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1.        Purpose

A courier system shall be maintained within the District in order that in-District distribution of mail, cafeteria food, general supplies, bank deposits, etc., will be processed in the most practical way.

2.        Guidelines

There are times when the courier service will extend out of the District.

Procedures have been developed regarding our mail service, bank deposits, and general courier service.

The use of District mail facilities and personnel for the distribution of materials and communications shall be restricted mainly to those materials and communications that further the educational purposes of the District. The Superintendent may, by regulation, authorize certain exceptions without defeating the intent of this policy.

Political materials shall not be distributed through District mail boxes or school mail systems unless received through the United States mail.

District mail service shall be handled entirely by our personnel. All letterheads and envelopes shall use the official District address. Each school's address will be the same as the Education Center's address. On the school's address add the name of the school to the official address. The address for the Education Center will appear as follows:

                Governor Mifflin School District

                10 South Waverly Street

                Shillington, Pennsylvania 19607

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The District storage supervisor shall supervise the mail distribution in the District, as well as the activities of the District courier. Requests for special courier services should be made with the District storage supervisor.

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