Table of Contents

Our Mission

Our 3 Pillars / Goals

Basic Rules

Unique Gameplay Mechanics / Features

Staff Specific Rules

Detailed User Rights

Detailed Property Rights

Detailed Shop Rights

Our Mission

We wanted someplace different than what other MC Servers offer. Not only in the content of the game, but to be honest, in the experience you have, in the way it was run and how people are treated more-so than anything else. We want a friendly community.

We sincerely hope you will like this place that we have created for you and find it to be all of the above and more!.

~ SirEdrick

Our 3 Pillars / Goals

  1. Focus on creating a hard yet fun survival experience with vanilla-like gameplay mechanics/ balances that provide challenges of the wilderness and don’t give a helping hand in the form of overpowered items and commands. Where you can play and have fun however you choose, be it just building/farming, exploring and adventuring, making mapart, having a shop, mining, etc. Play the way that makes you happy.
  2. Focus on the element of Minecraft that makes the game so fun for so many, exploration. We will encourage people to go out, explore to find and experience many cool things. This involves additional game content with new levels of detail and realism, new adventures, new quests, new stories, new enemies, and new depth to the world for those who may enjoy those extras.
  3. Focus on putting the User First by being being User-Centric including by being EULA compliant. We will achieve this by creating and helping to foster a good community where all are welcome and people aren’t harassed or looked down upon and are able to enjoy themselves, and by making sure players are not forced to pay real world dollars just to compete or get ahead in the game.

Basic Rules

  1. No Advertising including via IGNs.
  2. No Cheating (Including hacks, duping, x-ray)
  3. No Hate speech including but not limited to Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, and Religion. Also including No offensive IGN and offensive Skins.
  4. No Harassment of others including on the above topics, as well as on anything else including their personal opinions.

We define Harassment as when one or more people repeatedly do or say something to you knowing doing so bothers you even after you have asked them to stop.

  1. No excessive cursing or sexuality.
  2. Respect for someone is earned NOT granted, but you must still treat everyone with common decency/respectfully regardless of if you like them or not. Keep in mind how you would like others to treat you.
  3. English only in public chat, this allows everyone to understand what is being talked about and participate.
  4. If a staff member asks you to stop something or move something to private, comply with them, if you disagree with their judgement, discuss it in private with them.
  5. No Scamming or Gambling.
  6. Everyone has to share the server’s(networks) resources, if you are building or spawning abnormally laggy things you may be asked to stop and told how to improve/fix it or if we find it was maliciously done, you will be punished for it.
  7. Claim your property, anything you don’t claim can be stolen! Also be very careful who you give access to your valuable as they can steal them.
  8. If a player asks you to leave their claimed area, you must leave.
  9. Do not impersonate any staff member by pretending to be one, or using a name that is similar or can be confused for one.
  10. When building in the wild and not as part of a town, we ask that you be considerate and try to be about 100 blocks from other people's claims to give both adequate room to grow and for privacy.

While this isn’t a hard-set enforced rule and we aren't going to count every block, staff can in their judgement, have one party move if they feel this was blatantly disregarded and/or the two properties are too close for reasonable people.

  1. No griefing right outside someone’s claim with lava/water, this is taken seriously and may be considered harassment and be punishable as such.

Unique Gameplay Mechanics / Features

Hard Difficulty +++

We have minecraft set to hard difficulty and have adopted other settings and features to make it even harder. The world is full of danger, be careful!

Vanilla Bed Respawn on Death

If you die, you will respawn at the last bed you slept in.

Enhanced Sleep Mechanism

Sleeping in beds does not generally work on large servers to make the night pass, as you can’t get everyone in a bed at the same time. It’s an all or nothing thing.

Our system works differently, it takes into account how many players are in beds and will dramatically increase the speed which the night passes based on the % of people sleeping in beds.

Keep Inventory OFF


Death Compass

When you die, a tombstone will be erected on that spot holding all of your inventory. You will be given a death compass pointing the way back to your grave and you will need to adventure back safely to it if you want to retrieve your inventory.

WARNING. If someone else finds your grave first they are able to take your gear so getting back there quickly is important. Make sure to make use of forward bases with beds so you don’t have to travel as far.

Conditional Deaths

We have some select instances where you wouldn’t be able to get your items back, such as falling in the void or lava setup to allow you to keep your gear on respawn!

No OP Gear/ Enchants

Minecraft has a great built in balance on gear and enchants, it’s important to us to preserve that balance and gameplay mechanic to keep the game, and the economy running properly with nobody getting special advantages.

