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Blueggs Newsletter February 2019

“Think Environment in Math” program is an excellent tool for enrichment and reinforcement of STEM concepts. It provides real-time data from authentic sources that addresses environmental issues relevant to our Indiana students.”

Soi Powell, Science Teacher (K-4), Evansville Day School

Indiana ranked #13 for the number of public stations with biodiesel (B20) (biodiesel blend: 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel) pumps in the U.S. (Indiana Office of Energy Department)


White Stallion Energy LLC, Evansville, announced that they will permanently close its surface mine operation in Boonville by April.  While coal still dominates the energy production in Indiana (#7 in the U.S.), the recent expansion of biofuel production has been significant. Due to the state's large corn and soybean production, Indiana has advantages of providing feedstock for making biofuels.  Our state annually produces 107 million gallons of biodiesel -- the 7th largest amount in the U.S. (Energy Information Administration)

Other renewables, including wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower, makes up 10%, while petroleum and natural gas makes up 2% of the entire energy production in Indiana.




Warrick County DOES recycle caps, but your cap will probably get lost during sorting processes if not left on the bottle. When you recycle a plastic bottle, PLEASE LEAVE A CAP ON!

UPDATES: We are excited to announce that we will partner with God Is Good Foundation! There are as many as 3,219 students in Warrick County who qualify for free/ reduced price meals this year. With this new partnership, we will be able to support children in need in our community with school supplies.

Blueggs Environmental Education is hosting the first annual "Warrick County School Supply Recycling Challenge" at John H. Castle Elementary School and Chandler Elementary School between May 16 and 22, 2019.  In the challenge, school children will be encouraged to recycle their used school supplies. Through this challenge, we try to educate children in our community about the importance of helping others and protecting our environment as well.

We are now looking for strong local leaders who are willing to support our educational, charitable, recycling efforts in Warrick County. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please visit our website []. You can make contribution online from here as well.

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