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Policy Handbook 2021-2022



Beaux Esprits Playschool is a non-profit, parent operated playschool. Therefore, we require ALL parents to contribute to the operation of the Playschool. This involvement includes participation in fund-raising events, committees, and assistance in helping maintain the classroom. With your assistance, the Playschool will continue to be a safe and stimulating place for the children to make good friends and have fun.


A detailed description of the Beaux Esprits philosophy was part of your registration package.

Should you require another copy, please contact the Registrar.


There is a $60.00 NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee due at the time of registration ($50.00 if registered on Registration Night/General Meeting). The monthly fees are payable only by cheques made payable to Beaux Esprits Playschool. It is mandatory that 10 post-dated cheques be submitted at the time of registration dated the FIRST of every month (Sept. June). There will be NO refunds for partial months. A $25.00 charge will be levied on all N.S.F. cheques.


In the event of NSF cheques and problems with payments of tuition fees being in arrears, the policy is as follows:

-        The first time a cheque bounces, we expect payment (including the NSF charges of $25.00) in cash due immediately.

-        The second time a cheque bounces, we will not be able to have your child attend classes until the outstanding amount (including NSF charges of $25.00) has been paid in full by cash the remaining monthly tuition payments (remainder of the school year) will have to be made by cash on the first day of each month in order for the child to continue with the program.

If you foresee a problem arising, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can find a solution together.


When dealing with inappropriate behaviour, there must be high tolerance for the different range of behaviours in children. Accident and failure to consider the consequences of actions will be accepted calmly and as a matter of fact. Discipline in the program will be consistent with the actions of a kind, judicious, firm parent.  Our teachers use positive reinforcement and calls attention to appropriate behaviour while attempting to ignore negative behaviour. Rough or corporal punishment or verbal abuse is not within the philosophy of the program.

If any child’s behaviour becomes continually disruptive to the class, the parents will be called upon to work with the teacher towards a solution to influence the child's behaviour in a positive manner. If after consultation with the parents, the behaviour still does not improve, the child may be asked to leave the program after discussions with the teacher and the Board.


Parents are required to keep their child home if they are displaying any of the following symptoms:

A receiving teacher, who notices any of these symptoms when a child arrives, will ask that the child be taken home, or to a doctor for a note confirming that the child is healthy and not infectious. If a child begins displaying any of the above symptoms at the playschool, a parent/guardian or emergency contact will be called to remove the child. If a child is not feeling well while at home, it will definitely not feel well at school.


We request that parents/guardians notify the Playschool if their child has contracted a communicable disease. A notice will be posted on the bulletin board advising other parents that a situation has occurred. Depending on the disease, a letter may be sent home with each child. If a child starts showing signs of a communicable disease during class time, the teacher will contact the parents/guardians immediately and arrange for pick-up while the child will be kept as comfortable as possible. Public Health will be notified when it is a confirmed communicable disease.


In case a child has been identified as having head lice, the parents/guardians and the parent community will be notified immediately via telephone or e-mail and posted notices on the bulletin boards accompanied by an information pamphlet. The child’s identity will not be disclosed. The parents/guardians will be requested to keep their child home until the child has been treated and there are no further signs of head lice.



In case of a medical emergency with an individual child Edmonton Emergency Medical Services will be contacted and the parents/guardians or emergency contact will be notified immediately. The child will be taken to the Misericordia Hospital accompanied by the Teacher or Assistant Teacher.  Parents will be responsible for any expenses associated with emergency care.


Medications will NOT be administered to any child except in the case of an ongoing medical condition (like diabetes) or emergency medications such as an Epi-Pen. Parents of students with medical conditions and allergic reactions that require the administering of an EPI-Pen and/or inhalers are required to fill out a Student Allergy Information form and/or a Student Asthma Information form, and the Individual Medication Record form. All are available through the school.


All children are expected to be independent at toileting. The teacher, teacher’s aide or substitute teacher will accompany children to the bathrooms at the school. The teacher will assess the readiness of the older children to go to the bathroom without a teacher, usually in the later part of the school year. After receiving permission from the teacher to go the bathroom, they will then be allowed to go with another child from the class (i.e. buddy system). The children will place their name cards at the door before leaving the classroom without an adult. Toileting assistance will only be given when requested by the child or when a child obviously needs assistance.


As not to disrupt the class, we ask you to call only if informing of alternate pick-up arrangements, or in an extreme EMERGENCY. Please contact a board member or the teacher before or after class, should you have any questions or concerns. The list of the board of directors with their telephone numbers will be distributed with the class lists.


For the safety and protection of our children, Beaux Esprits requires all volunteer substitute teachers to complete and clear a criminal background check and a child welfare record check. These checks are free of charge and the necessary paperwork can be found in the classroom. Please note that Beaux Esprits believes the safety of our children is our number one priority therefore classes will be cancelled if we are unable to maintain acceptable child/staff ratios.


