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IT Resource FAQ for Faculty and Staff
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WIU IT Resource FAQ
for Macomb Faculty and Staff

View a listing of IT resource FAQs for the WIU-Quad Cities Campus.

How do I access the University network from my personal computer?

WIU faculty and staff have the ability to access campus resources from personal computers through the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN). Information on how to use the VPN can be found at: For more detailed instructions using VPN, please use this guide. Using these options provides the ability to connect to network file shares (S drive access), departmental servers, P drives, and WIUP, among other resources.  

If you have a need to access your WIU computer remotely from your home due to specialized software or permissions, you can do so using a remote desktop tool. Detailed instructions for how to connect using a remote desktop solution are found in this guide.

How do I forward my work phone to another number or access my voicemail remotely?

Faculty and staff have the ability to access their voicemail remotely from any phone. Instructions can be found on our NorStar Meridian VoiceMail Instruction Guide. Faculty and staff can also set their work phone to forward to a personal phone by following the “Call Forward Telephone” instructions found on our NorStar Telephone Guide.

A full instruction guide on the features available for University phones can be found on our website. If you have difficulty setting up call forwarding or accessing your voicemail from home, please contact the uTech Support Center via one of the methods listed at

How do I get IT help from home?

University Technology has remote support options that can be used to allow our technicians to view your phone or computer remotely. Contact the uTech Support Center via one of the methods listed at to request help.

I need help learning to use technology to teach using an alternative method.

The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research (CITR) has provided many resources on their website, including training and step-by-step guides for how to use technology using alternative methods. Also watch for webinars and online training posted to

I need certain hardware/software to prepare for my class. Will the university provide these resources?  

If you have specific hardware/software requests, please submit the request to University Technology via one of the methods listed at Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine the best way to meet the user’s needs with existing resources.

I need to hold a meeting, but we cannot all be physically in attendance. What are my options?

Anyone with a email address can utilize Google Hangouts Meet to hold remote meetings that can support audio conference, video conference, or a combination of both methods. Google Hangouts Meet also supports text chatting (for those without cameras and microphones), as well as calling in with a standard phone.

Google has a Quick Start Guide for setting up and hosting remote meetings using Google Hangouts Meet. For additional assistance, please contact the uTech Support Center via one of the methods listed at

Where do I send my students for assistance with using tools for alternative instruction?

After you have communicated to your students your plans and the tools you will use for alternative instruction you can direct them to the following resource Please remember, CITR is a faculty resource and they are not able to assist students with technology training, and University Technology will be handling normal and new technical emergencies during this time. Due to expected high call and support request volumes please encourage your students to use these self-help resources to find answers before submitting support requests so that everyone can be assisted promptly.

Remember, if you choose to use tools from our Google Apps for Education package or Western Online to deliver alternate instruction all of your students will have an account and FREE access to them. If students do not know their WIU (Ecom) account information you can direct them to

Can students access computer labs?

Designated computer labs on the Macomb campus remain open to students. See the Computer Labs page for the most current information about locations and hours. Students who attend the QC campus may obtain access to the computer lab in Riverfront 114 by appointment only and should contact Curtis Williams in WIU QC Student Services.

Does the University recommend a specific technology for video conferencing?

WIU University Technology provides support for both Google Meets and Zoom.  A resource guide for both technologies can be found by clicking here.  Quick start video tutorials and links to additional training and resource guides can be found in this guide.

What software can students and employees access from off-campus?

University Technology (uTech) has information about the following software at this time and will add information about additional software as information becomes available: