Chapter 4: Heart of the Bridge

        In the silence of the calm, cool evening, Neoum was preparing to do his inspection on the Galactic Bridge’s major Tachyium core. Being at central core number four-eight-nine sub category G-five-nine, it’s important that each of the core tachyium centers are regulated once a year. Each of the cores’ has about ten Tachyium hearts that power that sector of the Galactic Bridge. Thus, Neoum was on his way with the last moments at his center being used to message the Elders of the task he was on.                

        Neoum has been on the Bridge for about a couple of weeks, doing errands for the Order as there was a need for superior advisement of  the bridge. He was going into the  major city districts for the first time since he arrived. With all the work he’s been doing, he hasn’t been able to communicate with the Elders directly the entire time he’s been there. He hopes that they will understand that the task might take some time for the fact he need to investigate the recent black market activities that have been reported.

        Neoum didn’t really understand the point of such business to occur on the bridge, in which he thought if any activity of the sort would be reported, it would come from planetside operations. Then the fact of getting it off the galactic bridge would be next to impossible with all the security being Tachyeans supervised. Then the sensor would easily detect the substances that would be smuggled out within a kilometer of the exiting port, being the size of a military base, thus why would there be any form of activity like such? It all made sense though, once he got there.

         As Neoum had never been to a galactic bridge before this point, it never occurred to him as to the mere size of the place. By the small mentions of it being around the size of a solar system didn’t truly sink in until he first arrived into the immenseness that was the galactic bridge. Whole civilizations co-existed within this mighty structure, along with many official establishments under the Order, countless market areas for all in the known universe to explore, and of course the many established social areas for each of the travelers or residents of the bridge could enjoy each others company as well as understand each of their belief systems.

The place was unbelievable as he continued his first day just admiring the well constructed masterpiece. He remembered how this trip though was focused on the fact that he needed to prevent black market dealing from becoming to large of an issue. As most of the Lords of Tachyon before him, they were able to get on neutral terms with the leaders of these powerful groups that managed the illegal trade. What most confused him still is how they were able to continue the process when Lords of Tachyon were at the scene of the crime. He did understand that the mere size was immense to all comprehension, but to be with them first hand on some of these transactions without busting the crime lords seemed so false in his mind. Why would they allow this to happen, aren’t we trying to prevent such corruption when is seems that we’re just in on the act. I think this will be the time I’ll prove to the people that as their Lord of Tachyon, I will not fail to stop this sinister act from continuing in the grand Order of Tachyon.

Neoum continued onto the path toward the core when he noticed some violent activity nearby. A smaller Grafjer child was surrounded by mask thugs with grade five tachyium batons. He flew over in between the masked ones and the child. {What’s going on here, it seems that you are creating some form of con…} The thug swinged the baton at Neoum’s head, only to miss with the baton snapped in half. The situation seemed to be getting nowhere rather fast as the two ended up with their weapons destroyed and knocked to the ground within the time of a couple of seconds. {Get up and reveal yourselves, I want you to head over to the authorities before I will have to make you into a couple of knots.} Then the child attacked Neoum as he was reprimanding the thugs, which caused him to fall to the ground.

When he tried to get up, he realized that he was wrapped and toxic radiation by the gear from a nearby vehicle. The thugs went to the child, and they took off their mask to reveal that they were other Grafjer’s, likely to be related to the two that were playing out the scene. He realized that he wouldn’t be able to regulate the core after all, which was rather upsetting for he wanted to explore the city so that he could find the trouble, but instead the trouble was looking for him. “Oh by the way, your lordship, we were soooo impressed as to how fast you were able to get us to the ground.” “Yeah my lord, we thought that you weren’t going to give us time to actually go through with the plan with that kind of speed. Luckily for us, you wanted to teach us some form of lesson when they do something wrong.” As the two older Grafjer’s continued to chat about the cleverness of their plan, the child just just continued to stare down Neoum. Neoum then was knocked out be the child to only awaken in the darkness of an abandoned room.


        As he was waking from the confusion, Neoum was experiencing the radiation sickness from the capture device the thugs had used earlier. Tachyeans, even the lord of Tachyon, have extreme reactions to any form of diffusing rays of radiation for the process chips away at the inner Tachyium of their bodies. With the fact that Tachyium absorb most to all particles within the area through their skin, it only makes the event more painful for their structural makeup. If ever a Tachyean would be exposed to too much, their Tachyium would release almost all the energy within, thus bringing massive discharge, extreme enough to destroy  up to ten percent of an immensely large planet.

        Luckily, the thugs weren’t intending to cause such an event. When Neoum had recovered from the sickness, he started to try moving forward when ten blast bolts charged in front of him. He noticed that those blaster were likely to be at least eight grade Tachyium. He was still very weak from earlier, at best he would be able to generate seventh grade tachyium. He decided that whoever had planned this out would confront him eventually, for they had the most important official of the Order of Tachyon. This would be their chance to obtain anything they want in the universe, I won’t be waiting long. Just need to build up my energy, and I will be out of here in no time.

        “I see you’re awake now, my lord. How are you today.” The voice was coming from behind the nearby door. Neoum knew this was some form of mockery, but the voice seemed rather genuine about it. {I’m rather impressed that you had that so well executed, I wouldn’t have thought of not trusting the victim because I’m so nice, or at least try to be. It seems that you’ve done similar capturing before haven’t you.} “ Oh my lord, I have had my fair share of kidnapping, but never have I had the opportunity to acquire a Lord of Tachyon before. You kinda disappointed me though, aren’t you supposed to be like able to detect the way we think or something like that. Is is simply you’re too nice to read our thoughts, or too scared of the result of reading them.” Neoum was only more intrigued by the way this being was so interested by the way we work. The longer this conversation goes on though, the easier it will be to escape with full energy, just need to wait out whoever this is and get out.

(Well, I would say it’s like a combination of both, and other factors playing in as well. Tachyeans’ views on taken private information as a dishonor beyond most other. Seconds only the killing of another.) The voice seemed to have left for a moment only to return with a shakiness in their voice. “ Oh, I see. You must not understand how it feels to take a life of another then, do you. As a lord, I had a bit of expectation of you bringing the end to many for it was your job. Everyone having such high standards as to how you should do your job when you simply feel trapped into the role you’ve been in since birth…. I’m sorry, am I getting off topic.” Neoum was rather shocked by the response, felt the scars of the individual’s past. (No, you can continue, I’m just a bit confused by the curiosity that you have, the pain that you harbor, the regrets that come with your position, as I expect that you’re one of the major crime lords of the bridge. Why did you allow this to happen if you didn’t want such agony to develop? Couldn’t anyone else have taking the responsibility of handling this horrible career that binds you now.)

The door opened to reveal a lone person with a similar mask of the thugs. He seemed to be shaking from the stress that he had been gathering from this discussion. “I guess I was wrong about you my lord, you are even worse at understanding than I would have ever imagined. Did you really think I would care about you, or your people. I just wanted to know how your mind works. You’re so weak, you know that, letting me get to you so easily without you even detecting the fact you were losing this battle. Now let me increase the pressure a bit.” With that, the radiation sickness was returning. As the radiation was coming from the walls as Neoum fell to the ground. With the last of his strength, he was able to detect the conflicting emotions within the masked leader of this sector of the bridge.                


        Neoum went through another session of radiation sickness, only to realize that he was in a different room. This one had a bit more of a cold atmosphere with the blood that made the ground a crimson carpet from a far. He decided that the best way for checking the area was with some of his reserved tachyium. He generated it with enough of a spread to test the entire five by five meter area. It was ready for launch when a knock at the door was made, thus Neoum answered. (Who is it?) The voice took a few seconds to respond. “I  was sent to serve you for today, my lord.” Neoum thought he misinterpreted that. He then thought that this person is offering assistance to him, he should do his best to get their trust so he can find a way out of wherever he was currently. (I see, why is it that you are here to serve me, and can I see you please.) A minute passed as the voice and Neoum were silent, then the door was being unhatched. Neoum saw what seemed to be a young Tachyean girl before him.

Neoum was at his limit with this. How could they enslave children. This can’t be real, not ever has there been a report of slavery on the bridge, especially of that of a Tachyean. I can’t allow this to continue. (Who did this to you my child, can you help me by pointing me to the right direction.) “My lord, I can’t do that. They have too much power here, I would only become a battery for their operations if I don’t do what I’m ordered. I have to let you know though...” Her thoughts were jumbled, as if she was thinking of ten or more things at once. Neoum couldn’t understand why she was so confused. (Can you at the very least inform me as to why you aren’t using mental communication?) She seemed more disappointed by his response. “They forced me to do it, I haven’t been able to properly use telepathy for over three decades. I’m sorry that I have dishonored the standard of the Order, and to you my lord. I just want you to understand me for I really appreciate the fact that I’ve been given the opportunity of actually be able to be here with the lord of my people, and all people.”

