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“Summer Camp: Carlos' Story” video signbite

Video Description:

Colorful geometric designs transition into a video of a Latinx person sitting on a yellow armchair

with several computer screens on a desk behind him. He wears hearing aids and a white t-shirt and blue suit jacket. He begins to sign ASL.


I went to Florida to spend some time with my mother. She enrolled me in a traditional summer camp in the area. She thought, because I was mainstreamed, that I would get along perfectly fine with hearing students. By the time my mum picked me up at the end of the day, I was physically very sick, to the point of vomiting. I broke down because I was so overwhelmed by feeling lost among all those hearing campers. I felt very alone and refused to go back. Many years later, I went to work at a deaf summer camp and was immediately blown away. I was incredibly moved seeing how effortlessly everyone communicated, 24/7. The staff and campers were all deaf. The kids interacted with ease. Wow. It was vastly different from my own experience where I was the only deaf person in a sea of hearing people.

Video Description:

Bright colors transition to surround text that reads “Summer Camp: Carlos’ Story.”

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