The Beer, Non-Alcoholic, and

Bottle Menu

The Grumpy Old Man (NEW)  $8

Doundrins’ Immature Brandy, Doundrins’ Honey Liqueur, bitters, 7UP, cherries, orange and cayenne pepper

The O-Face   $8

Doundrins’ Honey Liqueur, orange, orange juice with a splash of heavy cream

The Doundrins Drule   $8

Doundrins’ Green Tea Vodka, Doundrins’ Honey Liqueur with ginger beer, and lime

The Doundrins Old Fashioned   $8

Doundrins’ Immature Brandy, bitters, with

cherries and orange, made sweet OR sour

The Mini Mary   $7

Doundrins’ Special Blend Pepper or Cucumber Vodka, homemade bloody mary mix

 topped with goodies in an 11oz glass

The Blueberry Pancake (Last Chance)  $8

Doundrins’ White Rum, maple syrup,

vanilla syrup, blueberries,

and cream soda

The Feisty Bear   $7

Doundrins’ Honey Liqueur, pineapple juice, cayenne pepper, and lime

The T.K.O.   $7

Doundrins’ Special Blend Pepper Vodka, splash of lime juice, 7-UP, and lime

The Hippy John   $8

Doundrins’ Vodka, Lemongrass Ginger Kombucha, ginger beer, and lemon

The Canadian Pepper   $8

Doundrins’ Special Blend Pepper Vodka, maple

syrup with Turmeric Black Pepper Ginger Kombucha, and lemon

The Mistake    $7

Doundrins’ Honey Liqueur, splash of lime juice, club soda, and lime

The Beer

Untitled Art

Cloudy IPA $6

Crooked Stave

Von Pilsner $5

Octopi Brewing

MMOCA Black Tea Porter $5

Crooked Stave

Petite Sour Peach $8

Ask about our beer in packs

to take home!

The Non-Alcoholic Options

NessAlla Kombucha   $5

--All are 16 oz--

- Lemongrass Ginger

- Turmeric Black Pepper Ginger

- Traditional Oolong

Kiddie Cocktail $3

Juice & Lemonade $2

Soda & Bottled Water $1

The Spirit Bottles

--All are 750 mL--

Honey Liqueur   $23

Green Tea Vodka   $22

White Rum   $22

Vodka   $20

Immature Brandy   $35

Ask the bartender for a taste before you buy a bottle!

We try to source local ingredients whenever possible!

Honey Liqueur made with Gentle Breeze Honey in Verona, WI

Grapes for brandy sourced in both Wisconsin & Iowa

Maple Syrup from Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup in Greenwood, WI

Kombucha made at NessAlla Kombucha in Madison, WI

Peppers and cucumbers for flavored vodkas from Abby’s garden