Chromebook Accidental Damage and Theft Coverage Agreement

Accidental Damage, extended warranty, and theft coverage is provided through Trafera and includes the following types of damage claims:

I understand that if my Chromebook were to get damaged or in need of repair, I must return it to school ASAP for evaluation. An incident fee may be charged, per valid claim, and will be due before Chromebook will be returned to you or a temporary loaner device will be issued to you. (see Chromebook User and Expectations Guide for more info.) Failure to bring Chromebook in for repair in a timely manner may result in full damage costs being assessed. (No incident fee will be charged if the claim is deemed a manufacturer defect.) In addition, I understand that excessive claims per individual user may result in disciplinary action and/or cancellation of any further incident fee coverage and full damage costs being assessed.

ADP Incident Claims Fees (paid by user upon incident)

Fee Type (effective for users after 1/1/2021)

Fee per incident

Incident Claim Fee (per incident)

$15 each incident

Theft of Chromebook (*see above)


Certified Replacement Charger, not due to manufacturer defect

Or self-purchased through link on our website, select models only

$40 - Chromebooks

$20 - Tablets

Chromebook Loss and/or Intentional Damage or Neglect (depends upon severity of damage)

Fair Market value for Replacement & Repair

  Rugged Shell Replacement Cover (Lenovo 300e)

User Self purchased through UzBl or Amazon 

Fair Market value for Replacement

Non-covered Damages under Accidental Damage, Extended Warranty, Theft Coverage

Types of damage that are NOT covered under the Accidental Damage, extended warranty, and Theft coverage include, but not limited to:

(**)  these damages may be covered under your homeowner/rental/auto insurance. Check with your homeowner/rental/auto insurance provider for more information.

By signing, I agree to all the terms and conditions of the Chromebook Accidental Damage/Theft coverage. I acknowledge that if any damage or incident occurs, an incident fee may be required.  

I acknowledge that coverage may be voided if: (1) false claims are made and/or (2) an excessive amount of claims are made. In addition, all intentional damage and/or loss, damages due to neglect, vandalism, and/or irresponsibility are not covered under the Accidental Damage/Extended Warranty/Theft coverage and therefore I will assume full responsibility of full payment of any damages and/or replacement costs.  I understand the policy does not cover lost/stolen chargers, or damage to the charger due to neglect. I understand that the one-time digital user fee and any paid incident fees, are non-refundable.

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