Neoum wasn’t understanding what she was thinking with all the conflicting thoughts in her mind. How come she is so scattered brained. Tachyeans shouldn’t have such a hard time of keeping a clear mind. It’s as if she’s hiding her thoughts from the crime lords, but that would mean that she’s being tapped into. Neoum stopped there, he then clogged his mind with thoughts of the many things that he has been experiencing every night, the triumph of defeating the Galactic showdown, the conflicts that he still feels when talking to Jelnorilus after the fight at their first meeting, The mistake of allowing all those that suffered their end to be lost, and the continual thoughts of each of the Lords of Tachyon before him, haunting his every waking moment as he experiences the worst of the worse memories. He was shaking from the amount of chaos in his mind, but he and the young on were able to find the true thoughts that they were trying to convey.

(like I said….stop please, I don’t … I haven’t been ab..(let me free, I’ll do any) le to make coherent thoughts, but ...Why don’t you love me, I work and work to please…  at least you realized from the frenzy that I was …. Actually never yours to begin with, so why don’t you just throw me away… sending you the message.) Neoum was at least able to concentrate on her thoughts, but he wasn’t sure if she would be able to get the message from his end. (I’m sor(stop this madness, you don’t need to do this for attention.)ry that you… I can’t believe that he was lost like that, my father will be remembered for this, I know it...  have to suffer like this…..just leave my sight, you have lost this war, and your respect, you have nothing…. Let me know i(stop this, we can’t continue this, the procedure is beyond us, I can’t allow this to happen.)f you find any information….. I know this is hard to understand son, but this isn’t what we should be doing, we are working for the advancement of our race, and the fate of the whole universe…. That will aid our…. Why haven’t I realized the uselessness of the Order, I know that my leading of this government will only be its undoing, why do I even bother trying, mistake after mistake and I haven’t achieved a real victory in the Order, I only caused the discomfort of my relationship with jelnorilus, caused the Galactic Showdown to get a second season, and loss the lives of many of the supporters that could have aided my rule, so that I would lose focus on the people. I need this to go well so that the Order is misrepresented for it is the fate of the entire race of Tachyeans, and…. escape.)

Neoum noticed that her mind was becoming more clear with one major thought, how depressed Neoum was. (Wait, don’t let my misery affect you so, I just need to know where is that leader of your, then maybe we will all go free.) “ He is actually wanting us to head to him now, but I need a moment for right now if that’s okay with you my….neoum.” She only continued to cry, Neoum hadn’t realized the power of mental manipulation until this moment. He felt horrible for the invasion of her mind, he knew the amount of displeasure that she has to go with everyday in order to continue to live properly. If she didn’t go through this, she could have been a very high rating official in the Order of tachyon. I would have been able to have another form of support with the pressing problems of the order, but that’s all just theorizing. He just waited for her to take it all in, He realizes that most of those that she has to work for have lost their pure emotions, and are just a bunch of drunken fools that do what they want  because they have the power to do so. He was so disgusted by the idea of her having to interact with these villainous creature, much less touch them in their desired ways.

Neoum and the girl, named Wendel started their descent to the leader of the this thug group, the same person thought that his emotions were worthless. He knew that this crime lord wasn’t lying about the way he felt about his job, but he has some sort of grudge with the Order that is causing this grief that he has with the Lord of tachyon. As they got closer to the dorr, Neoum was working on the clarifications of his masked thoughts. He still had too much for any normal Tachyean to detect, but at least Wendel could find the right thought, and that’s all that really matters at the moment. They got to the door of the crime Lord that Wendel  was refusing to inform Neoum of. “He will tell you his name, I dare not speak it for I get to frustrated by the mere thought of his name.” She had spiked up with the Tachyium reserve that she had, also stabbing Neoum’s arm in the process. She had apologised before knocking on the door, but it was still obvious that she wasn’t looking forward with this meeting. Honestly, it seems that no one is looking forward to this. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be avoided or else someone would suffer immensely without this going through according to plan.

They entered the room to see a well organized office with trophies of each enemy that the thug leader has decapitated for his position of power to be properly stable. He seemed to be tired, like he’s been trying to sleep since the last time they met. There was a mess of papers that caught Neoum’s eye as they approached the chairs that were ready to seat them.

