Follow these steps to easily print out this information for your students.

Preparing the Data

Step 1: Go to Reports->Report Builder

Step 2: Select Run for the Student Login Report

Step 3: Go to Back Office->Job Manager->View

Step 4: Download the file as Excel to your Desktop. Name it something simple. Step 5. Highlight the patron type and sort A to Z. Delete the faculty.

Step 6: Highlight the Grade Level or Homeroom and sort. It will be sorted alphabetically by last name automatically!

Save your work as an Excel file.

Mail Merge

Step 1: Open up W ord

Step 2: Select Data

Step 3: The Merge

Note: You can decide the order to insert, add a space between the fields, place them on different lines, etc.

Step 4: Finish

Decide if you want to preview the documents under Edit Individual Documents or Print out the cards!

See the Output here!