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Adult Commitments

  • Remind students of appropriate voice level
  • Monitor for school appropriate language
  • Provide active hallway supervision

Student Expectations

  • Use school appropriate language
  • Share compliments
  • Follow Voice Level guidelines


The Northside boys track team competed against Batchelor MS in the first home meet of the season last night.

Some highlights from the meet include the following performances

4x800m Relay - 1st Russell, Riley, Guthrie, Hobbeheydar

100m Hurdles - 1st L. Phillips 2nd T. Boone

100m Dash - 1st E. Lopez 3rd R. Ryan

1600m Run - 2nd K. Hottell 3rd C. Smith

4x100m Relay - 1st Cash, Ryan, Imlay, Lopez

400m Dash - 1st C. Guthrie, 2nd T. Boone

200m Dash - 1st R. Ryan 2nd C. Guthrie

800m Run - 1st S. Hobbeheydar 2nd W. Russell

4x400m Relay - 1st Hobbeheydar, Hottell, Imlay, Boone

High Jump - 2nd Tied E. Embree & C. Guthrie

Long Jump - 2nd N. Imlay 3rd T. Boone

Shot Put - 1st K. Sapp

Discus - 1st K. Sapp

Overall the Northside boys won the meet scoring 75 to 30.

The 7th and 8th grade Girls Track Team defeated Batchelor last evening. The final score was 56-49. Placing for the Lady Spartans:

4x800 m. relay = 1st - Julie Klaus, Sydney Morlok, Jessica Meza, Ellen White

100 m. dash = 2nd - Helen Alderfer

1600 m. run = 2nd - Sydney Morlok, 3rd - Ellen White

4x100 m. relay = 1st - Heidi Murphy, Norah Dwenger, Helen Alderfer, Jessica Meza

400 m. dash = 1st - Norah Dwenger, 3rd - Ruth Federle

200 m. dash = 1st - Norah Dwenger

800 m. run = 2nd - Julie Klaus, 3rd - Sydney Morlok

4x400 m. relay = 1st - Norah Dwenger, Jessica Meza, Julie Klaus, Helen Alderfer

High Jump = 2nd - Tegan Connell

Long Jump = 2nd - Jessica Meza, 3rd - Helen Alderfer

Shot Put = 1st - Heidi Murphy, 3rd - Delanie Shelley

Discus = 2nd - Grace Lykins

Great job to everyone!!! Congratulations on the victory!!!

The Lady Spartans defeated Center Grove North on the tennis courts last night. Scores are below!

Kathryn Wilson 8-0

Zoe Bishop 8-0

Bhuvia Kadakia 8-2

Grace Riordan and Siri Poludasu 8-1

Alaney Parker and Esha Aras 8-4


Calla Bauman 6-0

Matina Maharjan and Arya Sharma 6-1

Iris Chai and Meghana Penmathsa 6-0