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Michael Scott McGinn

Content Management System Site Architect with 20+ Years of experience in various roles as a Web Application Architect, Lead, Developer, Analyst, Consultant, Project and Program Manager.
I will architect, evangelize, implement, host, manage, and maintain your front, middle and back end L.A.M.P. and W.A.M.P. stack WordPress, Joomla and Drupal web presence from the ideation stage to the exit stage on bare metal servers, VPS, VM, Cloud, Apache, Nginx, AWS, Docker, OpenShift, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry hosting solutions.


HWC Inc | Associate Drupal Developer


May 10th, 2021 - Present

- Support development of three federal (.gov) websites receiving more than 2.5M visits per year; Support containers powered by Red Hat OpenShift; support DevSecOps practices and support a Jenkins-based CI/CD pipeline; conduct security scans, identify and document false positives, support remediation plans, and implement remediations for security vulnerabilities; advise on system-wide architecture and networking; supervise changes to DNS records, routing, networking, and TLS/SSL

- Manage configurations for content delivery, caching, SSL termination, networking, and security on Akamai and Cloudflare platforms

- Developed accessible, standards-based web experiences using Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL

- Use design thinking methodologies to understand client needs and develop solutions for multiple federal agencies

- Support business development functions including opportunity identification and capture; contribute to solutioning, design, technical writing, and production of proposals.

- Support multiple internal groups including digital practice, design practice, and marketing team

- Support in-house and external teams with design, graphics, data visualization, software development, and digital services

- Deploy numerous solutions to increase usability, reliability, and security of enterprise network, including zero-trust architecture and cloud-managed wireless access points

GeekZoneHosting.Com, LLC |  Freelance Web System Architect

Bothel, WA 98012

1/1/1990 - Present

  • Over 20 Years of experience in small to enterprise scale Web Site projects with multiple teams of 2 - 12. Extensive experience in designing and developing Client-Server Web applications using LAMP stack solutions including PHP,WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, and Drupal.
  • Internet Consultant for Enterprise Portal Development, business development and online presence reputation management sites. Designed, developed, deployed and maintained several n-Tier WordPress, PHP, Joomla, Drupal and Moodle applications for clients.
  • Waterfall Project Management, Kanban Scaled Agile trained.
  • Registered and Licenced in the State of Washington.
  • Sales and support for dedicated server farms.

Infosys Ltd  @ Boeing | Technology Lead

Bothel, WA 98012

6/27/19 - 6/11/20

  • Successfully developed internal facing intranet WordPress web site portal for Boeing AnalytX Platform.
  • Implemented Award Winning Email Newsletter management system.
  • Created custom MySQL reports for tracking visitor analytics that were integrated with corporate WSSO NG and inSite API systems to allow pinpoint traffic analytics to individual user level.
  • Implemented custom short codes to display corporate inSite identity avatars and User greetings based on WSSO NG environment variable.
  • Trained Product Owners on proper operation of WordPress administration system and created training manuals and videos.

​Appian InfoTech @ Infosys Ltd. | Sr. WordPress Programmer

Bothel, WA 98012

4/22/19 - 6/27/19

  • Successfully developed internal facing intranet WordPress web site portal for Boeing AnalytX Platform         
  • Implemented Newsletter management system.         
  • Created custom MySQL reports for tracking visitor AnalytX that were integrated with corporate WSSO NG and inSite API systems to allow pinpoint traffic analytics to individual user level.         
  • Implemented custom short codes to display corporate inSite identity avatars and User greetings based on WSSO NG environment variable.         
  • Build and maintain virtual LAMP (Linux/Apache/MYSQL/PHP) development environments.         
  • Successfully eliminated the need for a 12 person offshore development team by implementing the Elementor Page Builder system to allow non-technical end users to manage site post and page content.         

​CWA Union Local 7800 | Web Portal Developer

Bothel, WA 98012

5/1/17 - 4/22/19

  • Assist with development of a new Drupal LAMP stack based portal and administer the migration of existing content and membership users to the new system.
  • Develop and maintain site as needed by local union staff.
  • Educate and train staff on proper use of the current site CMS system based on Cold Fusion/MS SQL.         