“So, I see that you have been well rested from the previous meeting. I would like if you can do me a favor young Lord of Tachyon. I just need you to talk to the Elders to inform them that your mission was a success, and that you have helped solve the issue. Let them know that you did allow the crime lord to escape the area without proper arrest, but you tried your hardest to prevent it from happening.” ( Why should I tell them that, and how did you know about the assignment from the Elders.) “ Oh, why would I want to hide that fact that I hid the Lord of tachyon from the public for a couple of days. I wonder what would happen to me if ever caught in the act of such a sinnister crime as abducting the leader of the universe. You’re understanding now though, right my lord?” (Yes, but why not have me for ransom or something? You could have anything in the entirety of the universe, and you should just to keep this all covered up?) “I don’t need you nor your people’s support for anything!!! All I want is for you and your kind to leave, this place doesn’t belong here! Don’t you understand the point I’m getting at how lord of the empire! Your people have done nothing, but supply your self drive of becoming rulers of the universe that must bow to the ‘mighty ruler that is the light’ and I’m sick of it.”

Neoum felt knocked out of the conversation with the amount of rage that was coming out of this masked vigilante. All the goals of this crime lord seemed to be of a more nationalist vibe, which seemed to be quite different from the goals of that of a generic boss of mayhem. He only continued to get angry with this, and Neoum felt every bit of it down to the bottom of his heart. “I just want this to stop, can’t I ask for this small favor. My lord, I just want this madness to end, with or without me in the end result I don’t care, just let it all end.” (Why is all of this troubling you, is there someone else that is trying to bring you down, and you fear for your life, or are you just paranoid that someone will bring you to your knees and the best way to be defeated would be by the hands of the Lord of tachyon? I don’t understand all of your mixed emotions.) “My lord, I saw what was in your head, and for the first time I thought someone would finally understand what I have been through in this god forsaken life that we’ve been trapped in, but with the nonsense that’s coming from your mind, it seems that we are all trying to forget the troubles aren’t we? Wendel, you know what I want!!! Come over here you dirty servent and please me.”

{What, are you really just going to end this here,I can’t let you do that.} Neoum got up from his seat to pull the mask off the crime lord’s face to reveal the young leader. His eyes were very puffy, and his face was a deep blue as most of his race was. Neoum wasn’t sure what to think when looking at the face of this broken corlactarian. Wendel then started to move toward him, ready to start. {Wendel, you mustn’t do this, he doesn’t deserve your time or kindness.} “But Neoum, I need to or else he will get out of hand, and might just end both of our lives. This is the only way.” Then the crime lord seemed frustrated with the noise. “ Why are you talking you idiotic slave, I want you to hurry up and stab me already, just make it quick.” { Wait, that’s enough!) Neoum went to stop Wendel from attacking the crime boss for he knew this wasn’t helping anyone. Before he could though, Wendel was shot down by a radiation shock from the collar she was wearing. “Why don’t you just let me do what I want, you Tachyeans ruin everything. All I want is satisfaction, and you are preventing that! Why can’t I just make this all end.” The corlactarian was done with the situation as he grabbed for the gun on his belt. “I just want to take a break you self absorbed moron!” As he pulled the trigger, Neoum blocked it with the reserve tachyium that he was saving from before. This was able to save his life in the end, but the mess would only continue once Neoum was retrieved from this prison cell.        


Neoum wasn’t sure what he was going to do. With the crime lord only more upset, he demanded that Neoum would stay in the compound until the morning. Neoum realized the situation was going on a more complex path than expected. He couldn’t just leave now, not without helping him calm his demons.

Neoum understood his point now, and through all this time, he never thought that his situation was an unstable one. He simply did what he was suppose to do, for it was in the name of the greater good, yet all the obstacles up to this point were uncommon, even for Tachyean standards. Tachyeans didn’t have challenges like the ones he’s been having, nor have they had to deal with the past emotions of each Tachyean before him (at least the memories of each of the previous Tachyeans). He was the first to be tested for the position of Lord of Tachyon, the first to earn it throw many challenges that were quite extreme, the first to have the Order in disarray when he started the position, the first to not have the previous Lord of Tachyon to advise him, to raise him. Neoum will never be able to meet his father, the nicest of the Lords of Tachyon, the only one that would have been able to help him learn how to help people like this poor young corlactarian that has been trapped into this stressful position of ruling one of the largest crime rings in the Known universe, or at least one large enough to have decent radiation technology. He was going through the same troubles as he was, that must be why he wants me to leave, he knows the pain of being trapped into a role you didn’t want, except I want to do this. I want to help my people, NO, I want to help all the people of the Order, so that I can be the person that my father wanted me to be, so that I can help this pathetic man. I don’t believe that he needs to be lost down the path he has fallen down, I can save him, if I try.

