Heavy War scenarios

Official battle scenarios are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with Listen-up planned for 10:20 am & fighting beginning at 10:30 am. Battles will end by 3:00 pm.   (A 30-45 minute lunch/rest period is planned each day at about 12:30 pm).


Armor/weapon conventions – Armor and weapons shall be inspected in accordance with each principle kingdom’s rules/conventions, prior to entering the field of combat.


Scenarios will be run multiple times with minimal down time in between. While we do plan a rest break each day, individuals should also pace themselves and sit-out a battle if they need. There should be plenty of fighting for all. (HYDRATE)


Each day will start with a review of scenarios for the day (Marshalls meeting on the field at 10:00 with all participant Listen-up planned for 10:20 am). Over the course of the 3-days, we will run open-field, timed castles (attackers unlimited resurrection), Timed redoubt resurrection with Flags, crossroads, mountain-pass and at least once a Knights Last Stand (Members of the order of Chivalry vs the known world.)