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This text has been written on, March 26th 2019, by Daniel ASSAYAG, Fablab Manager at the Makerlab.

This text has been discussed within the Makerlab community and the CRI Labs before being submitted to you.

This text can change, therefore you should stay updated on it, using this link


This text clarifies the nature of the relation between the Makerlab and the Maker inside of you. This text binds us for the coming adventure of the expression of all your creativity inside the Makerlab. This will happen of course, in a shared respect and mutual involvement.

This text will help you to apprehend the space, its security measures and the nature of the relations between us.

Every maker is not born with equal rights, he earns them. Inside the Makerlab, individuals are led to realise themselves by going through an initiatory route where their hands, their hearths and their brains unify in creation. More than a contract, this text will help you in each step of the construction, the development and the spreading of your projects.

Article 0 @ Identity

The Makerlab is a space for creation around education, design, digital manufacturing, engineering, life sciences, arts and many other fields. Its goal is to host innovation projects, be a teaching cluster, organise events and bootcamps, help researchers, organise exhibitions, and be a focal point for all the CRI activities.

The Makerlab is also part of a network of actors that attempt to tackle the SDG United Nation goals.

Article 1 @ How to get started (list of everything mk-alias)

We created a platform to take care of all our uses and users. Here is an overview of our offer:

First thing do to do, if you want get access to our resources, is to register ( on the platform. This platform will give you the the following rights:

You may now understand why registering is a necessity if you intend to work at the Makerlab

All the links are explained and summed up on mk-alias.

Article 2 @ Interactions

I, future user of the Makerlab, will respect the Makerlab space, its opening hours, its workers, its equipement and i will respect all the other users and members of the community. I will take care of the space, i will clean even without being asked to do it, i will listen to advices from the Makerlab team. I will comply to the guidelines for my own security, for the lasting of the resources, and for the good of the working setting.

I declare I will respect every person, no matter of their origin, their race, their gender, their sexual orientation and their religion, by keeping a flawless attitude. Any abuse will be submitted to the community for sanctions.

A council will happen every month to issue statements about users and to solve issues.

Article 3 @ Usages and security

I will learn how to use any machine before using it.

I will not use machines without a training and without a valid reservation.

I will not take tools from the Makerlab without asking and using the form for borrowing them (mk-givemeplease).

If i was granted to borrow a tool, and i if this tool is not in the list, i will add it myself before borrowing it (mk-addressources)

I will attend the training classes in order to gain skills and be granted the right to use a machine.

I will protect my own security and the lifespan of machines by respecting the rules i was given during the trainings.

By default, all the machines uses are subjected to training and reservation.

As a both a learner and a teacher, i can provide classes to the Makerlab community and add my contribution in the list of courses by contacting the team.

Article 4 @ Rhythms and documentation

The Makerlab is managed by the Fab Manager. He is available from 10am to 1pm, and from 2pm to 6pm. I can find him in the Makerlab office on these hours, beside his other engagements. Thursdays are generally set up for trainings and mentorships. To get help with my projects, I can set an appointment on mk-reservation (Mentorat).

The philosophy for reservation is : reserve, use, document.

If use is made without reservation, its abuse.

If documentation is missing, my next the reservation is suspended until documentation is made.

Abuse leads to suspension.

After any reservation I can expect a confirmation within 24 hours.

After my reservation slot is ended, i will answer the generated email that invites me to document what I did with that machine, space, or service. I will post the results of my uses, either if they are successful or not. I will precise the nature of my results and i will post photographs of my creations. By not answering filling the form contained in the email, I delay my right to make a new reservation.

The list of classes can be found on mk-courses and session registration on mk-sessionregister.

Article 5 @ Projects hosting

Every maker-creator can have their project hosted. They must submit it on the Makerlab Platform through mk-createproject. It gives the right, after approval, to the use of a storage space and the use of free consumables (scraps, basic electronics components).

I will keep a blog of my project to document its process. I will return my storage space clean at the end of my of my hosting time. I will recycle of the materials and components i will no longer need into the Makerlab storage spaces.

The project can be hosted for a period of 3, 6 or 9 months and can be renewed after a review meeting at the end of it.

Article 6 @ Article 6

This article is not an article. It contains the key that you will have to report on your registration form. To ensure that you read this chart, you have to report the word tajine as the secret keyword.

Registrations that do not specify the right word, will automatically be neglected.

By submitting your registration with the correct word, you certify that you read this text, that you agree on its content and that you hereby certify that you will respect the values, the rules and the spirit contained in this chart.

Article 7 @ Give and take, this is how we do it

The Makerlab operating basis is a on give and take pace. Basically, you can get as much you give to the Makerlab. As we are a very limited operation work team, we expect much of the contents to emerge from the community, and also be a platform for you own creativity to express itself. Without this co-learning and co-creation we can’t operate. Consider yourself as a resource that we want use as a building block of our project. You are invited to participate and to return energy at your option and your availability, towards the Makerlab.

Those who would behave in a one sided manner, will be restricted access when being blatantly egoistic.