Getting to Know City Club

The mission of City Club of Boise is to bring people together to explore diverse issues and hear varied viewpoints. Through multiple formats and settings, we provide our community direct access to informed and engaging speakers, experts and leaders. The Club strives to achieve this mission with an eye toward our overall vision of “Compelling Conversations, Engaged Citizens and Dynamic Community.”

The City Club of Boise was founded in 1995 by Dottie Stimpson.  Stimpson, a longtime community volunteer and philanthropist, felt Boise needed a venue where its citizens could learn about and discuss important issues of the day in a non-partisan, civil manner. Our motto is “Things happen when people start talking.”  

Taking its cue from other established City Clubs around the country, The City Club of Boise is governed by a volunteer board and is supported by Membership dues, as well as our corporate and non-profit business partners.  The City Club has over 600 members and partners.  In addition, sponsors help underwrite the cost of Programs.


City Club offers several types of programs; Forums, Tours, Salons and After Hours events. Topics and speakers are selected by City Club program committee members, who represent diverse perspectives and demographics. City Club seeks to schedule programs that are timely, comprehensive, and non-partisan, recognizing that good ideas, leaders, and speakers can come from any quarter.  When a topic is controversial or addressing an issue that is still unsettled, it is our policy to hear from and ask questions of speakers representing differing positions.


The longest running program offered by City Club of Boise is the midday lunch forum open to the public.  At least fourteen forums are offered each year, announced using email, and are open to the public. Forums are attended by a wide array of individuals, including policy makers, business and community leaders as well as students, teachers, and the general public. City Club Members enjoy a discounted Member rate and receive the forum announcement before it is announced to the general public. For those who prefer not to eat lunch, a low cost, listener-only registration is available. Pre-registration is required for lunch. Walk-up attendees are guaranteed a seat as a listener, and will be placed on a waiting list for lunch. Forums are typically held at the Grove Hotel’s ballroom in Downtown Boise. The lunch buffet opens at 11:45 and the program begins at 12:00, and concludes at 1:15 pm. Forums are rebroadcast on Boise State Public Radio’s 91.5 FM, KBSX, at 8 pm on the Sunday after the forum and again at 7 pm the following Tuesday. Completed forum audio may be found on our website at Past Forums.

Tips: How to get the most out of attending a City Club of Boise Forum

Members are encouraged to come to events with an open mind, listen, learn and apply that information in forming opinions. Being Champions of Civil Discourse requires us to be respectful of the opinions of others.

Engage with others at your table, introduce yourself, and ask about the other person (what brought you to this particular forum? Are you a Member? Do you come often?)

Cards are on each table for you to submit a question to the speaker. This is the main advantage to attending a City Club Forum! When you are ready to submit your question, hold your card up and a City Club staff, or volunteer will deliver it to the forum moderator. Moderators do their best to present each question and may group similar inquiries together in the essence of time.


City Club Members can go behind the scenes around Boise on a guided tour 6-10 times a year. Members hear from those who know and manage the tour location- owners, on-site managers, engineers, artistic directors. You may tour the prop room at a theatre company, see a river raft manufacturing line, or wear a hard hat as you walk deep into a working construction site. Members are encouraged to bring guests space permitting, offering City Club programming and an insider look at the community.  These one to two hour tours are limited to about 20 individuals, and held in the late afternoon or early evening. Pre-registration is required. Registration is limited to Members and their invited guests and Tours fill up quickly, so registering as early as possible is suggested. Most tours cost $15-$25 per person. Registration includes guided site access.


City Club salons enable 20 - 40 Members an opportunity to spend an evening with a community leader, sharing dinner, drinks and conversation in an intimate setting. Salons are held a few times each year, with a guest speaker—perhaps an author, musician, adventurer or elected official—giving remarks, and then responding to attendee questions. In this small group setting, attendees get to know other Members, as well as the host and the speaker, over dinner and drinks. Registration is limited to Members and their invited guests. Cost typically ranges from $50 - $90.

Evening Conversations- NEW!

Our newest Member program offering occurs just after the typical work day ends. City Club After Hours events feature a speaker or speakers, conversing directly with attendees and a moderator manages the conversation. They often dig deeper into an issue and bring differing, and potentially contentious view points to the table, while allowing a civil and engaged audience into the conversation. Our aspiration is that during the dialog portion of these Evening Conversation events, Members may disagree without being disagreeable and in keeping with those values, zealous advocacy will be embraced, as long as such advocacy is civil, responsible, and reflects City Club’s mission. Our hope is that this intimate setting will open the doors for even more engaged citizenry in our community around relevant and difficult topics to be presented. Evening Conversations are not recorded for later playback, and speakers’ remarks are often informal and quite candid. Registration is limited typically to 25 Club Members and their guests. Pre-registration is required. Most Evening Conversations cost $15-$25 per person.

Additional information is located on our website,

“Beware! City Club is contagious. Once you start going, you won’t stop. City Club leaders prescribe functions filled with fun and fellowship, along with a potent dose of challenging new information you can’t ignore.”

-Jim Weatherby, former Board member and Boise State University Professor Emeritus


Memberships, together with individual donations, annual, and forum sponsorships, support City Club programs. Your monetary support enables City Club to provide quality, non-partisan programs on topics of local, state, national, and international importance in an atmosphere of civil discourse. Members represent a wide range of professions, ages, education, interests and backgrounds, and share an interest in being informed about issues that affect our community.

As a Member:

Individual and Household Membership levels

*The Member Directory is a new feature to the Login Portal and is available to only City Club Members for viewing. If you would like to be excluded from the Membership Directory, as you are viewing the directory (while logged in) select: "Update my profile listed on the membership directory." Then on the next page they would select "No" for "Would you like to display your contact information on the membership directory?". 

Further Detail regarding Individual/Household Memberships)

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Corporate/ Organizational Membership

Businesses and organizations may also become a Member of City Club. Corporate Memberships bring value to organizations by way of:

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Further Detail regarding Corporate Memberships

All Memberships are valid for one year from the month of payment at this time. If you are interested in a monthly Membership plan, please contact the City Club office or go to to enroll.

City Club works because people from across the community– people like you–understand that the critical issues we face, the technologies we use, the people who live here will surely change. Yet, the need to find common ground, to be good listeners, to seek shared solutions, to learn from and respect each other, will not. And if you believe that, then you believe in City Club. Join us. Become a member. Be part of the conversation.

Missed a City Club Forum?…No Problem!

On The Radio

Listen to broadcasts of past City Club forums on the Boise State Public Radio network the week of a forum on Sunday night at 8 p.m. MT on KBSX 91.5 FM and Tuesday night at 7 p.m. MT.

Audio Playback – “Listen on Demand

Audio playback of past forums is available in streaming audio format.  To listen to a past forum, go to the Past Forums page and select a forum. At the bottom of each forum description, click on the link “Listen to Forum” to hear the program audio.

City Club of Boise values student participation!

We invite high school students from public schools in our area to attend City Club Lunch forum programs with support from Landmark Fund scholarship. Students attend at a substantially discounted rate thanks to our Landmark Fund Donors,  allowing students to be included in the conversation and network with business leaders and engaged citizens in our community. Since 2015 over 1,400 students have attended City Club of Boise events because of Landmark Scholarships funded through our valued donors.

If you have an idea for a Program or would like to make a suggestion on how to improve City Club of Boise engagement, please fill out this online form:

Be sure to like our Facebook page ( and follow us on Twitter (@cityclubofboise, #ccboi) for the latest news! You are encouraged to “live tweet” (#CCBOI) or make comments on our Facebook page during Programs.

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