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Termination of Remote Learning
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Given certain parent concerns about the health and safety of their family during the COVID-19 crisis, ResponsiveEd has chosen to offer remote instruction consistent with the requirements and exceptions expressed by the Texas Education Association (TEA).


In some areas, families will have access to remote instruction up until the time when ResponsiveEd determines that the student’s attendance and/or academic performance in one or more classes puts them at significant risk of severe learning loss. In these cases, the school will provide notice to the student’s parents and provide an opportunity for appeal for medical or other reasons, by holding a meeting (which can be virtual).


Criteria for termination of remote learning for an individual student:

***Criteria will be applied consistently for all students


A committee that includes the student’s teacher(s), a school administrator and a regional representative of the Superintendent will determine if one or both of the above criteria warrant the need for the student to return to in-person learning.