Neoum could hear over the call over head about an announcement. ”Okay men and women, We have captured the tool that will give us total control of the Universe, I congratulate all of you for the effort that you put into this empire of mine. We will be having a grand party for this lovely victory with the first order of business will be to behead the Lord of Tachyon in front of the whole galaxy.  It will be starting in a few hours. And Wendel, come to my quarters, you know what I need.” Neoum knew that he wasn’t going to be able to do anything if he couldn’t find an exit out of this. Neoum tried to use the little strength he had for he was still being exposed to the radiation in his cell, but at a rate of which he can still be conscious during the seemingly last moments of his life. Neoum constructed a small beacon that would hopefully be spotted by someone outside the compound.

 It took about half and hour to get it fully ready for him to activate, but then Neoum heard a knock at the door. {What would you like, I’m trying to contemplate the last bit of my life right now. If you have food for me, I rather not be interrupted during this process.} The door was starting to open about a moment later as Neoum was about to put the Tachyium away just before the door opened to reveal the crime lord coming into the cell. He seemed to be more calm for the moment, Neoum was prepared for anything at this point.

“My Lord, you know how this has to go right?” Neoum was pretty confused with that statement, He wasn’t sure if he meant what he had just announced a few minutes ago. {What do you mean exactly by that. Before you explain though, can you answer this question for me: What is this doing for you, how is this helping you in the long run if you’re suffering the way you are.) “Neoum, just leave this place, no one with care if I have to suffer, you are the important one here. I just wanted to understand how someone else deals with situations that are so similar to mine. You amaze me as to how much you just allow others to dictate your life, and how much you enjoy helping them. I just want to feel something that no longer exist within me, do you understand that? Also, I was doing this for the fact that I fear the success of this group that I have made, I fear the power I control for it will only exist as long as I do, and that won’t be for much longer my lord.” Neoum could see the empty expression in his eyes, and could only come to one solution to this mess that the two have trapped themselves into. Neoum got up and generated his Tachyium sword to then pierce himself with. “I thought you were smarter than that Neoum, but instead it seems that you weren’t as impressive of a survivor as everyone hoped.”


        Neoum rose from his bed where he was resting from the previous encounter with the crime lord, but he noticed something off about the room he was in. He could feel the difference in scenery with the fact he could see and sense the light nearby, as if he wasn’t stuck in the limbo that the crime lord had imprisoned him in earlier. I’m out of the compound, this is my quarters from the apartment. How did I get back, and why did they release me? This has to be some sort of cruel joke, he wouldn’t just let me free.

        Neoum decided that the best course of action would be to start by moving through the room, which he was sort of hesitant of trying to trigger. He walked all across the room without a signal security device activating. He continued by heading to the window to see if he would be able to open it, when he did, he was able to smell the fresh air of the bridge’s artificial air. He then went through the window to start flying around the area for one last test. When he did, he almost fell a good twenty stories before he had the idea of actual flight. He was almost amazed by the result of the testing, but then discovered something a bit extreme had happened since his disappearance. People were shocked by seeing the lord of Tachyon flying through the skies, as if they had seen a ghost. They could just not be used to seeing me fly for even when I was here, people didn’t noticed me to begin with, so seeing me out of nowhere could be a bit of a problem. I see that some of the board members have noticed my absence with that poster flying around with my face, and last known location, but it seems that the general public still doesn’t care much for my image being pushed on them like some sort of dictatorship. Hopefully the Elders understand that doesn’t look as good nowaday as it did when they had continuous trust with there always being a lord of tachyon to interact with.

Neoum went back to his quarter’s to notice a little note on the ground that wasn’t there before he left for his short flight. He figured that it was most likely the Elders demanding that now he is present again to report his results of the mission. When he picked it up, he was able to change his earlier assumption with the current idea of the situation, being that the note is from the crime boss. “My Lord, I have released you. I hope you view this as a sign of peace for I don’t want you or anyone else know of our secret meetings with one another. I hope you didn’t like that brat Wendel by the way, I didn’t feel that there was the need of the three of us, so I made sure she would be more useless than ever before. Hope you enjoy the rest of your life. This note is sincerely made by the great crime boss of the second galactic bridge.”

Neoum couldn’t understand what he meant by that statement. He knew that the man was insane, but would he actually end the life of an innocent little girl that didn’t need any of this pain. He knew what he needed to do, stop the crime boss and save Wendel. Neoum prepared himself for a proper battle against the mad man when he started to sense the urgency of the moment as screams throughout the streets were coming from every direction. Neoum started to contact the Elders to inform that the group was becoming increasingly dangerous to the general public near by. He knew that the Tachyean guards were on their way to the fight. What Neoum needed to do was to calm the situation to a manageable defensive against their radioactive weaponry. Neoum bursted out of the window from earlier, shattering the window and wall itself in the process as he continued to fly faster to the closest attack on the people.