​Volt Workforce Solutions | LAMP Applications Developer

Bothel, WA 98012

5/26/15-11/1/15, 1/15/16-5/15/16

  • Successfully  developed a Course Offering Management and Editing Tool (COMET) for the University Educational Domain. Developed L.A.M.P. stack MVC Ajax Web Application Software. Worked using Kanban agile project management methodology and managed my project using AgileZen.Com.
  • Configured Windows VM/VPS and created and extended web site applications to run on them. Used CentOS 7 Linux.
  • This application used Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. Also uses Javascript, prototype.js and JQuery as well as HTML5 and CSS3 for responsive layout and Ajax based Single Page Application Processing for page updates.Worked from the command line and PhpStorm IDE.

Volt Technical Services | Website Builder

Bothel, WA 98012


Provided web development services for contract clients.

Projects completed

  • - (8/20/01-10/31/01) Spokane Chief Professional Hockey Team Website.
  • Migrated old html content template to new template framework with ASP classic powered by Access db.

​GeekZoneHosting.Com, LLC | LAMP Stack Solutions Architect

Bothel, WA 98012

1/1990 - Present

Projects Completed

  • MarsLife.Website - Developed blog about living on Mars. 3/10/21 - Present
  • SummerStreams.Com - Developed blog and video streaming site for gaming video creators. 3/24/21 - Present
  • GeekZoneHostingResellerClub.Biz -  Developed responsive landing page for Reseller Hosting Company. 1/20/21 - Present
  • Support.Precisely.Com - Assisted in the creation of a reference library management portal system. 1/7/21 - 1/22/21
  • - Assisted in the creation of landing pages. 1/7/21 - 1/22/21
  • - Assisted in the research for an LMS 12/1/20 - 1/31/20
  • Leadspidea.Com - Developed a Reputation Management System for local lead flow generation funnels network SaS 11/1/20 - Present
  • TotalHandymanServicesLLC.Com - Web site presence anchor site for local handyman contractors. 1/4/20 - 1/10/20                         
  • MyBoomerPlus.Org - Business Networking Lead Generation Funnel based on WordPress  5/1/19 - 12/1/20                 
  • 78MusicStudio.Com - Music Training Studio Web Site Based on WordPress  1/1/19 - 4/20/19                 
  • WarpJams.Com - Washington Association of RaspberryPi Jams Sessions Membership and event Management Portal based on WordPress and built with Oxygen Builder 1/1/18 - Present                
  • EcoLogicaMagazine.Com - A WordPress build conversion from a custom PHP based web site.  6/15/19 - Present                 
  • KakesnKoffee.Com - A Weebly website built for a coffee shop. - Website Developer - 1/1/19 - 1/1/20
  • OnLineInteractivity.Org - Weebly Website Build - Web Site Developer - 1/1/18 - Present                 
  • OnLineInteractivity.Com - WordPressWebsite Build - Website Developer - 1/1/18 - Present                  
  • On-Line-Interactivity.Com - A custom PHP site build - Web Portal Developer 1/1/2015-Present
  • WapTug.Com - Web Application Programming Technology User Group - Multisite WordPress Blog Farm. 1/1/09 - Present
  • HolidayCashProfitGenerationSystems.Com - Developer - 1-1-16 - Present Developed website to sell ebook courses for authors. Built with WordPress.                 
  • Sign2Me.Com - Developer 8/1/15 - 1/1/216 Redesign site to be responsive and fix hacker issues with Google for SEO, Migrate site content from Joomla CMS to WordPress CMS. Create MVC LAMP Stack web based inventory management system. Create REST API to expose inventory systems to Jet.Com Seller platform. Using backbone.js, knockout.js, underscore.js, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap.css, bootstrap-responsive.css, MySQL, PHP, and slim.php rest API for this project.                 
  • ImpactManagementUSA.Com - Developer - 8/1/14 - 1/1/16 Provide hosting and site migration for company WordPress web site. Provide development support for editing theme and plugin configuration for Personal-Presence.Com management training web site.                 
  • SnohomishCountySpeedingTickets.Com - Developer - 9/1/14 - 10/15/15 Designed and developed WordPress 4.0 site from customer’s existing html only site to provide blogging system and lead generation system.                 
  • TheFreeGiftOfGod.Today - Developer -10/1/14-Present Designed WordPress 4.0 site from customer concepts to provide blogging, church locator mapping and mailing list management system for global outreach project.                  
  • CentralSkagitMedicOne.Org - Developer - 4/1/14 - 12/31/17 Created custom WordPress Theme for local ambulance authority for Skagit County. Uploaded content and selected desired plug-ins to provide desired site functions. Created shared hosting account and registered domain. Trained web site operators how to update site with posts and pages. Provide on-going support and site update patching services. Set up a domain email system.                 
  • MediterraneanKitchens.Net - Developer 3/7/14 - Present Converting a Joomla 1.5 site into a WordPress 3.8.1 Site for restaurant. Setting up hosting and domain name registration and transferring domain from current registrar to my service. Providing site owners with training on how to use WordPress to post content on web sites. Designed theme using Artisteer. Installed various 3rd party plugins to extend functionality of default WordPress web sites.                 
