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Language policy for successful multilingual education: What does it take?
Brief summary of the problems of non-supportive language and education policies and suggestions for action to strengthen policy support. Published in Norrag News #34. 2004. Pages 40-42.  

MTB MLE Education Policy: implications for Asia

Rationale for supporting Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE). Describes a continuum of education policies in Asia in terms of their support or restrictiveness of MTB-MLE and presents general principles for developing policies that support education for children from non-dominant language communities.  Paper presented at the Seminar on Education Policy and the Right to Education: Towards More Equitable Outcomes for South Asian Children. Kathmandu, 2007.

MTB MLE Resource Kit: Booklet for policy makers

Overview of issues relating to language and education policy in multilingual contexts, with suggestions for action. 2nd booklet in the 2016 MTB MLE Resource Kit. Including the Excluded.  Bangkok: UNESCO, Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau of Education

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