Onionfist’s Mission Statement

Video games are the antidote to an illness called boredom. Games cure boredom. When you are diagnosed with boredom, you play League of Legends (LOL) or Call of Duty (COD).

But there is a deadly variant of the boredom disease: Classroom boredom. The most bored state of a human being is the state of sitting in a boring classroom and listening to a boring lecture. Just as absolute zero marks the coldest temperature, classroom boredom marks the greatest degree of boredom.

However, existing medicine such as LOL or COD can not be prescribed to a person diagnosed with classroom boredom. The games are blocked by the school network and are too conspicuous to play. They fall under the radar of teachers, making them inaccessible and ineffective for curing classroom boredom.

Onionfist Studio specializes in treating classroom boredom. We develop undetectable and unblockable video games, providing life-saving treatment to patients diagnosed with classroom boredom. Packaged as Chrome Extensions, our games can be opened and closed instantly at the click of an icon or the escape button. Moreover, our games do not show up in your search history. Onionfist games will disguise and infiltrate any firewall to save lives.

That’s right. The mission of Onionfist is to eradicate classroom boredom and restore the sanity of school children world wide.