Requirements for Adding Data

DDL COVID India is inviting researchers and data asset holders to contribute their data to the public good by adding it to the platform. Following the recommendations outlined below will streamline the addition of new data to the platform; DDL is capacity constrained, and is unable to implement these requirements for all incoming data.

Thank you for your contribution! Please reach out to with any questions.


  1. Submit your data with either current LGD identifiers (most appropriate for this and any other current data), or with PC11 identifiers.
  1. IDs ideally tagged with e.g. pc11_district_id or lgd_district_id.
  2. If you would like access to LGD or PC11 keys, reach out to
  1. All lowercase variable names, and clear variable labels if using .dta format
  1. .dta is preferred as variables can include labels, but CSV works as well if that's what you have. DDL will release both CSV and .dta.
  1. Metadata in our Google Sheets format, which is a modification of the DDI metadata standard. Here are two examples.
  1. Dataset- and a variable-level metadata tables are required.
  2. Please add fields if you need them and leave things blank if they're not useful.
  3. For the variables sheet, we especially need variable name, label, and definition (which should describe any details users need to know about this field, e.g. if it is imputed, or has missing values coded, etc.).
  4. This step is pretty essential so that people using the data know what the sources are, how to cite it, and how to use it properly.

That’s it!