Our client is seeking an experienced, hands-on Engineer to join their 36m Private Motor Yacht.  This yacht is well used by the family (who live in South Florida) and the planned itinerary will be from local Florida - Bahama cruising, some Caribbean and potentially up into New England next summer.  The family spans a number of generations so expectations from slower, calm cruising to 20-somethings looking to have some fun on the water is to be expected.

The yacht has had a major refit last year - and is in very good shape.  The current Engineer has been offered a position on a larger yacht that he cannot pass, so even though he has been very happy aboard for a solid year, he will be moving into a promotion on another yacht.

The ideal candidate can come from any kind of boating/shipping background (the last gent was from shipping), as long as you are hands-on, happy, and enjoy life aboard.  This is not a rotation position.

As a private yacht, the Engineer is not required to have a license, but clearly a license will go a long way to bringing you to the front of the line.

The Captain is a long term professional who is looking for somebody happy to commit to a program long term.

The ability to spend quite a bit of time in US waters is important (so B1/B2 if not a US citizen or Green Card holder).  

Of course, your Medical Fit For Duty (ENG1) and STCW must be current.

If you are interested send your interest to Job1850@preferredcrew.com

To be considered for this position, you must meet all of the requirements in the post above.  

If we have not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to you, please be aware that:

90% of our clients have yachts that are:

- Motor Yachts

- Moving (without a home base)

- Seeking Full Time Crew (not freelance or seasonal)

- Between 30 meters and 90 meters

- Require us to only consider candidates with a proven history of making commitments.

- Commercially registered (and require licenses for the Minimum Manning Document).

- Are unable to consider teams.

100% of our clients require:

- STCW Basic Training including Security

- ENG1 or other Medical Fit For Duty

- Passport that is valid and in hand.