The thugs were already being countered by the local tachyeans that most of the residents mock or harass. At least they understand now that the Tachyeans are trying to protect them. I hope they will be enough for now, I can’t let him do this to the people. He will pay for this attack, one way or another. Neoum continued his way to the first narea he was captured at, he knew it would have been close to the location of their hideout in this sector of the bridge. He could detect the residue of the radiation from the first that would be used to find the first location as Neoum was about to hit pro-spd 1 (light speed). He then was able to track from the first location to the major meeting place, Neoum now being pro-spd 6 made it easier to phase through the obstacles in his path. Be the time he had found the office of the crime lord, Neoum had slowed down from pro-spd 10, and when he did appear, only about an hour after the attack on the public first started. Neoum had just realized that he was standing right next to the crime lord with Wendel in a chair near him.

“My Lord, you seem a bit out of breath. I was actually about to check on the attack right now, but it seems that you cared for one singular Tachyean than the rest of the public, that will make you very popular with them when they find out. Oh, and have you seen my new plaything, she’s reeeally fun to toy around with.” Neoum was confused not to hear anything coming from Wendel’s head at first, but them realized what exactly happened. The crime lord turned the chair with Wendel around to reveal Wendel with a face full of what seemed like shattered glass, her voice cracked as she started to make noises that infant Tachyeans would make for communication with one another before telepathic speech. “Hi there hotty, how would you liked to be pleased? I know you will have fun with me.” She was shaking all over and Neoum was finally able to hear her thoughts, (Neoum…. I lost. This is why I wanted you out of this, you shouldn’t have been involved in our attack. I didn’t want you here where you would waste your valued time on this meaningless creature that no longers has self control. All that I ever wanted was to meet you, and this has been and honor.) She was coming closer to Neoum with lustful intent as if about to pounce on top of him. (Neoum, I want you to kill me. I can’t control my actions anymore, and my free will is fading fast as we continue this conversation. I know all you want to do in life is help others, but I’m out of options. There’s nothing that can save me Neoum, Nothing! So do me this last request, and destroy my animalistic cravings so that I can go on in peace.) She then started to charge at Neoum. “Ready to play big boy!!!”

Neoum just stood there, unable to respond to the message that was clearly being sent to him. He was finished with all of this. When she was close enough, Neoum grabbed her, and smashed her into the ground, then started to use his tachyium that he packed in preparation of this meeting to keep her suck into the ground. {Why did you do this to her, she didn’t deserve this you swine. No one deserves this, and yet you destroyed what was left of this innocent little girl that tried to live as if she could truly make it out of this in the end. She had faith that I would be able to save her from this slavery that you claimed her into. All her thoughts had to be smashed together in order to still have some sort of mental control over herself, and you made the choice to take what little she had left to hurt me. Why did any of this happen, mighty crime boss. You don’t want this role, and yet you’re still the most vicious creature to ever crawl onto this grand creation of the galactic bridge. I know that you may not approve that we made this creation, but you make everyone here suffer just because of your confused rage against this role your…. Stuck in.}

The crime lord had fallen to the ground from the mere impact that Wendel had with the ground, and he was shaking from the anger that Neoum was directing at him. The crime lord seemed as though he was about to cry by the fear of how much the situation has escalated. Neoum felt guilty for snapping at him like this. He knew that no one wanted to be under such anger from a person that is that far superior than they are. Once Neoum had gathered his thoughts, he let the crime lord rise from the ground to at least defend himself. He seemed a bit lost from reality, as if he has finally been able to understand the situation as a whole; universal understanding. Neoum couldn’t stand this pause of the situation, he wanted satisfaction in some way to fix the mess that he has caused.

