View from the Vicarage

“All will be well, and all manner of things will be well.” No, it’s o.k., I have not lost my grip on reality! These quite well known words are from the lips of Julian of Norwich, and she had not lost her grip on reality either. Quite the opposite.

Julian was a mystic, an anchorite who lived in a cell attached to Norwich cathedral. She did not come from a wealthy or particularly privileged background and yet she wrote the first book written by a woman in English; ‘Revelations of Divine Love’. This contained her reflections and meditations upon encounters, her ‘shewings’, with Christ. They are a well of wisdom, faith and grace.

Julian lived in the 14th and 15th centuries, when life was cheap, life was hard and full of sorrow. She herself lived to a very old age but saw many sorrows in her life, including the Plague. And yet everything she speaks testifies to the profound love and grace of God for us. She spoke from a place of intimate encounter with God. In her own time, and on down the years, she constantly reminds us of God’s love for us shown in Jesus, and that God holds us, each of us, in divine arms.

In our current climate of fear, uncertainty and trouble, we are nonetheless witnessing glorious glimpses of God through each other. People are looking out for others, taking trouble for others, caring about others every minute. Seek out the good stories, listen to the tales of kindness, be willing to receive as well as give.

“God wraps us in love and holds us. God enfolds us for love, and will never let us go.” Julian of Norwich

Your friend and servant, Debra