Panther Extended Care Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Financial Assistance/Military Discount/Sibling discount? At this time no financial assistance or discount is offered.
  2. Is tuition prorated for the shorter months (Aug., Dec., etc.)? No. The tuition is based on the total number of days of care provided for the school year, then divided into ten equal monthly payments. We will not offer proration at any time.
  3. Part time/drop ins? Panther Extended Care does not offer part time care or drop ins. Your child may come part time, but tuition will not be discounted.
  4. Is Panther Extended Care available for transfer students? Panther Extended Care is open to ALL LHISD students Pre-K - 5th at Bill Burden Elementary, and Liberty Hill Elementary.  All 5th grade students will be bussed to one of these two campuses.
  5. Are tutoring and other services offered? Panther Extended Care is not an extension of the school day, it is child care. Special help needed in certain subject areas will be between the student and their teacher. At this time there are no other services offered, however, this is something that will be considered for the future.
  6. My child attends Bill Burden, what program is offered? Panther Extended Care after school care is available to students who attend Bill Burden Elementary.  We will be house at Bill Burden for morning and afternoon care.
  7. My child attends Rancho Sienna, what program is offered? Panther Extended Care will be open to Rancho Sienna Elementary students for morning care only.  Please contact the Director, 512-260-5582 if you have more specific questions.  
  8. Is the YMCA after school program offered? YMCA is contracted with Liberty Hill ISD to be housed at Rancho Sienna Elementary for the 2019-2020 school year.  
  9. Can my Intermediate student attend? Students attending Liberty Hill Intermediate needing childcare can sign up for Panther Extended Care. These students will be bussed either to Bill Burden Elementary or Liberty Hill Elementary depending on their siblings and attendance zone.
  10. Are tax statements made available? Panther Extended Care families will be responsible for maintaining and keeping records of their receipts for tax purposes.  Our tax information can be found in the handbook.