“You are quite something different aren’t you, my lord?” (Is that all you have to say for yourself, you are threatening the public safety of the bridge, and abusing the very people that serve you. This was all caused by you, and yet that’s all you have to say?) “You don’t understand, this is what I’ve been forced to do for almost all my life, my father ruled this operation, after my grandfather and so on and so forth, all the way to the greatest of my ancestor’s that first started the process of control over this bridge. That was right about after the time of when your father disappeared, no one expected the greatest of lords to just poof the way he did. I’m sorry that this all happened. I just feel that this was all just an uncontrollable side effect of your father’s death that I felt it was the fault of Tachyeans as to why my family had to do what they did to get to this point, but you obviously know that with how morally caring your people are, it was selfish of me to take the anger out on the people, Tachyean or not. I could have just ended this all a long time ago with just making the black market business obsolete, and just retire with the fortune that my family had already developed. I could have been done that, but as you are quite the intelligent being for figuring out that you could just track down the radiation residue to find the trail to my hideout. Eventually someone would find the evidence that I, and my family ruled the black market for centuries, and it my not be enough for me to be imprisoned for life, but at the bare minimum, I would be a reject to the entire Order without ever having a chance to redeem my family’s name. Neoum, I had thought out every way that I could, along with many of my family members. We have all been at this task of finding the solution of the problem, and there’s one that we have all thought of that could work easily if we wanted. Do you know what that might be my lord, for it is quite the doozy if you want to give it a try, a educated guess if you will!” He was at this point very pale with his expression as if he was about to strike. Neoum could only think of two solutions that could actually work, both of which aren’t the most ideal for anyone in the situation. (I  would imagine that the way to do it is with ending your life, and to not continue the family line. I guess you have given up the use of caring for the only path that you can see leading you to happiness is to end it all for you can’t find the solution to this problem. I understand, but I could just let you be pardon, couldn’t I? Couldn’t I have helped you with this before you went as far as you did with all of this? I know that you hate the idea of the Tachyeans, but I would have helped you if you needed a way to find your path once again.) “I already tried that, and I thought it was a possibility to actually try. Then I realized that you would be called corrupt for allowing the most powerful crime boss to be let free without any punishes that wouldn’t end with my life being deactivated. I then just wanted this all to end, then I was informed that you were in the city by some outside source, and I was intrigued by the very idea of actually meeting you, the great Lord of Tachyon to finally fix the mess that developed since your father’s untimely death. I just thought that you must of been trapped in your position, just as I was trapped in mine. I wouldn’t have ever had such a theory that you would have actually been fine doing the job that almost every being in the universe now despises. You are quite the impressive person now aren’t you, my Lord?”

Neoum was shocked that the connection of their situations are similar enough that this lost man would think that he would be the best person to go to for finding the answer that he’s been looking for his and many others whole lives. Neoum wasn’t sure what to think of that, all he could think of way just ending the blood shed that was occurring from the crime boss’ orders. (I understand that you want a way out of all of this, the first thing that you can do to find the path of righteousness again will be to prevent more pain to be passed under your rule. Tell your men that this battle must stop in order to leave the battle alive.) “Neoum, do you expect them to believe that their lives are in danger by the Tachyean troops, they would dare kill them unless somehow they were order to protect the people at all cost, which can only be done by a lord…. My god, are you going to order them to do that!!!” (No, of course not, but sometimes it is necessary to lie to your men for the greater good of their well being. I just want the battle to end before we get along with the way we’re going to help you become more than your family name.) Neoum was somehow calm after all of this, he knew that Wendel was still stuck in the way she was trapped in, and that many bystanders would suffer from the crime boss’ attack, but he also knew that if he didn’t help this poor man out of this, there would never be a peaceful means to end this. “Neoum, I would like to believe that you have an answer that will fix all of this, but we both know that we both are just trying to take a guess as to what exactly is the best way to end this. I thought that maybe killing you might work if I knew that you were going to find me that fast, or vice versa. I think that you should just have me turned in, it’s the only way to fix any of this.”

(I don’t believe that you can’t be forgiven, I of all people shouldn’t be forgiving you, but at the same time we must understand that everyone has something that they have failed to do correctly, and if not then they are going to any moment now for they were probably just born moments ago. I want you to understand that one way or another, there is a path that will give you the end goal of saving your family name. I want you to remember that it wasn’t your fault that you were put into this position, but you are responsible for anything you do with that power within the position. So with that in mind, end the battle, and help fix Wendel, she is just a child, she doesn’t deserve any of this to corrupt her like so.) Then the crime boss fell to his knees and started to weep as if he had lost his whole family to the cold clutches of Death. “Neoum, you don’t understand what happened to her do you. I destroyed her old self. I will only at best be able to bring back her mind in a fragmented state. She will never be able to truly be herself ever again Neoum, and that’s why you mustn’t forgive me. I have demolished the free will of this now empty shell of a being. The worst part of all this is the fact that no Tachyean has been through a torture like this before, or at least not since the war of many eons ago. I have screwed myself out of all belief, I will now suffer the consequences. Neoum, strike me down here and now, I can’t bare the pain that I have inflicted on the people aboard this bridge any longer. I want to pay my dues to this universe, in the only way I can left! I want you to finish this now Neoum!” Neoum could only thing of one thing that he could do to prevent this from getting way out of hand. Neoum went up to the crime boss, and gave him a hug.