Children's high-energy output makes snacks very necessary. Snack time serves also as a social time. Please send just a SMALL snack with your child each day they attend Playschool. Remember that it is not a lunch. The ideal snack food is tasty, nutritious, and easy to prepare, and is low in sugar, salt, and fat.

The Edmonton Child and Family Services licensing agency has stipulated that no “junk food”, such as candy, chips are to be eaten during snack time.  Pure fruit juice or water is the recommended beverage. Snack should cover at least 2 food groups of the Canadian Food Guide.

Fruit:         apple slices, orange segments, melon cubes, fruit cocktail, applesauce, bananas.

Vegetables:        celery or carrot sticks, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, tomato.

Dairy:         cheese chunks, yoghurt.

Breads/Cereals: buns, toast, crackers, muffins, graham crackers, banana- or carrot loaf.

Protein:         quartered hard cooked eggs, half sandwich (cheese, meat – no peanut butter).

Drinks:         provide small container of water, juice or milk.

Peanuts/nuts:        We are a nut free facility.  Any snacks containing nuts will not be served.

keep snack portions SMALL

Birthdays/Special Occasions: On special occasions or birthdays, parents may bring in a small special treat (fruit kebabs, cookies, cake, cupcakes, etc.) for the class to celebrate their child's special day. Please provide a list of all the ingredients.


Parents will receive information about a planned fieldtrip well in advance of the intended date. Included in this note will be the date, time of departure and duration of trip, destination and mode of transportation, and type of activity. A consent form signed by parent/guardian will be required before a child will be allowed to participate. Both Teachers as well as parents will attend the fieldtrip, depending on the amount of participants. Parent help will be required during these trips and sign-up sheets will be provided.  Fieldtrips will require at least one adult per 3 children, including staff. Please note that there is a NO-Smoking and NO-cell phone use policy during school time/field trips.

Teachers will ensure that they will travel with a first-aid case, tissues, and all the emergency contact information pertaining to the children participating in this activity.


Beaux Esprits Playschool is able to keep its monthly fees low as a result of fundraising efforts. Our fundraising events consist of a casino one year and a silent auction or other event the alternating year. It is absolutely essential, and therefore mandatory, that all families be a part of these events. Anyone having moral or religious issues with gambling should logically not be involved with Beaux Esprits. Our ability to purchase new furniture, supplies and equipment, etc. is a direct result of our involvement with casinos. In fairness to all our families, we require that everyone play a role in our yearly fundraiser.

This school year we will also be participating in the Mabel’s Labels program. Further information to follow.


Beaux Esprits has a strict NO Smoking policy in place pertaining to all staff and volunteers during school hours and field trips.


Parents/caregivers are not to publish any information or photographs of the teachers and students of Beaux Esprits Playschool on any form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) without prior consent of all parties.


Beaux Esprits Playschool is a PARENT OPERATED Playschool. Therefore, ALL parents must contribute to the operation of the school.  We employ a teacher and an assistant teacher who are in the classroom each day.

Location:        17655 64 Ave NW (Our Lady of the Prairies School).  

        There is a doorbell to Beaux Esprits Playschool that rings in the classroom at the back of the school by the basketball hoops near the staff parking lot. There is parking on the street in front of the school. Please DO NOT park in the bus lanes, and DO NOT use the front doors, our entrance is at the back of the school.

Telephone Number:        780-484-4926          

Fax Number:                780-930-1902                             



School Hours:                8:30 to 11:30 am (Yellow class M/W/F am) 8:30 to 11:00am ( Blue class T/TH am)

School Term:        Beginning of September until the middle of June. Beaux Esprits observes the Catholic School Board holidays, teacher's conventions, and professional development days & statutory holidays.

School Policies:        ALL children must be ESCORTED into the classroom and must be picked up ON TIME.

If for any reason the person(s) whom regularly picks up your child cannot do so, the PARENT or GUARDIAN must inform the teacher in writing (consent form available in the class room), phone, or in person, as to the name of the alternate person who will be picking up your child.

The first month for all children at Beaux Esprits is considered a TRIAL period.

Eligibility:                Children ages 3 to 5 years of age that are FULLY TOILET TRAINED.

Children MUST BE 3 years old before December 1st to start the program and are not able to start until their 3rd Birthday.  Children in the 4-year-old program must turn 4 before December 1st to enrol in that class.

Dress:        Comfortable play clothes and rubber-soled shoes.   Please NO JEWELRY.

Your child should ALWAYS (whether it is simply in their knapsack) have weather-appropriate outdoor clothing in case of outdoor play.

