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Good Morning MOA Families!

I hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.  It was great to finally have a day that felt like spring.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Ms Jeffs (406-329-8989) or Ms.Nuttall (


Principal Nuttall

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Great Things at the MOA

Mr. Wallace's class is into our last week of working in the 5th Grade ReadyGen ELA Curriculum.  This is a big milestone.  We have read together from over 24 different texts!  We will finish our year with some STAR Testing and a mix of fun standards based ELA activities.  Way to go 5th Grade!  

Kindergarteners and 1st graders have been doing in-person classes on Fridays so they can practice their skills for next year face to face.

Congratulations to two of our finest MOA musicians, Omar H. and Nora H., for receiving Superior ratings at MCPS Solo Day this past Friday!  Omar and Nora are extremely hard workers and they have worked hard all year to achieve this high level of musicianship.