Metamorphoses Style Guide/How To

NOTE: These are all instructions for using InDesign on a Mac. Pick a Mac computer when you’re working on Metamorphoses.



Translated from the Language by Translator’s Name

Title (small caps )

[the space before title should be title 11pt font, after title should be body 10pt font]

                                                                       ^|^|  =  click “Hair Line” twice after clicking the arrow

Things To Check

                                                              → do not go below -40 or above 40


Sometimes, you will need to insert an image when we want to put in a photo, or if the translator submits a PDF/photo of the original language because our computers don’t have the capabilities to type in that language.

If they send you a PDF, you will have to convert it to a photo before placing it on the page:

  1. open the PDF in Preview
  2. click the arrow in the upper right corner to expand the document to full screen

  1. Use your keyboard to do “Command” + “+” to zoom in as much as possible while still having the entire poem (including title) on the screen at once
  2. Use your keyboard again for “Command” + “Shift” + “4” and your mouse will turn into a cross  and click & drag to select the section that you need

This creates a screenshot that will appear on the Desktop

How to Place a Photo

  1. Go to InDesign and create a box to place the photo by clicking the Rectangle Frame Tool (the box with an X inside) in the left-side toolbar (<-- the empty box is for text)

  1. After you have a box, make sure it is selected and go to File → Place, click on the image you want in the box, and click Open. The picture will then appear in the box. **Alternatively, you can drag the picture from the Desktop into the box. The picture will be placed in its original size, so you’ll have to resize it by clicking the white arrow in the left toolbox and clicking the photo. The photo will then have an orange outline, which you can move and adjust until you can see the whole thing in the outer box. (Another way to do this is to double click the picture). Congratulations, the photo has been placed!

  1. At this point, however, it’s only connected to the document as a link. If you delete the screenshot off the desktop, the next time you open the document, or if you open it on a different computer, it will tell you it’s missing links and can’t find a picture. To remedy this, go to Window → Links to access the Links toolbar. It should look a little like this:

If you have not deleted the photo on the computer yet, it will look the way Yiddish 2.png looks. This means that the image is linked to the document but that if you move it to another computer, the link will be “missing.” Right click on the link (in this case, Yiddish 2.png), and click Embed Link

This will embed the image within the document so that it will stay even after you delete the original image. The Yiddish 2.png link should now have a square with some shapes in it like so:

  1. You will know if a link is missing if there is a red circle with a question mark in it on the page or in the Links toolbar. To fix that, follow the above embedding instructions after you’ve found and saved the image on the desktop or another folder. Then, go back into InDesign, right click the Link, and click Relink