Sunset View Elementary

 4365 Hill St. San Diego, CA 92107 

Phone (619) 223-7156, Fax (619) 224-6920

Office Hours

Weekdays only 8:00am - 4:30pm

School Calendar, Attendance Hours, Instruction

2017-18 August 28 - June 13 (last day is a minimum day)

2018-19 August 27 - June 11 (last day is a minimum day)

Student start time:  9:00am

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:  leave 3:35pm

Thursday weekly modified day:  leave 12:45pm

Minimum Days schedule posted yearly:  leave 12:45pm

In addition to standard classroom instruction we have


Breakfast $1.00: 8:35am - 8:55am

Lunch $2.25: 12:45pm - 1:25pm / 11:10am - 11:40am modified & minimum days

Payment – for online payment (credit card) or school cafeteria (cash or checks only)

Menus – MealViewer To Go app (android & ios) or

Flagpole Area Drop-off & Pick-up

Parents are encouraged to walk their children to and from the flagpole area in front of the school.

Bus Loading Zone not available for Drop-off & Pick-up

For safety please do not park in the bus loading zone; be kind to our neighbors and obey traffic laws.

Grade Levels in Point Loma Cluster

Additional Programs & Related Information

Volunteer Programs

Community-Partner Programs

Before & After School Child Care

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) Extended Day Program – fee based, onsite;  Michelle Santos, Site Supervisor, 858-565-4148,

Cabrillo Recreation Center – fee based, held at recreation center.  619-531-1534,

Before & After School Onsite Programs

KidsFirst at Sunset View – Parent Group