Equipment:                The children will require the following items:


                1. Knapsack or bag to carry things to and from school.

                2. A small nutritional snack (no chips, pop or other “junk food”).

                3. A small drink container of water.

4. One pair of runners for indoor use only (gym and classroom) to be left in the child’s locker.

5. One complete change of clothes to be kept in the child’s locker.

Withdrawal:        The Registrar must be notified IN WRITING, at least one month in advance of the child's withdrawal from the Playschool.  Should your date of withdrawal be mid-month, the next month's tuition fee will be cashed. For example, if the date of withdrawal is February 15, your March cheque will be cashed. All other post-dated cheques will be returned. Withdrawal from the program after April 1st will result in the remainder of the tuition cheques being cashed.


  1. Upon discovery of a fire or other emergency, activate fire alarm.

  1. Upon hearing fire alarm, Teacher's Aide will line children up at the exit door and conduct a head count

  1. Teacher will gather attendance record book and files and perform final check of area. Door to area will be closed upon exiting.

  1. Teacher's Aide will lead children from building to meeting place (bicycle stands near northwest wall of school). Teacher will follow.

  1. Once at meeting place, attendance will be taken. If any children are missing or other problems are encountered, teacher will report to the principal.

  1. Proceed to Relocation Site if it is necessary to evacuate the building, or return to the playschool if it is only a drill. In any event, no one may re-enter the building until permission is given by the responding authority.

  1. Call parents from Relocation Site.

                Board Positions

Chair (one parent)

- Attends to administrative duties for all aspects of the program.

- Creates agendas for and leads general and board meetings along with the teacher.

- Attends to the hiring of the teacher and teacher’s assistant and preparation and signing of contracts.

- Ensures all standards are met for health, fire, and safety.

- Oversees budget of playschool and reviewing of fees for the following year.

- Plans for pre-registration for the following year and assists the new Chair.

- Renews operating license for the playschool.

Treasurer/Co-Treasurer (two parents)

- Attends Board and general meetings and reports financial information monthly to the Board.

- Collects and deposits fees.

- Pays bills and issues receipts.

- Balances the monthly bank statements.  

- Renews and pays for insurance for the playschool.

- Ensures that Edmonton Catholic Schools receives post-dated cheques for the year’s rent—payable through Our Lady of The Prairies School —prior to expiry date.

- Completes yearly Society Annual Return (prior to end of November).

- Prepares and presents income tax forms to the Board, then files forms for record.

- Prepares T4s and T4 summary.

- Pays Workers’ Compensation fees yearly.

 Registrar/Co-Registrar (two parents)

- Attends all board and general meetings.

- Accepts registrations, checks information on forms, arranges classes, and maintains a waiting list. Contacts all families to inform them of where they place.

- Prepares the class lists and keeps them up to date.

- Provides a hard copy of the complete registration forms to the teacher to keep in the classroom.

- Provides a hard copy of the short registration forms to the teacher to keep in the classroom and use as portable records

- Helps in preparation of the upcoming year’s events, including the annual Open House.

- Ensures that all registered families are aware of the Parent Handbook and advised to read it. The Handbook is located on the playschool website.

- Informs the teacher and Board of any changes to playschool enrollment or contact information.

Secretary (one parent)

- Attends all Board and general meetings, reads and takes minutes and types these for distribution within 5 days following meetings.

- Helps in the preparation of the upcoming year’s events.

- Organizes the Play school advertising/communication as required (e.g. community league newsletters, school sign board) and works with the Website Manager to post the advertising/communication on social media.

Fundraising Coordinator (one parent)

- Attends all Board and general meetings.

- Coordinates, monitors, and assists the Fundraising Committee with the organization and implementation of fundraising activities. Also advises the Fundraising Committee(s) of the monetary goal required for the year. Goal amounts are determined by the Board.

- Communicates fundraising activities to the teacher and board

- Investigates other fundraising activities that may be beneficial to the playschool.

- Provides information to the Board and the teacher to put in the newsletter regarding progression/final results of fundraising.

Member-At-Large (one parent) 

Parent Positions

Substitute Teacher (3 parents)

Play Dough Maker (one parent per class)

Class Historian (yellow class only) 

- Works with the teacher to prepare the children’s photo books (photo books are only given to the Yellow class at graduation)  

- The teacher will provide instructions and the timeframe required to complete the photo books.

Website Manager/Facebook (one parent)

Recycle Return (one parent)

Scholastic Book Club Coordinator (one parent) 

Handy Person (one parent)

Laundry (one parent)

Casino Fundraiser Coordinator (one parent on a casino year)

Fundraising Committee Member (5 parents needed)

Sewing (one parent)

Carpet cleaner (one parent)

Cleaning Bee Supervisor (3 person)