  • DanaManciagli.Com - Developer 2/14/14 - 9/1/14 Provide site support and modifications to site theme for WordPress Site, Installed a content post slider system to showcase her media placements. Created a new page to market her services to recruiters and created a form system and a document downloading system.                 
  • TheFiveAbilities.Com - Developer 2/10/14 -3/31/14 Provide site support and modifications to site theme for WordPress Site        
  • MichaelScottMcGinn.Com - Developer 1/1/14 - Present Developed personal portfolio and branding site to centralize all projects and build personal brand. Working with WebYDo, Cloud9 and OpenShift PaaS Technology to create on-line cloud presence                         
  • VocesDeSantafe.Org - Website Support 11/8/13 - 1/7/14 Provide Joomla support and site modifications as needed.                 
  • MarthaLeValley.Com - Developer 11/1/13 - 1/4/19 Provide support for site modifications to html 5 Mobile Responsive site. Provide computer support. Provide business marketing consultation for book sales and project formation ideation.                 
  • HermanWallace.Com - Developer 10/28/13 - 2/14/14 Upgraded web site to reflect new versions of existing Joomla code base. Migrated Joomla 1.5 site into Joomla 3.2 site to deliver document seller e-commerce solutions to on-line streaming video and medical training services companies.                 
  • HealthInfoNetwork.Org - Developer 9/20/13 - 10/15/13 Provided consulting services to educate site owners on proper version migration steps to upgrade a Joomla 1.0 site to 3.2.                 
  • - Developer 1/1/00 - Present Project site to allow members to establish on-line IDE coding accounts to edit and display live web app projects. Project builds synergy between various S.T.E.M. projects to encourage students to learn web application programming technology. Built on the open source CODIAD Web IDE. Custom built HTML5, PHP and JQuery front end landing page. Languages used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, revealJS, codiad, NodeJS, integrated various payment platform APIs including Pay with Amazon, PayPal and GumRoad.
  • On-Line-Interactivity.Com/blog - Developer 1/1/19-Present Created adsense blog with library of articles to drive adsense revenue.
  • On-Line-Interactivity.Com - Developer 1/1/19 - Present Created optimized landing lead collection site integrated with adsense marketing program sales engine.                 
  • PeaksFrozenYogurt.Com - Website Redesign Developer 7/13 - 12/15 Created a mobile first web template for existing WordPress based site. Coordinated hosting solutions and built and configured Virtual Private Server for site using LAMP Stack technology. Integrated Facebook, twitter and various proprietary 3rd party web services using API-s to seamlessly integrate content in the website. I also provided project management oversight for the artistic concept development portion of the job.                
  • MyGeekZone.Net - Website Builder 4/13 - 4/14 Installed and customized a javascript game called Arena 5. A browser based game with 3-D wireframe animation.        .
  • FinancialBallGame.Com - Joomla Trainer 1/13-1/14 Provided training support for site owner in site modification and management functions for Joomla 2.5 based web site.                                 
  • Northlight Communications, Inc -Project Manager 10/10 - 4/12 Hands-on project manager for a team that created a website using Joomla 2.5 to provide a portal for their instructor-s network to manage their profile web sites.         
  • Bellevue Police Foundation - Website Builder 4/10 - 9/10 Modified, developed and maintained a Joomla web site to raise foundation donations and promote the mission of the foundation.         
  • EcoMoversMoving.Com - Website Builder 6/09-12/09 Created public facing Joomla web site to generate leads for local moving companies
  • WapTug.Org - Web Site Builder 10/09 - Present Created a network of websites ( WapTug.Org, WapTug.Net, WapTug.Com ) to promote and manage college club projects to create distributed micro cloud server system development to provide hands on experience for college students that want to learn how to build and provision virtual private servers appliances and learn how to code.                 
  • SustainableBothell.Com - Website Builder 6/09 - 6/14 Developed website for local Bothell, WA community volunteer organization.        
  • RoostersRendezvous.Org - Website Builder 6/09 - 6/14 Developed website for local community pea-patch community garden organization located at Country Village in Bothell, WA.                 
  • JoomlaForGeeks.Com - Website Builder 1/09 - 12/31/15 Developed website for managing local Joomla users group of Bothell, WA.
  • NexIsGen.Com - Website Builder 5/1/11 - 4/14/11 Created a project web site for a college class to explore PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CakePHP, html5 and css3. Site project is a code documentation creator system that parses source code into html presentations with syntax color coding and expandable functions and classes.
  • Elixirs.Com - Website Builder 2/03 - 3/03 Created a user testimony application using cold fusion markup scripting language and created Microsoft SQL server schema to hold customer submitted testimonies.        
  • MTBN.Net - Website Builder 19/8/90 - Present Created website to promote hosting services I offer to clients.

