

AFC Def. Rookie of the Year: DT: Ed Oliver, BUF

NFC Def. Rookie of the Year: DE: Nick Bosa, SF

AFC Coach of the Year: Pettigrew95, DEN

NFC Coach of the Year: NYRedskins35, WAS

AFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: Krayzie300, NE

NFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: DPanther95, CAR

Season 51 Projected Playoff Bracket