Inside the supplement enterprise nowadays, anybody is attempting to make the next recreation-changing product with the subsequent sport-changing ingredient. However when it comes right down to it, anything and the whole lot may be copied. Ingredients can be blended and recipes can be altered, but, the factor that can be a recreation-changing thing when the client buys the product is taste.

We here at Biohealth nutrition have taken the necessary steps to make our taste palettes the pleasant they could probably be. whether or not you are attempting one of our traditional flavors, or you are trying one in every of our out of the container flavors, our idea changed into easy: How do we contain all the high-quality functions as well as healthful substances, and nonetheless make certain the taste continues to be super. So for all of our different protein categories, we had unique and specific flavors made for every type. Sure, some of our flavors are seen in both our mixture and ISO flavors, but that doesn’t imply they are the equal. They in reality taste distinct but nonetheless outstanding. So allows go beforehand and dive into the flavor palettes for every of the categories that Bio health has to provide!











Iso Protein flavor Palettes.

The middle Flavors.



-Cookies and Cream

These flavors make up the middle of our most famous flavors. With a unique mix of sweet (now not too sweet) and savory flavor, it makes it smooth quite scrumptious to drink or to make some remarkable recipes with.

The Fruit Flavors

-Strawberry Shortcake


The fruit flavors play a big role in our Biohealth circle of relatives as they provide pair exclusive alternatives for developing scrumptious tasting protein shakes. While you could just shake it up with water, this product goes extremely well with all smoothie recipes. Loads of times we discover the macros on smoothies are extremely excessive in regards to carb and fats content. With our ISO protein, we took that problem away and eliminated all the fats and carbohydrates! Now you've got alternatives to feature all your favorite fruits and extras to make the excellent smoothies round!

Fun Flavors.

-Chocolate Peanut Butter


Biohealth Protein Flavors

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