Quincy Area Overall Assessment

May 26th 2023

The last of the snow patches are still hanging on at and above 6800 feet elevation. Vehicle access to Mt. Hough summit is not expected until  early June.

The trails in the Mt. Hough area below 6400 feet have melted out and are getting their spring prep for our Pro Trail Crew. Hough trail is clear from the switch backs at the very top, Tollgate trail is good and ready now as well. The creek crossing at the top of Tollgate is still running high, but there is a sketchy log crossing over it. The South Park trail network is good to go. The creek crossing at the bottom of the Mt. Hough trail is still quite deep, so be warned or access via the Houghleberry trail.

Mt. Hough Area Trails:

South Park: Clear

Mount Hough: SNOW up high and clear down low

Berry Creek: Clear
Indian Falls Ridge: Clear

Indian Falls Ridge 2: Clear

North Tollgate: Clear

Taylor Creek Trail: Clear up to the current end of the trail

Chandler: Clear

Bucks Lakes Wilderness Trails:

Bucks Creek Loop: SNOW

Mill Creek Trail: SNOW