Position: Lead Preschool Teacher 

Pay Scale: $13-16/hr- with bonuses for Longevity, Education, Experience, and fleXible pay for skills

Terms & Benefits: 16-40 hrs/wk, 90 days for benefits, 10-month contract, 172 Student Days


Paid Training Time- (Per hour bonus)

(5) Paid- W.E.L.L. Days (Wellness, Ongoing Training, Reflection Days)

(6)Holidays Paid-  2 days for Christmas, 2 day Thanksgivings, 1-New Years, 1- Labor Day

(5) Paid Vacation Days- Arranged at the start of the year as possible

(10) Non-paid Vacation/Reset Days- (Center is closed or camp is happening) Spring Break & Vacation- Winter or Summer

Sick Days-

Supported by: The Advisor, the Director, and Ambassador of Enrollment & Engagement

Supports: Co-teachers, staff, admin., teachers, parents, children, community members, and volunteers.

Job Description: Lead teachers are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, supportive, nurturing and responsive environments, experiences, and relationships in and beyond the classroom. An ideal candidate would be someone who can facilitate child-centered, play-based learning while integrating best practices in early childhood education, licensure compliance, safety & supervision, and parent engagement.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Organize and maintain a safe and engaging learning environments (inside and outside) as a critical part of daily exploration and growth.
  2. Plan and prepare individualized, cooperative, and developmentally appropriate activities with lessons tied to NC Foundations and natural learning continuums based on student interest.
  3. Initiate and facilitate Project-Based Learning including S.T.E.A.M. and literacy.
  4. Support children in networking with professionals & mentors for our Personalized Learning Communities (PLCs) to create authentic, hands-on learning through Ubuntu or contributism.  
  5. Ensure NC Licensure Compliance, ECERS/ITERS, Tuition Subsidy, & Food Program data and agreements are met each day. Our funding could depend on it.
  6. Develop, nurture & celebrate relationships with administration, staff, parents, volunteers, community members, and students.
  7. Participate in your Personal and Professional Growth Plan through training, sharing, and coaching offered throughout the year.
  8. Promote wellness, leadership, a love for learning, and purposeful living through action, intentional instruction, and daily community and connection time.
  9. Develop procedures and systems that support independence, regulation, self-management, personal empowerment, restorative justice, and safety.
  10. Practice strong communication & collaboration with staff, board, parents, community, and students. Participate in up to 15 special events to build community.
  11. Co-create a positive work environment by being authentic, compassionate, understanding, and centering each day on what is best for the children and families.
  12. Allow children to be themselves and follow their hearts.

Applicable Experience: 

-2 Years or more of Experience working with children under 6 years old.

-Being ethical, respectful, and compassionate with people from all walks of life.

-Co-creating in multi-cultural and marginalized groups where traditionally marginalized community members are valued and respected.

-Technology, Google Drive, Calendars, Social Media, Excel, data entry, basic word processing, and content creation for professional use and with children.

-Any of the following: Social and Emotional learning & teaching, Child-centered, Brain-based learning, Whole person learning, Project Based Learning, Asset/Strength-based, Resiliency, Equity, Trauma-informed education, Yoga, Mindfulness, Restorative justice, Inclusion, Executive Function & Brain-based Learning, Creative Arts, Music, Transition to Kindergarten, Community & Parent Engagement, Co-teaching, S.T.E.A.M., multiple learning styles and different abled learners.

Minimum Qualifications: Education & Credentials :

  1. North Carolina Birth--K Licensure Preferred or NCECC+ Experience*
  2. AA in Early Childhood Education or Higher
  3. Qualifying Letter- Background Check** 

Please go to these websites to access your ability to meet the requirements for this position. Please have qualifying letters and education credentials

Ethos of Evolve:

As an Evolve Early Learning Ambassador, I…

Please send a resume and cover letter to:

evolveearlylearning@gmail.com  with the subject line: Lead Preschool Teacher