Do you enjoy making your own costumes and want a chance to show off your hard work and attention to detail on stage for a chance to win amazing prizes? Then the Hall Cosplay contest is perfect for you!

Note: The Hall Costume Contest is based strictly on costume craftsmanship. To enter the performance based competition- please see the Masquerade page and the following masquerade rules, click here:

In the event of any changes to contest rules- all changes will be made public. Please check the rules page periodically before the event for any updates.


All participants must have paid for entrance into the event before check-in to the Hall Cosplay Contest.

All members of Thy Geekdom Con staff are ineligible to compete in the Costume Contest.

All costumes must be at least 50% made or altered by the contestants themselves. I f you are the model for a costume that was commissioned or otherwise made by someone else, the person who made the costume MUST be present to explain its construction.

Purchased or rented costumes are prohibited for the contest. If a cosplay/costume violates this rule, the contestant will be disqualified.

All officially released characters from cartoons, comics, video games, anime, TV/Film, or any other genre of media are allowed. Original characters and fan designs are prohibited.

All costumes must abide by the Thy Geekdom Con Attendee Rules.


Registration for the Hall Cosplay Contest will be available both online prior to the event and on-site. Slots for the Hall Costume Contest will be limited, so pre-registration is highly recommended.

Both pre-registered contestants and contestants registering for the contest on-site must check in at the Cosplay Contest Sign Up table for pre-judging .

*Online registration can be found here.


Pre-Judging is mandatory and will occur directly after check-in at the Cosplay Contest table. Therefore, if you do not check in at the Cosplay Contest table, you will be ineligible to compete and disqualified from receiving awards. If you have any special needs or requests, please inform Thy Geekdom Con Staff prior to check-in.

All contestants, both pre-registered and on-site are strongly encouraged come to check in prepared with reference photos from the original source material of their character/costume. Print copies are recommended as to avoid any possible technological issues.

Contestants will be pre-judged according to five categories: accuracy, creativity, craftsmanship, techniques utilized, and presentation. All contestants should arrive to pre-judging prepared to give the judges a brief explanation of how they created their costume.

Craftsmanship Divisions:

Master: For all cosplayers that have won more than 2 major craftsmanship awards*.

Journeyman: For all cosplayers who have won 1-2 major craftsmanship awards*.

Novice: For all beginner cosplayers who have never participated in a contest before OR have won no major craftsmanship awards*.

Youth: A division for any participants 13 and under.

Costumes may be made with the help of a parent/legal guardian.

If entry was made 100% by a parent/ legal guardian, the parent must enter under their respective adult division, with their child acting as the costume's model.

If costume craftsmanship is determined to fit a level higher than level entered, judges may boost the contestant up to an appropriate division matching their skill level.

*Judge’s Awards, Honorable Mentions, and Superlative Awards (i.e Best Makeup) do not count as major craftsmanship awards.

Awards Show and Placings:

All contestants will be able to briefly pose and walk on stage to showcase their costume before awards are presented.

All contestants must be present at the awards show at the main stage in order to be eligible to win an award.

Thy Geekdom Con and its staff will not be held responsible for any items left unattended while you are on stage or during judging.

All walk-ons must be appropriate to Thy Geekdom Con rules and guidelines.

Awards will be presented as follows:

1a) Best Master

1b) 2nd Place Master

1c) 3rd Place Master


2a) Best Journeyman

2b) 2nd place journeyman

2c) 3rd place journeyman


3a) Best Novice

3b) 2nd Place Novice

3c) 3rd Place Novice


Best Youth


Judges Awards (each judge will give out 1 award)