He continued this while restraining the crime boss’ arms in case he would try to pull out his weapon again. “Neoum, I just want to thank you for this, but I need to end this before it continues to get worse.” He got out of Neoum’s grasp to get to his communicator. “Hey Tricnor, I need you to pull out of there.” “Why boss, were about to get the upper hand?” “I think the the new lord of Tachyon might get a bit power crazy and give the Tachyeans order to protect the citizens at all cost.” “That would be insane boss, why would he believe he could do that, only lord’s of tachyons have that… Oh I see, I didn’t connect it at first. I will get the guys for a mass retreat.” “Thank you Tricnor, you’re the best.”

He then end the transmission. He went to Neoum with one last report of the situation. “Neoum, I wanted to let you Know that my name by the way is Jacen Tyracken. Also before you think that you have caused me to turn over a new leave about my life, I can’t just end the black market in a days time. I might never be able to completely stop it on my end to be honest with you, but if it doe operate under my watch, I will start to minimize the amount that we are doing if that will make you feel better. I just wanted to make that clear okay. I don’t want you to get over excited about you being able to somewhat achieve the goal you were assigned.

(I’m proud that you were able to find peace about all this, I do remember that you said someone informed you that I here at the bridge. I don’t want to be to much of a bother, but no one was able to have access to the information of me being on the bridge until I would leave. Can you tell me who gave you that information by chance?) “Oh, um….. I can’t tell you my lord. Trust me, I would love to tell you who gave me the information, but I honestly have no idea as to who did. One of my guys was just handing me the memos that I receive from each of the major sector of the bridge, but this note was from a source that was outside the bridge as to it being freshly being verified through the thermal scanners. I hope you realize this though my lord, you are being hunted down by someone, because they wanted me to find and disassemble your molecular structure until I was able to present them your heart. I think you should watch out for anything that seems out of the ordinary, just to be safe.” (Thank you Jacen, I appreciate it. Hope that you learned something from this.) Neoum then decide that the best thing to do would be to head back to the people, just in case some of Jacen’s men went rouge.                 


(Neoum, what happened out there? You were missing for days without contact. I was crying everyday that you didn’t respond. Then all of a sudden you’re back with a message that there was an attack on the bridge near your location. I was so worried that you were going to end up severely wounded or worse! I really do want you to understand that you should never do that again.) Jelnorelus was about to scream at Neoum more until he remembered that he did one thing right. (Jelnory, relax. I did at least help with the aid of shrinking the amount of black market activity.) (I guess you did, it is about a third of what it once was, which is very impressive for your first shot at it. Did you have the ability to meet with the current Tyracken in charge of the trade, I heard that he was capturing tachyeans a few decades back, and that idea continues to crawl under my flesh.) (Don’t worry, the person I did meet though seemed to be stuck in a position that he really didn’t like, but he’s done some unforgivable things to many. I want to continue to help him as much as I can. I don’t want him to feel that he is trapped in that role for the rest of his days.) (Neoum, you really are one of the best people that I’ve had the pleasure to meet with.) (How are the other Elders doing by the way? Now with the news that someone was able to track me on the bridge, I imagine that they are not doing so hot.) (Oh yeah , they are running around as if they had their heads cut off. I’m not gonna lie to you my lord, I to fear that with an enemy with such contacts will be a large concern to all of us. I hope you’re ready for this, for this will be your greatest challenge yet, and I won’t be able to help you in the result of you failing to pass this. I just want to make sure that’s clear.) Neoum was shocked by the seriousness in her thoughts, it was different with how clear her thoughts were after communicating with Wendel. Neoum now knows that this situation with this unknown enemy has only evolved, and only brought more concern for the universe.

 I will be the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, and the bravest of all the lords of tachyon, for this will affect everyone. I will be able to do this for them, all of them, for Jelnory, for Jacen, for Wendel. I must be the one to save them, no one else will be able to. This has changed everything. Neoum went onto the nearest transport off of the bridge to go meet up with the Elders for the next mission. As he boarded the transport, a figure watched him ascend from a dark corner, reporting Neoum’s movements through a transmitter to an unknown location. “I think that this game will be the best one yet, hopefully once we meet, he will be able to agree.”