No Placeable Spawners

If you want to make a grinder, you’ll have to explore and find a spawner or two in a cave.

Vanilia Exploration / Travel

No Warps or Set Homes.. You have to travel and explore on your own 2 feet, or the 4 feet of your trusted steed.

Additional Enemies & Bosses

You will find the danger level amped up with some new monsters and tough bosses where you’ll have to team up with some others assuming you want to live that is >;)

Additional Structures / Builds

Explore additional structures and builds.

Quests & Stories

Some NPCs will offer you quests which can lead to gold and glory and reveal interesting and fun stories and plot twists.

Togglable PVP

There is a flag you can set by typing /PVP which will determine if you are allowed to pvp or not. Both players will have to enable that flag set in order to fight.

By default players have the pvp flag set to off, so they are protected from PVP both inside and outside claims.

As the game progresses into later stages, higher level people on special dangerous quests may be forced into pvp enabled mode to add to the realism and danger..

Advanced Land Claim System

Advanced Claim System to protect your valuables from other players that allows for  super detailed control over flags in the claims. All flags are free to use.

It provides for nested subclaims so you can restrict people and access in certain areas.

Mobs can grief your house!

Mobs are actually dangerous even if you have claimed your property. It’s a dangerous world, they can do damage, be careful!

Player Shops

Start your own shops to sell things and make $!

Houses For Sale

Build houses for other people and sell them on a marketplace

Houses/Apartments For Rent

With the ability to create sub-zones with Y level restrictions, you can create stackable apartments/condos and rent them out, or rent out whole houses!

Living world

Our world has many fine details that make it more alive and feel more lived in. This will greatly enhance your experience here.

Realistic World & Improvements

  • Move faster when traveling on Grass Paths or Gravel.
  • Can’t be set on fire when you get out of water and are still wet
  • Trade-off for wearing full armor, you move slower under its weight, so choose carefully do you want less weight and more speed, or more weight and more safety.
  • Ability to sit on Chairs(Stairs & Slabs) and on Carpet(For the perfect Picnic!)
  • Heal while sitting in the same way as you heal while laying in beds.
  • Trees have gravity applied when harvesting them, no more climbing needed!
  • You can get cold in wet or frozen areas, and need to be wearing armor or be near fire, torches, or furnaces to prevent taking damage.
  • Realistic pathing system where grass paths are auto created with enough people traveling in an area.

Enhanced World

We have added extra gameplay features to the world including:

  • Head Database to Decorate the World!
  • Disguises
  • Growing Coral Blocks! Don’t destroy the Reefs, you can instead harvest a little and grow your own blocks in addition toi coral fans!
  • Build Custom Ships & Set Sail
  • Build Custom Airships & Fly! Great way to find your first end city!
  • Have crews to support you as you have naval battles on the high seas or airship battles.. In.. the… AIR.  Who would have guessed that?
  • Horse/Donkey/LLama management system that allows you to fight with them by your side without fear, and ability to call them to come to you if they are within earshot (30blocks), or send them home to your stable from any distance (they remember the way)
  • Advanced 3D Decorations/Furniture

Small Enhancements

To make your life a little easier we have a few gameplay enhancements including:

  • Elevators
  • Auto Compressing Items when your Inventory Fills Up
  • Edit Signs without having to Break/Replace/Re-type

Performance Enhancements

Not only do we have performance enhancements for the server, we have some for game clients too, such as reducing animations of pistons to reduce video lag etc.

