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WSA: 2.C Rules
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War Snipers 2.C Rules

General Information

Requirements To Join

Clan Rules

Strike System

Donation/Received and Clan Games Requirement

Clan Ranks

General Information

War Snipers 2.C

Clan Discord

Requirements To Join

Clan Rules

Strike System


  • Getting incorrect # of stars on a base that is not your mirror.
  • Incorrect donations (with provided screenshot evidence).
  • Failure to meet Clan Games required points.
  • Failure to follow clan mail instructions.
  • Failure to respond to a DM on Discord within 24 hours


  • Missing both war hits.
  • Failure to meet Troop Donated or Received requirements.
  • Fail to cover mirror by 6 hours remaining mark
  • Not fixing errors in the active FWA base after being notified (e.g. Air X-Bows, range overlaps etc).
  • Not switching to a real war base in blacklisted clan war.
  • Breaking any rule in the discord server (e.g. serious spamming, posting questionable content in family friendly channels, mass tagging etc).


  • Having a real war base active when war day starts.
  • 3-starring in a lose war.
  • Hitting #1 & #2 without approval from leadership.
  • Failure to meet donation requirements for two consecutive seasons, or maintain ratio in the first season after join the clan.

*Leaders have the right to trump the strike system and act as they think more appropriate. The system will be followed in most “normal” situations.

Donation/Received and Clan Games Requirement

Troops Donated

Troops Received

Clan Games

At least 1000

At least1000

At least 1000 points.

You MUST maintain at least a 1:3 ratio.

Note: If you join the clan mid-season, you are not required to meet donation requirements for that season. However, you need to maintain your donation/request ratio.

Clan Ranks


Members are players who just want to be a part of the clan and nothing else. They must follow all clan rules and there are no added benefits (see Elder or Co-Leader if you would like added benefits)


Elder is for players who want to help the Co / Leaders with the recruitment process for our clans. You will need to be active on Discord and also have experience with using Discord, Reddit and / or the CoC forums. The standard Troops donated / received requirement and strike system applies to you.

Benefits of being an Elder:


Are you interested in helping run the clan as a Co-Leader?

Benefits of being a Co-leader:

What we are looking for:

Some tasks we are expecting you to do are: