3rd Grade Science Curriculum at a Glance

First and Second Quarter


Students will plan and conduct investigations that lead to the development of explanations.

Life Science

Investigate and compare the characteristics of living things

Describe the relationships within an ecosystem

Diagram and explain a simple food chain beginning with the Sun

Identify the role of producers, consumers, and decomposers in an ecosystem

Recognize the living and nonliving factors that impact the survival of organisms in an ecosystem

Recognize all organisms cause changes, come beneficial and some detrimental, in the environment where they live

Students will identify variations of inherited characteristics of plants and animals.

Students will describe changes in organisms over time.

Third Quarter

Earth and Space

Students will investigate and describe Earth and the solar system.

Students will observe and describe Earth’s materials, structure, and processes

Students will observe and describe the effects of energy changes on Earth

Students will describe environments based on fossil evidence

Fourth Quarter

Physical Science

Matter: Students will explore and describe the physical properties of matter and its changes

Force & Motion: Students will identify the influence of forces on motion

Energy: Students will observe and identify signs of energy transfer.