Board Meeting March 7 2020
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WSCA Board Meeting

March 7, 2020

Meeting was called to order by Donna. Board members in attendance: Dean Cornelison, Jim Darby, Donna Anderson, Jerry Perez and Linda Henson. Shooters: Shad Perry, Tim Lade

Treasurers Report: Jerry will email the board the financial report

Open Issues:

Incomplete target fee report – Donna sent out an email and form to all the clubs requesting to use the form so Treasurer knows what checks are for. Jerry will report back if clubs are using it by April.

Increasing membership base – there was a bit of discussion about how to do this. Several ideas were

Bid proposal for groups looking for donations from WSCA – this was around the youth donations. The board had decided last year that we would no longer give a percentage of the target money to the youth because we are seeing no return on the investment. It was suggested that if we gave them money then we would want something in return for example, if we donated $1000 then we would want 5 kids to volunteer at the state shoot as puller/scorers, if $2000 we would ask for 10 kids to volunteer at the state shoot as puller/scorers. There was also discussion as to why they don’t shoot sporting clays. Tim Lade explained a bit about what the Ravens do. Donna is going to talk to youth coordinators at Seattle Skeet and Trap to see if there is something we can do. She is also going to talk with the president of the Skeet organization. Donna will check bylaws about paying youth.  

ScoringPro – The board decided it was up to each club to determine whether they want to use this application or not. The board highly recommends using it.  ScoringPro link will be added to WSCA website.

New Business

Funds for state shoot – the board voted to give Lost Pair Ranch $3500 to be used for the benefit of the shooters.

2022 state shoot – Linda will send out emails to the clubs to see if they are interested in hosting the 2022 state shoot. As a side note, 2021 state shoot is scheduled for Seattle Skeet and Trap but Donna is going to confirm because of recent events.

Offer raffle for main event at state shoot - Donna will look into what it will cost to pay for one person in each class. This would be done by a random selector.

Target setter training – Linda proposed that we bring in a target setter for the clubs to learn new and different ways of setting targets. Linda will send out a letter to the clubs to see what kind of interest they have and then we will make a decision whether to move forward with providing a setter.

Non payment to NSCA by clubs forcing no posting of scores – Several clubs have not paid their annual dues or are not sending checks to NSCA which is delaying the posting of scores on NSCA. Linda had contacted Lori Hartman at NSCA and she is coping Linda on those emails. Continuing to monitor.

WSCA VP – the board is still short one officer. Linda will post on FB and WSCA asking shooters to apply.