February 21, 2020 – 11:30 @ Hilltop

Members Present:   Karen Langmo, Ken Hess,  Kevin Farnum, Jim Elseth, Susan Schaefer, Jim Lesleben, Ronda Arnold, and Jen Meagher


Members Absent: Alex Naujokas, Jeff Erdmann, Riley Flanders, Dan Zeigler

Secretary’s Report: Ken Hess made a motion to pass the October, 2019 minutes, Jim Losleben seconded it.  The motion passed.          

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report for  January - December of 2019 was reviewed. A motion to approve the report was made by Jim Losleben.    It was seconded by Kevin Farnum.  The motion passed.          

Old Business

Board member emails/terms:  Karen reminded board members to check their KLA emails at least on a monthly basis.  Jen Meagher will send out an email if you want these emails forwarded to your personal email.

WPP Update: Karen reported on the status of the WPP project.  Kevin has been working closely with Cris Skonaard from the watershed and Wenck in putting together the engineers report for the project.  Hopefully in the next month this will be completed.  The appraisers are currently doing what they can inside during the winter and once the ice is out they will do their work that is necessary on the lake.  Looking at possibly late May or into June for the public hearing.  The KLA board discussed having the hearing at the Paynesville Area Schools auditorium.

High Water No Wake Zone:  Karen has emailed Kellan Hemmesch at the Stearns County Sheriff’s department regarding the status of the High Water No Wake Zone but has not heard back.

Committee Reports


Community Involvement/Awareness: The fireworks are set for Sunday, July 5th.  KLA will be using a new fireworks company this year, as the company used in past years did not have an available date close enough to the 4th.  It was a real challenge to get a date on or close to the 4th as KLA is not a priority client with these fireworks companies. Karen mentioned that she is excited to try the new company Hollywood Pyrotechnics out of Eagan MN.  KLA will get more bang for their buck regarding the show.  Karen met them out at first island in January so they could get an idea as to what the show site would be like.  They were pleased and had lots of ideas.  They asked that we keep boats 600 feet away from the island during the show.  Karen will contact the Stearns and Meeker County Sheriff’s Water Patrol to see if they can help with this request.  The board also discussed having the boat parade on the 4th and maybe another activity on the 4th.  Jen Meagher said she would look into what other activities that KLA might want to have that weekend.

Lake Quality Improvement:  

Project Updates:

1)  Rock Inlets;  28 to be installed this spring near Elrosa after ground has thawed.

2)  Run-off near Co Rds 20 & 25:  meeting will be arranged later this spring with landowners to seek cooperation and approval to open bids for the project.  

3)  Delta Project:  primary landowner is now reluctant to proceed.

4)  Summer Intern:  the board approved to contribute $5,000 to the North Fork Crow River Watershed Intern program for this summer.   This is the 5th summer that KLA has been involved with the intern program.  A motion for this contribution was made by Kevin Farnum, with a second by Ronda Arnold. The motion passed. The board discussed in depth that this contribution would have some stipulations/requests attached.  Ken Hess mentioned that he would like to have the intern concentrate on where the e coli issues are upstream and what can be done to reduce these coming down stream to Lake Koronis. He would like to see more action happen other than letters being sent to MPCA.  Ken will come up with the requests that KLA would like to see happen. 5) Next CAC meeting will be at 10:00 on Thursday, March 5th.  Ken and Kevin will attend.


Kevin reported and gave the following updates:

Next year -

·       2020 aquatic invasive species permits have been submitted and approved pending the signature waver information as we have performed in the past.

·       Kevin has met with Lake Restorations to discuss the project work next year.

·       Kevin alerted the KLA board that Minnesota State University Mankato may be doing some grad student work on the lake this summer.  We will continue to support these efforts which will ultimately benefit our knowledge about SS and the knowledge within the state.

·       Kevin reported that we still have $128,304.05 left from the legislative appropriation that we received several years ago towards the management of the Starry Stonewort.  These funds along with $18,500 that will be received from Stearns and Meeker County AIS funds will be used next year to continue the SS project on the lake.  ($143,804.05)

2019 Project -

·       All reports at years end for the Initiative Foundation and DNR were submitted on time and accepted.  This was the final report for the Initiative Foundation grant.  The financial report and the final evaluation were found to be acceptable and they have sent us the final check.

·       Donation letters along with thank-yous have gone out from last year’s work on the lake.

·       Kevin reported the following numbers submitted in the financial report to the Initiative Foundation as it relates to the Starry Stonewort project on the lake:

o   Total project  $794,084

o   If Funds Used               $396,857

o   Local Cash funds $22,042 (Mostly the value of using other equipment to accomplish projects.)

o   In kind match $134,190 (Mostly tracking of hours used to manage the project.)

o   Other funds  $240,494 (Mostly equipment purchased to perform the project tasks.)

Misc. subjects -

·       Kevin has requested partial funding to attend the State of the Water Conference April 30 – May 1 in Mille Lacs.  The board approved the spending.

·       The board discussed and agreed that the timing of the survey work that Indiana University would like to do on Lake Koronis is not good until after the public hearing.  Karen and Kevin have a conference call with them this next week.  We also found out that they not only interviewed us but Susan also for the project.  From a reliability/credibility standpoint of the data, we didn’t feel that any survey questions would be reliability unbiased.  

Membership/Dues: Karen is working on the annual membership packet to be sent out.  These will be sent out around mid-April.  The board discussed what they thought should be sent out regarding the WPP.  Q &A’s was decided on.  Karen and Kevin will work on this and send to the board members for their approval before sending out.

New Business

Annual Meeting:  KLA is looking at July 11th for the annual meeting. Location is still up on the air.  

Newsletter:  Articles for the Spring newsletter will be discussed at the March meeting.

Water Festival:  KLA will be participating again  with the City of Paynesville and Paynesville Area Schools with the annual water festival.  Kevin and some board members will be presenting information on AIS prevention. Karen did also let Ron Mergen know that if possible KLA would like to donate water bottles also.  

Insurance Renewals: Karen reviewed the insurance policies that KLA currently has.  The insurance is through Steil Insurance Services with Darrin Bonnema as our agent.  KLA has Director’s and Officer liability with a limit of $500,000 and an annual premium of $555 - the renewal date is May 20th.  The General Liability policy has a limit of $2,000,000 and an annual premium of $490  - the renewal date is February 11th.

Lake Signs: Discussion was tabled until the March meeting

Future Meetings:     The next meeting will be on March 27th, 2020.  


Signed, Executive Secretary,


Alex Naujokas