Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


The Lord of Destruction, Baal was imprisoned within the body of Tal Rasha via a soulstone embedded within the chest of the human. For centuries the two souls battled, infusing the stone with Baal’s destructive essence.

Hundreds of years passed. Marius and the Dark Wanderer headed east into desert lands and, eventually, the tomb that had been forgotten. Before the Dark Wander could wrench the soulstone from the body of Tal Rasha to release Baal, Tyrael arrived. As angel and demon battled, Marius heard pleas for release from what seemed to be the human soul trapped behind the evil. After taking the soulstone out, tricked by the demon, Tyrael implored Marius to take the stone to the Hellforge in Kuraast and destroy it once and for all.

Failing this, Marius found himself in an insane asylum. While there, a stranger visited him, in all appearances Tyrael. Only after handing it over did he realize his fatal mistake - Baal had returned for the stone, the stone that would allow him to corrupt the very thing that had allowed for the creation of Sanctuary - the Worldstone.

On Baal marched to Mount Arreat, reaching his destination and committing his heinous act before being defeated by adventurers.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Echos of Destruction”

The base fantasy for this Baal in this kit is to be a high burst assassin that can dish out the powers of hell and deal a large amount of damage quickly while controlling the battlefield with other abilities. This trait “Echos of Destruction” is activatable allowing Baal to scream in a target direction- enemies in the range of this scream will be chilled to the core forcing them to cover their ears and be stunned for a very short amount of time.

Mount- “Sailing Cart” Carried by Baal’s Followers

Q- “Tentacle Slap”

Baal Reached out with a long ranged attack using his tentacles. When activated he will immediately lash out in front of him dealing damage to all enemies in range. This attack has a very large range, about twice the size of a Dehaka Tongue.

W- “Hoarfrost”

Balls of frost energy blast forward in the shape of a triangle dealing damage and pushing back any heroes hit by them. Enemy heroes can be hit multiple times by this ability if they don't get out of the way during its duration.

E- “Festering Appendages”

When this is activated Baal call forth appendages from the ground in the form of tentacles that stay in the selected location and deal damage to all enemies that come into their range. This ability can be talented into later in the game to allow the tentacles to grab and stun players that get way too close to them. Tentacles have health and can be destroyed by the enemy team.

Heroic 1- “Mana Rift" 

Baal lets out a huge blast of energy that will take 50% of the remaining resources from the enemy team (Mana, furry ect) The area for this ability is about the size of a Reign of Destruction from Gul’dan.

Heroic 2- “No Gravity in HELL”

Baal screams… with his mind... and all the gravity in a select location is “turned off” All enemy heroes in that area are caught in a gravity laps stun and are not able to move for a short amount of time. They can still be targeted by the enemy.

Specialty Skin:  Demonic Construction Backhoe “Lord of Construction”

Dance: DDR Destruction Mario Dance- Arms out legs together shimmy and hip thrusts

Kristen’s Choices



        Tenta-cruel? More like Tenta-cool.




        Assassin (burst)


Shard of Destruction

Once the soulstone that trapped his soul and held him prisoner inside of Tal Rasha, the Shard of Destruction now acts as no ordinary prison. Instead of falling lifeless, it infused itself with power each time an act of destruction was committed. This continues in the nexus. Including minion kills, structure destruction, and Hero erasure, all deaths that yield XP increase the power of this shard that adds to Baal’s ability damage.


        The Litter from Sescheron

Baal sits atop this, laughing the entire time he is mounted.


Teleport (2 stacks)

Baal has a medium range teleport that he can cast in succession twice.


Incineration Nova

Baal lets loose an explosion of torches that expand outward from the point the ability was cast.


        Destructive Strike

Baal lashes out with a tentacled strike. This skill shot, if it hits, reduces all armor for a brief moment and deals a lot of damage.



An ice wedge shoots outward, driving itself into a target enemy Hero. This pushes them back, counting down to an explosion of the wedge that freezes them after dealing damage.


        Festering Appendage

To all great warlords, retreat of the enemy means victory through their slaughter. With three stacks, Baal can place on the ground walls of tentacles. Should enemy Heroes try to retreat and hit a wall, they are grabbed and dealt damage over time as the tentacles squeeze the life from their puny, mortal forms. Level 20 gives Baal the ability to ‘Crush’ one entangled fool.


        Baal, Lord of Construction

Complete with a hardhat, construction plans, and a thermos, this Lord of Construction didn’t earn his title by accident.



        Manu Siva Tau

A Samoan war dance performed by the Samoan rugby team before their games. Originally the team performed the Maulu’ulu Moa, a lighthearted, jovial dance performed usually by women to reinvigorate audiences until the Manu was written in 1991 and deemed even more invigorating.