Staff Specific Rules

  1. Staff members are users of this server too. Therefore you have the same user rights as any user, including to be free from harassment, to be treated fairly, and be able to enjoy your experience here.
  2. While your job entails helping people, you are not required to continue talking to or helping someone who is being toxic or mistreating you, your mental health comes first, let someone else take over.
  3. Staff are expected to set an example of good behavior here and be upstanding members of the community. That means your standards must be high, you must treat people well, and you must abide by the same rules everyone else does! We can’t expect users to follow rules our own staff does not follow.
  4. You are only human, so if you feel triggered or angry/upset over something, that’s fine, but please do not vent toxically in public chat and NEVER vent about users publically. Log off or take some time to yourself to reset and get in a better mood before interacting publically again. Talk to other staff or friends.
  5. A moderator should NOT be involved in major decisions over/punishments over individuals who you, or someone you are close to, is personally involved with. This includes people who you are friends with, as well as people you don’t like or who have harmed you or someone close to you. This is to help prevent favoritism/shitlists and it is important not only to not have conflicts of interest but to not have the appearance of them either.
  6. You are not to ever spy on private conversations people are having unless there is an active reason (them breaking rules or strongly suspected of breaking a rule) calling for it in a specific circumstance. In that case it must be time limited in time and the scope as to who you are paying attention to must be limited as well.
  7. Do not share any private information about a user or issues with a user with anyone but the user themselves or a designated person from the user. Do not share any information publically!
  8. You are NOT allowed to use your position for personal advancement. This includes:
  1. Using /FLY mode unless on a support call.
  2. Using /GOD mode when hunting mobs such as shulkers, withers, end dragons, elder guardians, etc so you take no damage. Gear up like everyone else!
  3. Using /GOD mode to avoid taking damage from water while sponge hunting. Use potions, sponges, and other gear!
  4. Using TPPOS or Homes to go places you want for example after you die, or to better explore areas. You must explore and travel the same way as everyone else!
  5. Coercing people into deals, trades, arrangements, favors, or doing things for you because of your position or reputation of being on the staff.
  6. Accepting DB, items, or IRL Deals exchange for favorable treatment of the user paying.
  7. Using /SPY etc to quickly find ore, chests, loot, sponges, etc.
  8. Using rollback to double up on items you already sold or to gain extras for your own purposes.
  9. Spawning or using OP items for personal use.

Detailed User Rights

  1. You have the right to not be harassed, bullied, or berated by other users or staff.
  2. You have the right to have and publically share your opinions so long as they are not racist, sexist, or discriminatory against classes of people.
  3. You have the right to chat as you see fit, so long as it does not involve spam, gibberish, non-english languages, or attacks on other people. Basically so long as you aren’t intentionally  harming someone or disrupting server chat in most cases you will be fine.
  4. You have the right to play the game as you see fit so long as it doesn’t violate the server rules or the rights of others.
  5. You have the right to have discussions so long as you are respectful to others and their right to have differing opinions. We do however reserve the right to ask you to take those discussions to /local chat or /msg if we feel they are too controversial, disruptive, or spamming to the overall general server chat.

(Sir Edrick’s Detailed Note: Allowing people to talk and express themselves so long as they are respectful of each other, and if it gets too disruptive rather than telling them they aren't allowed to talk, and instead asking them to take it to a private one of our core values here...

Restricting people’s freedom to even speak only serves to make those people not like being here and make them more likely to go somewhere else. Regarding the comment that this is a game so we shouldn't allow nongame chat, Let me just say that the internet is a wonderful thing, primarily because it exposes you to people with differing views and cultures and ideas. You make new friends you would never have met IRL, you learn things about others and yourself, and you learn things about life.

All of these ways to grow as a person online, come from our ability to freely talk and share our thoughts with others. Regardless of whether we find them in a chat room or a game. Many people play this game because they don't have many friends they can relate to outside of it. Let them have the ability to to make friends and have the deeper conversations that allow for deeper connections to be made, depth of character to develop, and personal growth. IMO.. we owe that opportunity to all users and to ourselves as well..)

  1. You have the right to decide who you do and don’t want on your property, if someone refuses to leave a mod will step in and make them leave. 
  2. You have a right to privacy and an expectation that IP addresses, chat, or other private information that staff may be privy to see about you will not be shared with others.
  3. You have the right to have abuse situations be handled privately between you and staff, and not dragged out publically for the whole server to see without your consent. 

(Detailed Note: No public defamation or berating)

  1. You have the right to be treated respectfully and fairly by the staff.

(Detailed Note: It's very important that we set the example for others. User's opinions on the server and the staff are formed by how staff act and interact with users.)

  1. You have the right to be spoken to by staff as if you are as an intelligent person and not publicly degraded or shamed or spoken down to.

(Detailed Note: Everyone deserves to be treated with a certain level of common decency. Let's all make sure we treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated)

  1. If a member of staff tells you that you have said or done something wrong, you have a right to ask what it was you did wrong and expect an answer.
  2. If a staff member tells you that you have violated a rule, you have the right to know what rule and in what way they feel you violated it

(Detailed Note: The important thing here is the user being able to hear which rule, and the reasoning / logic behind how that applies to their case)

  1. You have the right to have the same rules applied to you that apply to others, and not have rules apply to you that are not applied to others. All rules applied to you must be in writing, and must have been in writing prior to you having been accused of breaking it.

(Detailed Note: This is to prevent rules being applied to some and not to others. the rule applies equally to everyone, or the rule applies to nobody. No special treatment.)

