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PDAT - Statement of Work
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PALNI Digital Admin Team (pdat)

Description and Statement of Work

Return on Investment (ROI)

PDAT members are recruited from institutions that are contributing to the PALNI Digital Archives. The team functions under the umbrella of Scholarly Communications and in conjunction with the Institutional Repository Group.

  • Admin Team Member
  • Investment:
  • Every 2 months, 1 hour meetings
  • X hours / month working on CONTENTdm administration and support, as well as special projects
  • Return:
  • PALNI professional development funds are available to attend meetings and conferences
  • Direct development through skill sharing and peer relationships
  • All of PALNI
  • Investment:
  • PALNI membership
  • Return:
  • PDAT provides services, tools, and resources to all PALNI members (see below)


Goals of the Statement of Work

This statement of work defines the operational support provided by the PANLI Digital Admin Team to PALNI supported institutions. The objectives of this statement of work are to:

PDAT Charge

Administer and provide support for PALNI digital asset platform(s) for archival collections. Maintain system policies and best practices. Make recommendations regarding digital content management. Ensure data source interoperability with Indiana Memory, DPLA, and PALNI discovery layer. As part of Scholarly Communications, work with other teams and task forces (primarily the Institutional Repository Task Force) on specific projects.

Admin Team Membership

Ongoing Responsibilities of the PALNI Digital Admin Team

Services of the PALNI Digital Admin Team

  1. Digital Collection Creation in CONTENTdm
  1. Includes setting user permissions, access restrictions, and enabling WorldCat


  1. Website Assistance in CONTENTdm
  1. Custom banner creation for collection website
  2. Creation of custom institutional home page
  1. Training and Support
  1. Getting started with CONTENTdm training in person or via web.
  2. Informal help with various aspects of digital projects, including mapping to Dublin Core, batch record loading, configuring collection website, and collecting statistics.

Ongoing Local Responsibilities




FY 2017-2018