Indian Heritage Quiz

Puranava Indian Cultural Fest Bay Area 2019

Age Categories

Juniors - Ages 8-11  Ages 7-11 (updated on Mar 15)

Seniors - Ages 12 and above

(Age will be calculated as of Apr 1, 2019)

Younger children can participate in higher level if they want to. They will be quizzed/judged at the level they participate.


  1. A study list of various topics (in question/answer format) are given to the participants
  1. There will be 2 rounds.
  1. Prelims:
  1. All the participants will be given a set of questions to answer.
  2. Top 8 participants will be identified and they will proceed to Finals round.
  1. Finals
  1. On-stage round
  2. Top 8 participants will be divided into teams of 2 each (total 4 teams) and will participate in the finals.
  3. Finals will consist of 4-5 rounds.
  4. Questions will be from the topics but may be worded differently.
  1. For heritage words, the participants are expected to know the word and the meaning. They will not be asked to spell or pronounce the word correctly.