​Kelly IT Services at Prolitec.Com - Moodle Web Content Producer

Bothel, WA 98012


  • Produce web pages in a Moodle Learning Information Management system for internal sales staff on product training

​ExperisGroup at Premera Insurance - Ektron CMS400 Web Content Migrator

Bothel, WA 98012

9/12 - 10/12

  • Worked on a team of 7 to migrate a 1000+ page enterprise web site to the new Content Management System platform. I used html to re-code the old site content pages into the Ektron System.         

​Mangrove Technology Group - Joomla & WordPress Developer

Bothel, WA 98012

1/12 - 10/12

Developed Joomla and WordPress web sites for contract clients of

Projects completed

  • 5/2/12 - 5/25/12 Joomla 2.5 site - Lead forms, Weather widget CSS and Image Map widget CSS         
  • 9/27/12 - 10/3/12 WordPress site - Developed site from PSD Comp to Launch         

Recent group training experience

​CodingWithKids.Com + Instructor

Bothel, WA 98012

1/16/16 - 3/17/16

  • Taught Computer Programming & Coding skills to students K-12 in the Greater Eastside Puget Sound school districts.         
  • Taught coding skills using Scratch and Python as well as web design using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript.         

​Bellevue College Continuing Education - WordPress Instructor


  • Plan and design the curriculum for and teach various night classes on web application programming technology including WordPress.Com
  • Level 1 Introduction to WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org         
  • Level 2 Custom Themes and Cloud Hosting         
  • Taught a summer WordPress camp for teens 13-17. Create capstone curriculum for Front End Web Development Certificate, Teach Capstone Assessment Class.         


Running a MineCraft Server
Developing Games in Roblox Game Studio
Building RaspberryPi Projects


Cascadia College - Bothell, WA 

AAS/T Web Applications Programming

Big Bend College - Moses Lake,WA

AA General Studies/Computer Systems


USAF Training Academy

Certificate of Completion

Moses Lake High School



CompTIA A+ - 9/11/14 - 9/11/2017

Career ID: COMP001020757909


Non Technical:


Team Building

Project Management:

Scaled Agile Project Management

Kanban Project Management

Waterfall Project Management




Lamp Stack










WordPress Single Site

WordPress Multi-Site Network

WordPress Editor

Gutenberg Editor

Oxygen Template Builder

Elementor Theme Builder

Sage 9
















Flash/Action Script

Data Base







Server Technology

Local by Flywheel


Windows VM/VPS





Pivotal Cloud Foundry Container

AWS Lightsail

Google Compute Platform


Operating Systems


Windows 3.1 -10


Apple ][+

Vic 20




Web Servers



Cold Fusion









MS Team Foundation Server

Technology Used





Active Directory





Google Pages
Ektron CMS400

VisualStudio Code

Codiad WebIDE



Macromedia Director

MS SQL Manager
SugarCRM community edition Landing pages API
Google Apps
AppGini PHP application designer.
SysAid Network Manager/Ticketing System
Remedy Ticketing System