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Resources for developing lesson plans and teachers’ guides for MTB MLE classrooms

Développement des matériels d'enseignement et d'apprentissage de l’EML (pour travailler avec l'équipe responsable du programme)

Important points to consider when developing teaching and learning materials for MTB MLE programs (French)

 Activities to build students’ confidence in using their first language (L1) in school

Step-by-step directions for activities that help students build confidence in using oral L1 for communication and for learning in school.  

Activities to introduce students to reading and writing their first language (L1)

Step-by-step directions for activities to introduce students to pre-reading and pre-writing and then to begin reading and writing their L1.  Activities are based on a 2-track approach that focuses equally on reading and writing for meaning / higher level thinking and reading and writing correctly.

 Activities to help students build fluency in hearing, speaking, reading and writing their first language (L1) 

Step-by-step directions for activities to help students’ build  fluency and confidence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing their L1 for everyday communication and for learning in school.

Two-track method to introduce L1 literacy

Step-by-step guide for using the Two-Track method to introduce students to reading and writing their L1.  The “Meaning Track” focuses on reading and writing for meaning and the “Accuracy Track” focuses on reading and writing correctly

Mathematics activities for pre-primary and early grades of MTB MLE Programs

Step-by-step directions for mathematics activities for young MTB MLE students

Subject-specific resources for MTB MLE teachers

Lesson Plans: Pre-reading and pre-writing in L1

Set of 25 4-part lessons to prepare students for L1 literacy.  These lessons follow the same basic 2-Track approach that will then be used to introduce students to reading and writing. The “Meaning Track” recognizes that for children, reading and writing are “emergent” processes and encourages them to gain confidence in using their written language to learn and communicate.  The Accuracy Track prepares them to read and write letters and words correctly.

Teachers’ Guide: Introducing English using Total Physical Response (TPR)

Describes the features of the TPR method for introducing children to a new language (English in this example) through listening and responding in actions first and later responding in speech. Directions for using this resource are followed by 18 weeks of lesson plans. Songs for children just learning English are included.  The last part of the resource provides directions for an inexpensive “TPR Picture Book” that accompanies this Teacher’s Guide.


Lesson plans with curriculum for G1, Liberian Languages and English Multilingual Education (LLEME) program, Liberia

Lesson plans for Grade 1 in the LLEME program. This pilot project was established in 15 indigenous language communities in Liberia. All the teachers were bilingual in their community language (the school L1) and English (the school L2).  Because there was little funding for this program the Lesson Plans and Teacher’s Activity Guides were printed separately so the same activities could be used more than once during the school year without having to re-write them each time. The MOE-approved LLEME-specific curriculum followed the Lesson Plans book so teachers could show the curriculum to officials who might visit the school and question the use of children’s L1 in the classroom.

Teacher's Activity Guide for Grade 1 Mathematics: MTB MLE in Bench Maji Zone, Ethiopia 

Activities for Grade 1 Mathematics, created by teachers and language specialists from six language communities in Bench Maji, Ethiopia, for their MTB MLE programs. Workshop supported by SIL International.

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