2021 Virtual Academy Links

Main Virtual Academy site - http://bit.ly/va-main 

2021 Virtual Academy flyer - http://bit.ly/2021-va-flyer 

2021 General Informational Presentation - http://bit.ly/2021-va-intro 

To register (Registration opens on March 1)

Ways to Pay - Some say the smartphone MySchoolBucks app isn’t behaving for this purpose (even though it works to pay for school meals), but the browser-based MySchoolBucks works for Virtual Academy!

Instructions for using MySchoolBucks


See the student’s counselor for a GFPS Foundation Scholarship.

For the Art Workshop class specifically, fill out the form below:


8th grade presentation video (23:00) - https://youtu.be/tVpEcQ-RLSI

How does online PE work? http://bit.ly/how-does-pe-work

How does scheduling work if I plan to take a Virtual Academy class?

Link to this page: http://bit.ly/2021-va-links