  1. You have the right to disagree with a staff member’s decisions/actions and voice that disagreement so long as you do so without attacking the staff member themselves and keep it about the issue. Please keep in mind however, that there does come a point where continuing to harp on something when the decision won’t change with that person solves nothing and we may ask you to speak to someone else.
  2. You have the right to have your concerns be heard. 

(Detailed Note: We want to be active listeners to the userbase's concerns so we can more adequately address them)

  1. You have the right to ask for a second opinion.

(Detailed Note: Users have the right to allow more than one mod review a situation. If the mods are in agreement, or the second mod feels the first mods adjudication was within reason and deferred to it, the first mods decision stands. The person who was involved in the issue knows the situation best, so it's important to hear from them what all happened and their thoughts, but also keep in mind, when we are in an abuse situation and dealing with it, many times we get so wrapped up in it we may not see things as clearly or as objectively compared to other calmer perspectives. If the other mod disagrees about some part, bring more eyes and voices into the discussion.)

  1. If you feel a staff member has not treated you fairly or has violated the rules or policies, you have the right to file a complaint or appeal a decision by talking to a higher level staff member.

Detailed Property Rights

  1. You have the right to build/construct things as you like, so long as:
  1. The build is not offensive as defined in section 1(b)
  2. The build is not sexual or suggestive in nature
  3. The build does not cause unreasonable lag to the server compared to similar user builds

(Detailed Note: Laggy builds aren’t allowed but with the realization that all builds cause a certain amount of lag and that there are tons of things that cause lag besides just redstone builds including new chunk generation from exploration and mob AI and plant/tree growth cycles etc. So we have to be careful when judging such builds to be more objective than subjective. The deciding factor has to be more so a question of "is this build larger or the redstone designed excessively beyond what we allow other similar users to also have?" Everyone must be treated equally.)

  1. You have the right for your claimed builds to not be griefed, raided, or destroyed by others without your permission.
  2. You have the right not to have your claimed pets killed, livestock killed, or farms used without your permission. 
  3. You have the right for your claimed possessions to be safe and free from others taking them without your permission.

 Please note that if you die, someone else might find your grave first and they will get to keep your items so always travel back fast, and use forward positioned beds so you can respawn closer.

Also note that you don’t pay for the property claim, the claim will automatically expire and it can be deleted or griefed once the claim expires.

  1. In a town or rental property you are afforded these same rights, however there are additional restrictions placed upon you that make alter these rights some.
  1. If you are not active to the towns rules, or do not pay your rent the claim will be considered inactive/abandoned.
  2. A town may have other rules governing residency such as replanting farms you harvest, not afking at mob farms for longer than a certain amount of time, taking more items from freebie chests than is reasonable, building in a certain style etc and these rules likewise if violated could cause you to be asked to leave the town.
  3. In all of these decision based cases, which excludes rent payments, the mayor at their discretion can ask you to leave the town/evict you. They must give you at least 2 weeks to remove your house/possessions at which time they are free to take down your house to free the land. They are required to keep your possessions for an additional 6 weeks in a separate secure location to return to you upon request, after which time your possessions become their property to do with as they see fit.
  4. If you don’t pay your rent, you can lose access to and lose your property.
  5. A town is considered having "contacted" you by having left a sign on your door AND having contacted a mod to email you on their behalf.
  1. If a town seeks to expand in your direction, you may be asked to move your build. In such a situation, you have the right to appeal this decision and you have the right to a reasonable amount of time and compensation to move your build/possessions.

Detailed Shop Rights

  1. You have the right to price your items and sell your items as you see fit so long as:
  1. You do not misrepresent the items for sale or their value
  2. You do not try to confuse, mislead, push, scam or otherwise force a user to buy it from you
  3. The purchase does not involve gambling
  1. You have the right for your items and cash to be safe and protected from others taking them without paying for them or from server glitches causing them to disappear. (In the case of either, we will work with you to see that the items/cash will be replaced.)
  2. You have the right to design and build your shop as you see fit so long as you do not violate any of the shop rules listed in the shop area, such as building over your height limits/on top of your barrier blocks.
  3. You have the right to advertise your shop as you see fit so long as it isn’t offensive as outlined in 1(b), and isn’t spammy.
  4. Shop chests with nothing in them will periodically be purged, so be sure to keep them stocked.
  5. So long as you keep your shop paid for it will not expire.
  6. If your shop is deleted for inactivity or other violations, any valuable items still remaining in it after the grace period will be put into safe storage with your name on it, and the date put into storage. You have one month to contact a mod to retrieve it after which time it will be forfeit.