Te Wera Camp 2019 Newsletter 2


Te Wera Camp 2019 Newsletter 2,   Wednesday 13 - Friday 15 March


Friday 08 February 2019

Dear Whānau

Included in this booklet are permission slips for you to complete (if not already done), and other important information which needs to be reviewed by you. Please can the permission forms be returned to school by Friday February 15th to allow us time to make the camp arrangements. Please make sure that all forms are correctly and completely filled.


  In this booklet you will find information on:

            A map of where the camp will be held

            The cost for students and adults staying

            Student/Parent gear list

            A permission slip – please return to School

            Medical Form - please return to School


Parent  helpers: Thank you to those of you who have returned permission forms for your child to participate in our 2019 Te Wera Camp. The Police VET forms are being processed and are returned to Sarah Morris. Camp parents will be confirmed when the results have been received(hopefully soon).

Transport: We will be travelling out in private cars to help keep costs down so we will need your help to transport students to and from the camp. Please note that you need to have a full license, current rego and WOF, and diagonal seat belts for the number of students you take as well as no impending traffic convictions. We will be asking you to sign a form acknowledging this.


Camp Fees: We have finalised our budget and the fee for students will be $115.00 each. We would like all fees before Wednesday 06 March  to the School office. Speak to one of us if you have any concerns regarding fees. Please note in the event your child is unable to attend (due to ill health etc) we will only be able to return the accommodation portion of the camp fee.


Gear List: Please refer to the gear list to ensure you have the appropriate gear available for camp.

Lollies: Children may bring a sensible selection of lollies to share within their cabin. Please ensure that this is monitored so it does not become a problem.


Medicine: Needs to be in a safe storage container very clearly named and labeled with the instructions for administration. This needs to be handed to one of us who will then give it to the adult in charge of administering medication. The adult in charge of this records all medication when administered. The road to Te Wera is windy and if your child is prone to car sickness you may like to consider travel medication. A reminder to adults taking cars, travel sickness medication can only be given to students with their parent’s permission (medicines will need to come to school on the day the children leave for camp).

Please note we have attached the school contact and medical details. Please adjust any contact information that is not correct and return to School. You do not need to rewrite contact details on the medical form if these are correct on the school contact form.


 All camp newsletters will be on our class blog. (http://frankleykahikatea.blogspot.com/)


Wanted - these are essential to running a full and varied programme (please let us know if you are able to help with any of these)


We are also looking for a few parents who would be interested in helping to coordinate the food for camp and/or have a kitchen responsibility at camp. We are aiming to keep the meals very simple so this will not be a massive job. Please contact one of us.

If for any reason your child will not be attending camp, please can you inform us or Mrs Morris as soon as possible.


Other items will be listed in further newsletters.


Please don’t hesitate to contact one of us if we can help you with any enquiries around your child’s camp.


Thanking you


Merryl and Brendon











Please return this only if you have not already.

Student Permission, Adult help with supervision and transport.

Camp dates: 13 - 15 March 2019


We require 10 parent helpers to assist with supervision for the duration of camp.  

There will be two teachers attending camp.



Please return this part of the notice to your child’s classroom teacher.

Please complete the camp permission form below for your child. You will also need complete the transport part of this form if you are helping to transport children.


I give permission for _____________________________________ to attend the

Te Wera camp 13 - 15 March 2019.


I give permission for my child to travel to and from Te Wera Camp in a private vehicle.


             Signed: __________________                 Date: ___________


             I am able to transport children to camp. YES/NO

Number of seats  (A diagonal safety belt is needed for each child)  ______


I am able to transport children back from camp YES/NO

Number of seats (A diagonal safety belt is needed for each child)  _______

Signed ____________________ Name __________________________

Once transport is established drivers will be asked to sign a declaration stating their car is fully warranted and registered, that the driver holds a full current license and has seatbelts for each child transported and has no impending traffic convictions.